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Last Updated on November 29, 2022

Circus Circus is an iconic hotel and casino in Las Vegas with a prime location on the Strip. While it isn’t the most luxurious hotel in Las Vegas, it is full of fun attractions for all ages! The Circus Circus arcade and Midway are among the best spots to find classic gaming options for the whole family. Discover how and when you can play more than 200 games and win premium prizes at Circus Circus Midway and Arcade!

Circus Circus Carnival Midway


The Circus Circus Midway surrounds the Cirus Midway stage, located one level above the casino.

This circus stage hosts free circus acts each hour daily starting at 1:30 PM. Each hourly show lasts just 15-20 minutes, with new performers each hour. 

The Midway Circus Acts are one of the few forms of free entertainment you can find on the Las Vegas Strip! Of course, the games at Midway are not free. It’s a pretty good deal to see a free show for the low price of playing a few games, though!

Whether you come for the games and stay for the circus or vice versa, Midway has enough for kids and adults to be entertained for hours! So take a seat to watch the circus for free, then get right back to winning at the Carnival and arcades games.

Carnival Midway Games

There are more than 200 games at the Midway. Classic games create an atmosphere full of whimsy and are perfect for family fun with the kids (or just to feel like a kid again yourself)! Some of the games you can play at Midway include:

  • Whac-a-mole
  • Pixel Play
  • Space Warp
  • Centipede Chaos (the newest game at Midway!)
  • Pick-a-duck
  • Water coin drop
  • Balloon pop
  • Water gun
  • Ping pong
  • Fishbowl
  • Skee ball
  • Ring toss

Midway Hours

Hours for the Midway area depend on the day of the week. Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Friday – Saturday: 11 AM to 11 PM

The Midway is busiest on the weekends and just before/after the most popular circus performances. Since performances don’t begin until 1:30 PM daily, coming close to opening time on a weekday is a surefire way to beat the Midway crowds.

Midway at Circus Circus Playcard

Midway at Circus Circus Playcard

It’s easier than ever to have so much fun at the Midway with the new Midway Playcard. The Playcard is a cashless system to pay for your plays and keep track of points. Playcard kiosks dispense PlayCards with your desired balance.

When you want to play a game, swipe your Playcard for instant payment. Recharge your card with more credits anytime at a Playcard kiosk. No more struggling with a pocket of coins before each game! The Playcard can be used for carnival and arcade games.

Redemption points from the games you play will also be kept on the card. Play difficult games to earn more points that can be redeemed for premium prizes! Even if you’re just playing for fun, you can win prizes for fewer points pretty easily.

Circus Circus Arcade Prices

The game area is called XP Arcade, and it’s such a great time! It has 40+ arcade games to try, with classic arcade games like Pac-Man, air hockey, and Space Invaders being fan favorites. This place has something for adults and kids of all ages.

Swipe your Midway Playcard to play and redeem your earned points at the prize counter to win stuffed animals, toys, and more!

Arcade Hours

The game venue is open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM.

Birthday Parties at XP Arcade

Birthday Parties at XP Arcade

XP is an enjoyable and affordable place to host a kid’s birthday party on the Vegas Strip. They have party packages for parties as small as eight guests and as large as 24 guests. In addition to the party room rental fee, pay a flat rate per guest for unlimited gaming and credit for carnival games!

Restaurants Near the Midway

When you’re done having a fantastic time at the Midway, you won’t have to go far to enjoy incredible Las Vegas cuisine. There are a number of bars as well as two full-service restaurants that really stand out.

The Steak House

Circus Circus Steakhouse

The Steak House is a must-try during your next trip to Las Vegas. This restaurant features a glass-enclosed room for dry-aging Midwestern beef that can be seen from the dining room. With prime steak cuts and an impressive menu, The Steak House is an excellent choice after a day at the Midway.

Blue Iguana Mexican Restaurant 

Blue Iguana Mexican Restaurant 

Blue Iguana Mexican Restaurant is a casual restaurant with very affordable prices compared to most Las Vegas eateries. The menu features classic Mexican cuisine that’s quick, fresh, and delicious. 


What is the Midway Playcard?

The Midway Playcard is similar to a debit card. Your card can be loaded with your desired amount of game credits, then swiped when you want to play. Redemption points are also stored on the card.

Is the Midway Circus accessible from the Midway gaming area?

Circus Midway Stage, where circus attractions perform, sits in the center of the Midway. The gaming area goes around the perimeter with easy access to Midway stage seating.

Is the Midway entertaining for all ages?

Midway is a great spot for family fun in Las Vegas! Everything is appropriate for a kid of any age but exciting enough to keep an adult entertained. The family can easily spend a few hours at Midway with everyone being satisfied!

Vegas Food & Fun will keep you updated on the latest updates at the Midway and XP Arcade! Learn more about daily free circus acts and find exclusive savings offers for your next Las Vegas trip. 

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