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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, from shows and casinos to exploring nature; however, many people go to Las Vegas to indulge in some thrill. You can go skydiving or zipline for a thrill, but if you are one that likes to stay on the ground, we have another option for you– Dream Racing. 

Dream Racing is an exotic car driving experience that allows you to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest cars and take them for a spin around the race track. It is located just a 15-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Dream Racing provides a thrilling experience that you won’t forget, but here’s all you need to know before you go. 


Dream Racing Cars Las Vegas

Dream Racing has a wide range of exotic cars. Some of the manufacturers include Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, Corvette, Audi, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Maserati, and more. No matter your dream car, there is a good chance that they have it available for you to drive. A few cars that stand out include the Lamborghini Aventador S, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette C8 Z51, and Audi R8 V10 among others. 

Dream Racing takes it one step further with the option to be behind the wheel of a real race car. They have six race cars to choose from, including the Porsche Cayman GT Race Car, Porsche 911 GT Race Car, Lamborghini Gallardo GT Race Car, Ferrari F430 GT Race Car, Ferrari 458 GT Race Car, and Lamborghini Huracan GT Race Car. 


Dream Racing Las Vegas is where you can find the ultimate supercar driving experience, but they also have so much more to offer. Here are the supercar experiences and everything else you can do at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Dream Racing. 


Dream Racing Supercars

Dream Racing Las Vegas features a collection of Supercars, which include the most exotic cars on today’s market. Dream Racing has one o the largest collections of exotics in the world. The supercar experience consists of  5, 7,10, or 15 laps around the race track; however, there is more to it. You also get a 12 minute 3D simulator session, racing helmet rental, a training session with an instructor, access to the Dream Racing Lounge with one companion, and a certificate of your experience. 

Race Cars

If you are looking to drive the Dream Racing race cars in Las Vegas, NV, there are six driving experience packages to choose from, plus a ride-along option. 

  • Dream Racing: The Dream Racing package consists of 5 laps around the race track, a 12 minute 3D simulator session, rental of a racing helmet with intercom, head sock, and suit, classroom session, round trip transportation, and access to the Dream Racing Lounge both with one companion, an open coffee bar, WiFi, and snacks, and a certificate of your experience. 
  • Extended: The Extended package includes everything the Dream Racing package has with the addition of two laps for a total of 7 laps around the track. 
  • Advanced: The Advanced package consists of everything that you get with the Dream Racing package with the addition of 11 total laps split into two sessions. The first session will be five laps, and the second session is six laps. In between, your instructor will review your performance metrics and give you tips on how you can take your speed and driving performance to the next level. 
  • Advanced Pro: Advanced Pro gives you all of the same benefits as the Advanced package, except your two sessions are split into two eight-lap sessions for a total of 16 laps, including the instructor advising in between. 
  • Ultimate: The Ultimate is where you really received an upgraded driving experience. In addition to everything you get in the Dream Racing experience, you also get a 20 minute 3D simulator session and a video of all sessions. The Ultimate package is set up a bit differently, starting with a six-lap session, then a two-lap demo session driven by an instructor, then a seven-lap session followed by analytics from your instructor. Finally, you’ll do a final seven-lap session to perfect your skills for a total of 22 laps around the track. 
  • Full Throttle: Full Throttle gives you the chance to spend a half-day living like a professional race car driver. Get a total of 40 laps with this package broken down into three introductory demonstration laps with an instructor, 12 laps or practice sessions, three ride-along race laps with an instructor, a 12 lap race-style driving session. You also get up to 30 minutes in the 3D simulator and a professional pit crew that is fully dedicated to you. 
  • Ride Along: If you just want a taste of one of the GT race cars, the race car ride along package includes a two-lap instructor-driven ride along. 


Can’t just pick one car? Dream Racing has thought of that. They offer combo packages that allow you to choose two cars from different groups, two preselected cars, or five cars from the horsepower packages. The horsepower packages include four laps in each of the five cars for a total of 20 laps.

Drift Ride-Along

Dream Racing Drift Car

Have you ever wanted to feel the excitement of professional drifting? Experience what it is like to drift on a track in the drift ride-along package. A pro driver will take you on two laps around the track showing off what the drifting car can do. 

Battle Drift

Battle Drift takes the drift ride along and allows you to battle a friend. It takes two professional drivers in drift cars with two participants to the track to battle it out for the number one position after two laps. It’ll be like a car scene chase out of a movie!

Race Tracks

At Las Vegas Motor Speedway, there are a total of three tracks. Dream Racing uses two out of those three to bring you two different driving experiences.

Infield Road Course

Infield Road Course

The infield road course is located in the center of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It includes nine turns and is 1.2 miles. The supercars can reach up to 135 miles per hour on the straightaway but also allows you to challenge yourself with the corners. Luckily, every part of the track is visible with no hidden turns so that you can try new techniques on every lap.

Outside Road Course

Outside Road Course

The outside road course is located outside the main part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It is a more technical and aggressive track but is still very fun. The outside road course is 1.2 miles like the infield road course, but it features 10 turns that range from hairpins to sweeping turns. There are a few straightways; however, the front one has a slight downhill that ends in a bumpy braking zone. 

Prices and Coupon

Pricing varies depending on the car, the experience, and the number of laps you choose, but for reference, their lowest package is $99, and the highest package is $4599. There are packages for any budget and some ways to save. For instance, the combo packages save you $49-$89, depending on which you choose. 

Additionally, they offer specialized packages for large groups such as corporate events. Dream Racing also advertises specials and discounts on their social media channels periodically, so look out for that.


How fast can I drive?

At Dream Racing in Las Vegas, you can drive up to 135 miles per hour with a corner exit speed of 80-90 miles per hour.

Are there any weight, height, or age restrictions?

You must have a driver’s license to participate, but if you are under 18, you will also need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver. Otherwise, there are no height or weight restrictions at Dream Racing in Las Vegas.

Drive Your Dream Car in Las Vegas

Drive Your Dream Car in Las Vegas

There are plenty of ways to get your thrill in Las Vegas, but one adrenaline-packed activity you’ll never forget is an exotic supercar or race car driving experience with Dream Racing. And don’t worry, they’ll give you a certificate so that you can hang it on your wall and tell all your friends when you get back from your epic Las Vegas trip. Don’t forget to take a picture! 

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