24 Hour Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas

If you’re online searching for 24-hour wedding chapels in Las Vegas, we’re going to assume you’re having the time of your life in Sin City or that you plan to during an upcoming trip. We get it – the second we see that fabulous Las Vegas sign, inhibition goes to the wind, and impulsive decisions take a front seat.

Here’s our philosophy; if we’re not doing something a little crazy and a lot memorable in Vegas, why are we even there?!

Create a story you’ll be telling for the rest of your life with a wedding at a 24-hour chapel in Vegas. Even if the marriage doesn’t last forever, the story will never get old!

Where To Get Married 24/7 In Las Vegas, NV

A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

Tourists tend to spend more time on the Strip than anywhere else, but we love the history and atmosphere in Downtown Las Vegas. A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas is a 24-hour wedding venue in the middle of downtown that offers services starting from $99.

They can perform legal weddings, vow renewals, and a classic Elvis ceremony. One of the main reasons we love this place is because they aren’t afraid to advertise that their services are LGBTQ-friendly! 

One Love Wedding Chapel

One Love Wedding Chapel is one of the closest 24-hour wedding chapels we can find to the Marriage License Bureau. If you want a quick “I Do” after picking up your license, this is the place to go!

The cheapest 24-hour package starts at $199 with a $75 minister fee, so this definitely isn’t the cheapest chapel in our research.

They do allow ceremony guests if you’re in Vegas with family or friends. The payment for wedding packages can be made in advance online, but the minister fee must be paid in cash when you arrive. There are no exceptions, so don’t forget to stop at an ATM before arriving.

Mom and Pops Little White Wedding Chapel

Mom and Pops Little White Wedding Chapel offer a unique type of wedding service that’s hard to come by in the Las Vegas area. In addition to a chapel that acts as a full-service wedding venue, the Little White Wedding Chapel will send an officiant to your location 24 hours a day!

Whether you want to be alone in the hotel room, capture the moment in front of the fabulous Las Vegas sign, or have a beautiful backdrop of the Bellagio fountains, the officiant will create a ceremony at the location of your choice. 

The wedding ceremony cost depends on the location, but most locations start at $150. The Fremont Street Experience is the cheapest location, starting at just $100.

A Chapel of Love

A Chapel of Love is another wedding venue right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. There are several wedding packages to choose from to fit your budget and desired ceremony type. We found that this venue allows more guests than most wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

Ceremonies can be performed 24 hours daily, but an appointment is required. You can’t just walk in and get married.

Vegas Simple Weddings

Vegas Simple Weddings is certainly not one of the fanciest wedding chapels we found, but they do offer 24-hour packages at a very affordable rate. Packages start at $99 with no additional minister fees. You can have your ceremony in the wedding chapel downtown or arrange to have it at the location of your choice.

Make your romance official under the fabulous Las Vegas sign, at the botanical gardens, or at another location that fits your vision for a dream wedding.

The happy couple will receive photos from the big day, although we have to be honest, the photo gallery from this venue is not nearly as good as what we’ve seen from other chapels. 

Las Vegas Strip Weddings

Las Vegas Strip Weddings

If you want to get married in Vegas with little to no planning, Las Vegas Strip Weddings is a wonderful choice. Not only do they accept reservations for ceremonies 24 hours per day, but they also have everything you need to make your nuptials successful.

Professional hair and makeup services are available at your hotel, as well as elegant tux and gown rentals. The Las Vegas Strip Weddings coordinator will iron out all the details, including the location of your wedding. 

A Stained Glass Wedding Chapel

A Stained Glass Wedding Chapel is technically open 24 hours per day, but their doors close to the public at midnight. If you want nuptials after midnight, all you have to do is call them, and they’ll meet you at the door when you arrive to get prepped for your Las Vegas wedding. 

They offer tux and gown rentals, an Elvis impersonator singer, and luxury transportation to and from your hotel. Destination ceremonies around Las Vegas are available, but the price goes up.

We’re big fans of this chapel because they support the LGBTQ community and even showcase LGBTQ wedding photos on their website, which can’t be said for most chapels.

Getting a Marriage License in Las Vegas

Getting a Marriage License in Las Vegas

Getting legally hitched in Las Vegas is a quick and simple process. Both parties need a valid photo ID to verify your age and identity. A driver’s license or passport is the most common form of ID people bring.

Once you have your ID ready, go online to complete your application for Clark County. Make sure everything entered on the application is an exact match to your photo ID. A misspelled name or incorrect birthdate will get your application denied.

After filing the application, visit the Marriage License Bureau on E. Clark Ave. Both parties must be present with their photo ID to get the application approved.

You can stop in anytime to complete this process; there’s no appointment required. The application is held in the county’s online system for one year from when you file it. 

If your application is approved, you’ll receive your license after paying a $102 fee. Take your license to the ceremony, where your officiant will fill it out, and you’re good to go!

The officiant has ten days from the ceremony date to file the certificate, which is one reason we recommend using a professional officiant familiar with the Clark County marriage process.

Your official license can be used immediately after the application is approved; there’s no waiting period. That means if you need to get it on the way to the wedding, you can!


The Marriage License Bureau is located at:

201 E. Clark Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101


They are open from 8 am to midnight every day. This includes weekends and holidays, with no exceptions. 

You can’t technically get your marriage license 24 hours a day, but their hours are extremely generous compared to most counties in the US. 

Getting Married Without a License

Getting Married Without a Marriage License

A marriage license, a legal officiate, and a witness are required to get legally married in Las Vegas. If you want the fun of a Las Vegas wedding without the commitment of a real marriage, most venues will perform the ceremony symbolically, even if it isn’t legally binding the couple together.

These types of ceremonies are also popular for couples who are already married and want to renew their vows in Vegas.


Can you get married in Vegas 24 hours a day?

Several wedding chapels and venues perform weddings 24 hours a day. For the wedding to be legally binding, you’ll need to secure a license from the Marriage Licenses Bureau first.

The Bureau is open from 8 am to midnight every day to process applications.

Where can I get married in Vegas 24 hours a day?

There are locations in downtown Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Strip, and all around the Las Vegas Valley that perform ceremonies 24 hours per day. 

A Chapel of Love, Stained Glass Wedding Chapel, and Vegas Simple Weddings are some of the top-rated 24-hour wedding venues in the city.

Is Bliss Wedding Chapel open 24 hours?

No, Bliss is not one of the 24-hour chapels in Las Vegas.

Can you just walk into a chapel in Vegas and get married?

The answer here isn’t really black and white. In short, yes, you can just walk into a chapel in Vegas and tie the knot, but there’s a catch. You must have your license from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau before the ceremony for it to be a legally binding marriage.

Many chapels allow weddings anytime without an appointment, but the license is your responsibility. If you don’t have a license, you can still have a commitment ceremony that isn’t legally binding.

Where can I get married last minute in Las Vegas?

One Love Wedding Chapel, Mom and Pops Little White Wedding Chapel, and Las Vegas Strip Weddings are a few of the best places that allow last-minute weddings 24 hours per day. 

Key Takeaways

  • Las Vegas wedding venues all over the city do 24-hour weddings.
  • Marriage licenses must be secured at the License Bureau before arriving at the wedding venue for a legally binding ceremony.
  • Anyone over 18 with a valid photo ID can apply for marriage licenses in Clark County.
  • You need one witness other than the officiant for legal wedding ceremonies. If it’s just you and your partner in Sin City, you’ll have to find someone to join your special day as a witness! Worst case scenario, most venues have someone on sight that can sign as your witness.
  • There are so many ways to have a great Las Vegas wedding! Have fun with it and create a story that will last a lifetime. 

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