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Last Updated on September 29, 2022

Though everyone considers the many casinos of Las Vegas to be like arcades for the 21+ crowd, there are actually adult arcades with various game options that don’t require any gambling.  

Are you ready for some gaming fun? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about adult arcades, which has the kind of fun you’re after, and the best arcades in Sin City. 

Best & Biggest Adult Arcade in Las Vegas

The Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade

The Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade

The New York New York Hotel is home to the Big Apple Roller Coaster and Arcade. This is one of the largest arcades on the Las Vegas Strip, coming in at 32,000 square feet. The Big Apple Arcade offers the latest in video games but also classics like Air Hockey, Skee-Ball, and maybe a little Pac-Man for retro fun. 

It is within quick walking distance to the casino, restaurants, and bars, which is perfect for building your itinerary. One unique thing about The Big Apple Arcade is that there is also a rollercoaster making it a two-in-one experience. 

Games are priced according to a credit system, with each game costing a different amount of credits. Credits start at $1.00 for 10 credits and cost less per credit as you buy in bulk. There are also has packages that include some extras, including roller coaster tickets, meals from Nathans, and extra prizes. 

Though The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade is mostly kid-friendly, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, there is a pop-up bar, music, and drink specials from 9 pm to midnight. This Coaster n’ Cocktails event turns this experience into some adult fun. 

Best Arcade in Vegas Runner Up

There are eight other adult arcades in Las Vegas worth checking out, but our runner-up for best arcade in Vegas is Player 1 Video Game Bar. Still, we’re not going to let the other great Las Vegas arcades go unmentioned, like HyperX Esports and Gamenest. 

Player 1 Video Game Bar

Player 1 Video Game Bar

Player 1 is one of the ultimate 21+ arcades as they pride themselves on their love of craft beer and video games. Take part in a classic rotating selection of video or console games from every era while drinking one of their 50 ice cold taps or 150 different bottles. 

They are a full bar, too, specializing in martinis but willing to mix up any drink you would like. Player 1 is 21+ all day, every day, and is open until 3 am, making it a grown-up haven for video games in Las Vegas, NV. Pricing varies. 

HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas

HyperX Esports Arena is a new arcade concept. The games are all on the computer. Guests can play popular PC games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, and Saber. There are three different areas to the HyperX Esports complex: the lobby, the arena, and the streamer room. 

The lobby is for casual gameplay and socialization, while the 30,000 square foot arena is where you can enter competitions and tournaments with others in the arena. The streamer room provides all the equipment you need to stream your gameplay on popular streaming services. 

There is food and drink available with a gamer-inspired menu and a vintage video game cocktail lounge. HyperX also has some upscale features like a 50 foot LED video wall, VIP rooms, a luxury box suite lounge, a broadcast center, and a production studio. 

Pricing is by the hour, starting at $15 per hour or $50 for a day pass. HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas is a modern take on the traditional arcade. 

Gamenest Arcade

Gamenest Arcade

Gamenest Arcade is located in the Chinatown of Las Vegas, just minutes from the strip. They specialize in Japanese-style arcade games, which is a fun take on the traditional arcade games we see here in the U.S. They also have console games for play as well. Pricing is by the hour, starting at $10 for the first hour and $30 for an all-day pass. Gamenest is kid-friendly. 

Best Arcade in Vegas for Groups of Friends

If you want to bring the entire crew to the best arcade in Vegas, we recommend Gameworks Las Vegas.

Gameworks Las Vegas

Gameworks Las Vegas

Gameworks Las Vegas is located in the Towne Square Mall off of Las Vegas Blvd. They offer traditional arcade games, PC, and console games. Winning the games can get you prizes from The Works Shop

The esports lounge offers more than 100 titles and regularly hosts tournaments and competitions. There’s also bowling, and you can play laser tag at Gameworks. For refreshments off of the gaming floor, they have a lounge and restaurant with great menu options and cocktails to pair with every meal. 

Though Gameworks is family-friendly, they switch to 18+ after 10 pm every day. Pricing varies depending on the activity, and you can purchase combo deals, but the games are on a credit system. 

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame

The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame is another arcade worth checking out for groups of friends. The Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame has all of the pinball machines you can imagine from the 40s to today. 

