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Last Updated on September 29, 2022

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas has a certain mystique to it. Maybe this is why hypnosis shows are such a popular attraction for audiences of all ages. Hypnotists and magicians take to the stage to shock, surprise, and make you laugh. There’s a variety of humor and antics with each show, so we’ve looked at the best Las Vegas hypnotist shows to help you choose. 

Best Hypnotist Show in Las Vegas 

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Only have time to see one of the best hypnosis shows in Las Vegas? It has to be Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis. Marc Savard has won multiple awards for his blend of hypnosis, comedy, and a bit of chaotic mayhem to the stage. 

Marc Savard has a way of making the audience feel relaxed and comfortable, as he finds the perfect group of audience participants for his comedy routine. He then invites the group of participants onto the stage at the V Theater, and through hypnosis, lures them into doing odd, outrageous, and outright hilarious things. 

Marc Savard has been entertaining crowds with his unique, hypnotic approach to comedy for years. If you want to laugh until your face hurts, and don’t mind possibly becoming the star of the show (don’t worry, Marc Savard knows the point is to have fun, not humiliate his audience), then this hypnosis show is for you. 

You can purchase tickets for Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Las Vegas at the V Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Audience members must be 18 years of age or older to attend. 

Best Audience Participation 

Hypnosis Unleashed with Kevin Lepine

Hypnosis Unleashed with Kevin Lepine - Best Audience Participation

Think you’re immune to the effects of hypnotism? We dare you to say that after the Hypnosis Unleashed experience with Kevin Lepine. Prepare yourself for a serious dose of laughter with perhaps the funniest hypnotist in Las Vegas. 

Kevin Lepine’s hypnotism show isn’t for the faint of heart or easily embarrassed. He’s not going to use hypnosis to get his participants to do or say anything humiliating. Still, in the name of good comedy, volunteers will find themselves doing a few hilariously crazy things. 

The nature of Kevin Lepine’s can be more adult-themed at times, depending on the audience. You’re not going to find yourself naked on stage (that’s illegal, even in Las Vegas), but if the mood is right, things said can get a bit raunchy. 

If you’re ready for some interactive comedy, purchase tickets to see Kevin Lepine’s Hypnosis Unleashed at the Canyon Club inside Four Queens.

Best Hypnosis Show for Families with Older Kids/Teens

Gerry McCambridge: The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge: The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge, also known as the Mentalist, is a different type of hypnosis show in Las Vegas. Part hypnosis, part mind-reading, and part magic show, the Mentalist is everything and anything you want from a night of PG-rated (well, close enough) fun in Las Vegas. 

The crowd at the Mentalist never leaves without being wowed and a little wide-eyed at what they see on the stage. Gerry McCambridge has a talent for reading the minds of the people who attend his show. He also indulges the crowd in a bit of magic and mystery to create an experience that you’ll never forget. 

The Mentalist has been making an appearance on the Las Vegas scene for more than 13 years, with thousands of performances. In that time, he has used his powers of illusion to pull details, even a few that are a little secretive, right from the minds of his audiences. 

Gerry McCambridge offers a night of good fun that’s also suitable for older kids and teens. Purchase your tickets today to see the Mentalist for a performance at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood. Open to audiences 13 years and older. 

Best Mind Reading Show

Alain Nu – The Man Who Knows

It’s no coincidence that Alain Nu is recognized as the Man Who Knows. For years, he has been using his mind-reading skills, ESP, hypnosis, telekinesis, and the power of illusion to instill audiences with a sense of wonder in Las Vegas, NV. 

Alain Nu has entertained high-profile audiences, including presidents and vice presidents, with his power of mysticism. When you attend one of his shows, you witness first-hand the magic that has made him famous, both in Las Vegas and around the world. 

Alain Nu is one of those people who encourage participation from his audiences, creating a very interactive experience during the show. It’s impossible to leave his performance without a sense of amazement over the power of the mind. 

Hypnosis Show Schedule

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Where is Marc Savard, hypnotist from?

Marc Savard is originally from Alberta, Canada. Today, you can find him more frequently in Las Vegas, NV, where he brings his hypnosis talents to the V Theater at the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood.

Are hypnotist shows real?

The answer to this question is one that’s up for debate. Some say that the altered state that you see at hypnosis shows, like the ones in Las Vegas, truly are the effects of an altered state of mind or rather hypnotic trance. Others claim that the perceived effects are nothing more than an illusion, and nothing more than the effects of groupthink and behavior. 

Many of the performers of hypnosis shows in Las Vegas have secondary careers as hypnotherapy specialists and self-improvement, motivational speakers, or coaches. The most respected shows aren’t thought to entertain through deception.

What is the best Las Vegas hypnotist show?

There are so many great ones to choose from. For an all-around great hypnotist show in Las Vegas, Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is the perfect combination of humor, surprise, and crowd interaction.

Bottom Line

There are some things that you just HAVE to do when in Las Vegas. Buying tickets for a performance hypnotist in Vegas is definitely on that list. We love Marc Savard, Gerry McCambridge, Anthony Cools, Alain Nu, and Kevin Lepine for what they bring to the Vegas entertainment scene. Pick your favorite and purchase your tickets today.

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