Archery Ranges in Las Vegas

Archery is a sport and a skill that has stood the test of time. It was the key to survival for man in its early history, but now it is more of a hobby that inspires and is a bit of a thrill. Archery requires practice to have accuracy but is a lot of fun even if you have never done it before. If you are looking for an alternative activity in Las Vegas besides a show or the casino, archery is a great option. Here are the available archery ranges in Las Vegas. 

Impact Archery

Impact Archery is a 3,300 square foot indoor 20-foot archery range in Las Vegas. One great thing about Impact Archery is that you can bring the whole family age 7 and up. They have certified professionals walking around to help you and keep a safe environment. Don’t have your own equipment? Impact Archery will provide all of the equipment you need at its standard $25 per hour rate.  

In addition to their indoor archery range, they also have a maintenance and retail shop for all of your archery needs. They offer custom strings for any bow, a 100% guarantee on all maintenance, custom order anything, and a dedicated off-range area for tuning and testing setups. 

In their retail shop, if you buy a bow, you get maintenance labor free for the entire life of the bow. The staff at Impact Archery is really about education and the love of the sport. 

Aces & Arrows

Aces & Arrows is a 4,000 square foot air-conditioned indoor archery range in Las Vegas. They tout themselves as the best archery range in Las Vegas, which could be true with as many features as they have. 

Their indoor range has from 5 to 20-foot options. You can bring your own equipment, or they can provide it for you. Either way, they have USA Archery certified instructors so that they can teach any age range or skill level.

 Aces & Arrows also has an archery shop that carries Hoyt, PSE, Matthews, and more. They also do custom orders as well. Since the staff has over 35 years of combined experience, they are sure to get you set up correctly. 

Aces & Arrows offers archery lessons which are $35 and include the equipment rental and range time, a few different league options, and open range times. 

Clark County Shooting Complex

Clark County Shooting Complex

The Clark County Shooting Complex has two outdoor archery ranges that include a known distance and a 3D range. They have rental as well for the bow and eight arrows. Pricing is affordable, with the option to package 11 archery visits into one pass. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Clark County Shooting Complex isn’t just for archery. It is also a shooting range. For those that don’t feel comfortable in that environment, it might not be the best selection.

What to Look For in Archery Ranges

Though there are not many options for archery ranges in Las Vegas, it is still important to weigh some considerations before selecting a range. Here are a few factors to consider. 


If you own your own bow, it requires maintenance. Having a range that will also do the maintenance on your bow is convenient, especially if something breaks during your range time. Not all ranges have maintenance staff so if this is important to you, consider selecting a range that has skilled maintenance technicians on site. 

Skill Level 

From beginner to professional and in between, there are a lot of variations in skill level. If you are more on the beginner side, you’ll want a range like Aces & Arrows that has certified instructors to help improve your skills. However, a professional might want a more hands-off approach, like at the Clark County Shooting Complex, where they don’t have specific archery instructors. 

What to Look For in Archery Ranges

Gear Rental vs. Own

If you are simply on a trip to Las Vegas, even if you own a bow, you probably don’t have it with you. Always check the differences in gear rentals between archery ranges to find the best one for you. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor

There are two main categories of archery ranges- indoor and outdoor. There are benefits of both. Indoor ranges can be a bit easier because there is no wind to deal with or sun in your eyes. In addition, it’s more comfortable because of the air conditioning.

Outdoor ranges provide more of a challenge which is desired for those with a higher skill level. Overall, an indoor range would be better for those not wanting to deal with the elements, whereas an outdoor range is good for practicing with the elements and spending time outdoors.

Visit an Archery Range in Las Vegas

Visit an Archery Range in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, is full of things to do. Archery is just one of the many fun activities for those looking for an alternative to the typical list of things to do. Each of these ranges makes a great place to try your skills, so grab and bow and arrow and have fun!

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