There is nothing fancy about this pinball hall, just a love of the game. You can’t beat the prices with every game costing just 25 to 50 cents, so bring plenty of quarters! It is the perfect place for large groups of friends because there are so many games for everyone to play. 

Best Arcade with a Bar

Arcades for the grown-up kids aren’t complete without a barroom. We love Emporium at AREA15 because they have a wide cocktail selection and even a digital forest cocktail lounge. 

Emporium at AREA15

Emporium at AREA15

AREA15 is part barroom, part arcade, and part event venue. The lounge and arcade section is called Emporium. Emporium offers live music almost nightly, dozens of classic and modern video games, and a wide selection of craft beer and drinks to choose from. 

There are also four other places to check out while at Emporium, including Emack and Bolio’s, an awesome ice cream parlor; Oddwood, a digital forest cocktail bar; The Beast, a restaurant you’ll never forget; and Rocket Fizz, a candy confectionery. Emporium is 21+ and prices vary. 

Best Vegas Hotel Arcade

Arcades located at Vegas hotels are convenient as there are always more things to do right outside the door. Our choice for the best Vegas hotel arcade is Midway at Circus Circus for the free circus acts

Midway at Circus Circus

Midway at Circus Circus

Midway is located at Circus Circus, around 3 miles from the Strip. Midway offers more than 200 games ranging from classic games to state-of-the-art video games, all of which surround the circus stage that has free circus acts daily. Midway is friendly for all ages. Pricing varies, but guests use a reloadable card to play. 

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

Another excellent hotel arcade option is Fun Dungeon. Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is a family-friendly spot that is just as much fun for adults. It is located in the Excalibur hotel on the lower level and offers guests 200 games. 

Inside the arcade are Dairy Queen and Orange Julius for a mid-game treat. Be sure to check out the World’s Biggest Pac-Man, which lives at the Fun Dungeon. Games are still priced per game, using the old-fashioned quarter method, and cost as little as 25 cents. 

Earn tickets, and then cash in them in for fun prizes. Though there might not be many grown-up amenities to the Fun Dungeon, it is still fun to be reminiscent of the child years and a great place for families as well.

Guide to Choosing the Best Arcade

With so many fun options, you need to consider various factors to select the best one for you. 


Arcade Games in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a multitude of arcades, all of which offer different games. They have everything from the traditional pub and arcade games to virtual reality and circus games, depending on the one you select. Knowing these details is important if you have a preference for what type of games you like to play. 


Las Vegas Strip

Some of the arcades on the list are located on the Las Vegas Strip, while others are scattered throughout the city. Location is always a factor to consider for convenience.

Another factor of the location to consider is whether the arcade is in a freestanding location or inside one of the hotels. Locations in the hotels might be more convenient as they are usually near restaurants and other things to do once you are finished. 

Cost to Play

Cost is everything when it comes to entertainment. After all, it has to fit into the budget, regardless of what that budget may be for you. There are typically two different pricing systems in the world of arcades– by the hour or by the game. 

Which pricing system depends on the arcade. Some have both as an option. If there are only a few games that you are interested in, by-the-game is a much better choice, whereas if you want to try them all out, by the hour would be best. Regardless, there is a Las Vegas arcade for every budget. 

Adult Vs. Family-Friendly

Adult Vs. Family-Friendly

Some arcades in Las Vegas are adults-only, while some do still allow the whole family. The choice of where you go depends on your preferences. If you would like a child-free date night, then selecting an adults-only arcade would be the best choice, while if you would like to bring the family along, ensure that the one you choose has kid-friendly activities. 


What is the best arcade on the Las Vegas Strip?

The best arcade on the Las Vegas Strip is The Big Apple Coaster and Arcade, but there are a whole lot of other great, fun options.

Are kids allowed in Vegas arcades?

In some Vegas arcades, kids are allowed. If you are bringing the kids or want to avoid being around them, it’s always best to check with the location first.

What types of games do the adult arcades in Las Vegas have?

Adult arcades in Las Vegas have traditional bar games, traditional arcade games, new technology like virtual reality, carnival games, and everything in between.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, adults have many options for arcades in Las Vegas, NV. No matter your gaming style, there is something for you. Put arcades on your Vegas to-do list right next to gambling at the casino, amusement rides, and all the entertainment the city is known for.

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