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Last Updated on November 9, 2022

Randy’s Donuts Las Vegas made its debut in 2022, but the brand is 70 years old.

Randy’s Donuts is a brand that started in Inglewood, CA, in 1952. They’ve been serving delicious donuts ever since! The chain was started by Russell Windell, who named it after his son, Randy.

Randy’s will look familiar even if it’s your first time visiting. That’s because the original Inglewood location has become a pop culture icon with appearances in Iron Man 2, 2012, The Big Bang Theory, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and more. 

People travel from all over to visit the nearest Randy’s Donuts location to get some awesome pictures and even better donuts! Now, you can do the same right here in Sin City. 

Randy’s Donuts Menu


The menu at the 24/7 Las Vegas location begins with 14 classics. These are the ones you may be able to find at other donut shops, but they won’t taste as good as they do at Randy’s Donuts!

Classics include glazed, sprinkled chocolate, maple iced, and powdered sugar cake doughnuts – plus ten more delicious flavors! A dozen classics cost $17.20 at the Las Vegas location, or you can buy one donut for $1.60.


Sixteen deluxe donuts include items that take longer to make or have more specialty flavors. Some of the deluxe donuts are vanilla and maple iced crullers, glazed and chocolate buttermilk, and a chocolate long john.

Deluxe donuts can be purchased for $1.85 a piece or $20.20 a dozen. All options can be mixed and matched from different menu categories, and the price is changed accordingly. View the complete pricing here.


There are 13 fancy donuts to choose from. Fancy donuts are filled or contain flavors you won’t find at most donut shops. Larger items like cinnamon rolls, bear claws, and apple fritters are fancy donuts too.

Cream-filled long johns, roasted coconut raised donuts, and Crondy’s (croissant and donut combo)  in various flavors are among the fancy menu items. Fancy varieties cost $2.35 for one or $26.20 a dozen.


Thirteen premium donuts are the most expensive at $3.35 a piece or $38.20 a dozen, but they’re well worth the price tag. Each premium donut option is a gourmet, unique recipe that’s been perfected by Randy’s Donuts. 

Some of the premium doughnuts offered include Nutella, matcha tea, oreo, maple bacon long john, s’mores, and fruit loops. The flavors are bold, innovative, and so much fun! 

Other Items

Although most people come to Randy’s for doughnuts, the menu doesn’t end there. Randy’s Rounds are donut holes that come glazed, topped, or iced. Giant glazed cakes can be pre-ordered for special occasions starting at $20. Plus, a few savory options.

Las Vegas Locations

2170 South Rainbow Boulevard

Although Randy’s Donuts has 7 Las Vegas locations planned, only one is currently open. The 24/7 Las Vegas location can be found at 2170 South Rainbow Boulevard. 

The Randy’s location is on South Rainbow Boulevard between W Sahara Ave and W Oakley Boulevard. This store had its grand opening Friday, Aug. 19th, 2022, and has seen great customer turnout ever since! 

Future Planned Locations

Blue Diamond Road and Cameron Street

A vacant lot at the corner of Blue Diamond Road and Cameron Street is one of the additional 6 locations planned to open in the Las Vegas Valley. This Las Vegas location sits close to S Decatur Boulevard and sees heavy traffic from tourists and locals, so the new shop is sure to be a success!

Hacienda Avenue and Fort Apache Road

Another vacant lot at the intersection of Hacienda Avenue and Fort Apache Road will be transformed into a World Famous Randy’s Donuts in the coming months. The lot is about a 10-20 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip, depending on the time of day.


The location at 2170 South Rainbow Boulevard is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Randy’s Donuts went with a 24/7 location for their first Las Vegas opening to cater to the lively city at all hours of the day!

It is unknown what the hours of the additional 6 planned Randy’s Donuts in Las Vegas plan to be when they open or if they’ll also be open 24 hours a day.

Don’t wait to visit Randy’s and try their legendary fresh treats. The demand is high at all of Randy’s locations, so expect to arrive early or wait in line and hope they don’t sell out. Las Vegas is excited to see World Famous Randy’s Donuts expand in Las Vegas Valley, and so are their customers! 

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