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Vegas Food & Fun is excited to announce that its family is growing. Vegas Food & Fun has recently acquired the domain, which has been the home base for one of the major taxi cab companies serving the Las Vegas area. We welcome all visitors and followers of to join us as avid explorers of fabulous Las vegas. 

Here are the details about,, and their future together. 

History of

For more than fifty years, Frias Transportation Management has owned and run one of the largest taxi cab companies in Nevada. The company began its operations in 1961 and, for more than half a century, has been a trusted partner in Las Vegas transportation. 

Whether it was Las Vegas Airport transportation or navigating the way along the Las Vegas Strip, Frias Transportation Management and have been there to make it happen. 

Considering their long history with Las Vegas and the surrounding Valley area, it’s safe to say that LVCabs has traveled every nook and cranny of the city and enriched the lives of many tourists and regular visitors with their knowledge of the city and safe, reliable transportation. 

About Las Vegas Food & Fun

Years ago, the founders of Las Vegas Food & Fun realized something was missing from their experience in Sin City and that something was reliable, up-to-date information for tourists and visitors who wanted to make the most of their time in Las Vegas. Today, Las Vegas Food & Fun has grown into one of the most valuable resources for everything related to Las Vegas travel – from where to stay and what to see to how to navigate your way around the city. 

With an understanding of the importance and value of transportation, including the contributions of LVCabs, in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Food & Fun is eager to continue supplying visitors to Las Vegas with all the latest and most reliable information on transportation in the city. 

Future Plans for LV Cabs

The tourist transportation industry has changed in recent years with the rise of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. Taxi cabs may not be the main mode of transportation in a city like Las Vegas any longer, but visitors have plenty of clean, safe options to make their way around Sin City, and Las Vegas Food & Fun is looking forward to the opportunity to share its knowledge of getting around Las Vegas and safe travel options with the audience that LV Cabs has built up over the years. 

Transportation & Tourism Around Las Vegas

Transportation services have a major impact on the tourist industry in Las Vegas. Las Vegas trams and shuttles that operate along the Las Vegas Strip have made it easier for tourists who might be unfamiliar with the area or unaware of just how expansive the Las Vegas Strip is to explore one of the most famous streets in the United States. The Las Vegas Super Shuttle is just one example of transportation that is affordable and will get you to just about anywhere. 

For those traveling to and from the Las Vegas Airport, hotels with airport shuttles, including the Mandalay Bay Airport Shuttle, offer an alternative to dealing with the stress and headache of airport parking. These types of services are vital to the economy of Las Vegas. 

In addition to LVCabs, Frias Transportation Management also provided limousine transportation services. Among the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, one doesn’t need to look too far to find an occasion worthy of connecting with one of the best limousine services in the city. Even without a special occasion, such as a Las Vegas wedding, there are limo tours of the city that offer the opportunity to see all of the Las Vegas high points and tourist destinations in pure luxury and style. 

Las Vegas Transportation for First-Time Visitors 

For first-time visitors, there’s an overwhelming amount of attractions to see and explore. The last thing that should stand in the way is the lack of transportation. First-time visitors that have a truly enjoyable and immersive experience are more likely to return to Las Vegas in the future. 

One of the most popular modes of transportation for curious first-time visitors is the Deuce. The Deuce is the Las Vegas public bus/transportation system, and it offers a safe, comfortable way of exploring the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. 

For exploring the Strip, the Deuce offers air-conditioned transportation to popular stops, including restaurants with a view of the Bellagio Fountains, adventure rides at the Strat, the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, the Fashion Show Mall for a dose of Las Vegas shopping, and most of the major resorts. 

Downtown destinations for the Deuce include the Fremont Street Experience, Downtown hotels, The Smith Center and Discovery Children’s Museum, and the Mob Museum, among other key Downtown locations. 

Sightseers and frequent travelers can purchase a bus pass or city pass to get the best deal while making sure they check their favorite Las Vegas tourist destinations off their checklist. 

Las Vegas Tours 

Tours are a fun way to explore Las Vegas, whether it’s someone’s first time visiting or they’ve been so much they practically feel like a local. While guests sometimes have to provide their own transportation to and from the starting point of a Las Vegas tour, there are tour services that offer complete transportation services that will pick tour attendees up at their chosen hotel within the city. 

Las Vegas tours are available for just about every type of interest. The Big Bus Tour is a popular double-decker attraction that’s hard to miss on the streets of Las Vegas. Destination tours are also popular in Las Vegas, with food tours, brewery tours, and dispensary tours being among some of the most popular. Followers of pop culture might enjoy the Pawn Stars tour, while nature lovers will lean more toward getting outside the city limits and enjoying one of the national parks tours that depart from Las Vegas.  

Parking In Las Vegas 

Parking in any major city is a challenge and one that most visitors don’t want to face the hassle of dealing with. Still, for those that choose to explore Las Vegas with their own vehicle or a rental car (who can pass up the chance to rent a Lamborghini?), finding a place to park is a necessity. 

There are both free and paid parking options available in Las Vegas, but free parking spots are more difficult to find. Street parking and general parking lots are more likely to be found in Downtown Las Vegas, which is convenient for those interested in exploring the Arts District, the Downtown Container Park, or seeing a show at one of the Downtown Las Vegas Theaters

Keep in mind that during special events, festivals, and holidays such as St Patrick’s Day or New Year’s, some areas of the city are transformed into a massive party scene. This may affect parking on certain parts of the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas Hotel Parking Resources 

For visitors to Las Vegas who opt against ride-sharing, taxis, and other forms of public transportation in favor of driving their own car or renting one, parking can be a concern. Each hotel in Las Vegas, both on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown, offers parking accommodations for their guests and visitors. For visitors who require oversized parking for their RVs, Circus Circus offers the only RV parking accommodations on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Las Vegas Strip Hotel Parking

Downtown Las Vegas Hotel Parking 

Las Vegas Food & Fun, with LVCabs – Making Las Vegas Travel & Exploration Easier

At Las Vegas Food & Fun, we’re beyond excited about the acquisition of As devoted members of the Las Vegas tourist community, nothing is more important to us than supporting the city we love and promoting successful tourism and positive experiences in Las Vegas. We look forward to supplying visitors to Las Vegas with the valuable and vital information they need to make the most of their safe, enjoyable, and memorable time in Sin City.
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