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Escape rooms are perfect when you’re looking to challenge yourself to a different type of adventure. Perfect for those who love a great puzzle, the right escape room challenge will provide an hour of intense entertainment. We’ve looked at all the escape rooms in Las Vegas and chosen 5 of the best.

Best Escape RoomEscapology
Best Thrill SeekingSaw Escape Room
Best Family FriendlyEscape Reality
Most ChallengingThe Basement
Best Escape Room On The StripThe Escape Game

Best Overall Escape Room Las Vegas


Escapology is one of the fastest-growing escape adventure franchises in the United States. They’ve also earned a reputation as a Vegas favorite. At Escapology, you’ll participate in one of their many high-adrenaline escape room experiences where the only tools you need are nerves of steel, a sense of urgency, a hint of creative thought, and a lot of teamwork.

Escape room adventures at Escapology run an average of an hour, but ultimate puzzle solvers might finish sooner. Escapology offers 15+ games with themes that range from murder and espionage to Scooby-Doo and Vegas Hangover. Many themes are family-friendly for all ages.

Can’t make it to Escapology in person while in Vegas? They also offer the option to play their escape scenarios online.

Best Thrill Seeking Escape Room

Saw Escape Room Las Vegas

Want the most immersive, spine-tingling, escape room experience that just might make the hair on arms stand up? The SAW Escape Room Las Vegas is exactly the slightly twisted, horrifying (in a good way) experience you’re looking for.

The SAW Escape Room is a completely immersive, progressive experience that takes place throughout several rooms. As the name implies, the theme is based on the SAW film franchise, and you can expect to be kept on your toes. You and your team members work together to conquer fears and solve twisted, complex puzzles in an attempt to earn your escape.

You can purchase a general admissions ticket and be teamed up with other guests at the SAW Escape Room. You can also make reservations for a small group of 4-10 guests. SAW Escape Room offers VIP packages, along with special team building, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and holiday events.

The Saw Escape Room permits younger visitors, but they strongly encourage a minimum age of 16 due to the content that may be disturbing to younger children. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18, and a parent or guardian will be required to sign a waiver.

Best Family-Friendly Escape Room

Escape Reality

There are plenty of escape rooms to choose from in Vegas, but some of them can get pretty intense. Families that come to Vegas for a family getaway want the option to choose from themes that are exciting and intriguing but still suitable for younger participants. Escape Reality is the perfect choice.

Escape Reality Las Vegas offers seven different themed games for you to choose from. By visiting their website, you can get a detailed description of the game, which makes it possible for the whole family to give their input before booking.

Escape Reality doesn’t have any age restrictions for participation but doesn’t hurt to contact them ahead of time, just to confirm it’s suitable for younger members of your group. Not all of Escape Reality’s games are wheelchair accessible. If this is a consideration, please call to discuss arrangements.

Most Challenging Escape Room Las Vegas

The Basement

The Basement Escape Room Las Vegas is a truly immersive escape room experience that has earned a solid-gold reputation for difficulty and intensity. The Basement doesn’t offer many themed games, but the two that they do have – The Basement and The Study – are sure to test your nerves, will, and problem-solving skills.

The Basement is a unique, interactive experience. Live actors give the game a theater-like feel. The Basement’s website states that sometimes the actors do touch participants as part of the game-play. Although it’s minimal contact (think a hand on the shoulder), this is something that not everyone is going to be comfortable with.

Escape challenges at the Basement are limited to 10 participants. If you want to reserve a room for a smaller group, you’ll need to purchase all ten slots to do so. The Basement also offers packages for team building with larger groups.

Best Escape Room on the Strip

The Escape Game

The Strip is the center of all the action in Las Vegas. When you’re out looking for a bit of adventure, you don’t need to travel off the Strip to find it. Look no further than The Escape Game, located right on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Escape Game offers four different adventures in the form of escape rooms on the Strip. The 60-minute adventures are fun, unique, and leave you expecting the unexpected. Themes include Playground, Heist, Prison Break, and more.

Along with being located in the heart of the city, The Escape Game is budget-friendly, with all games costing only $38.99 per person. The Escape Game is also family-friendly. It’s suggested that players be at least 13 years of age due to the complexity of the challenges; however, children over the age of 4 are admitted for free.

What to Look For in Escape Rooms

Size and Accommodations

Most escape room challenges are designed for small groups. For most escape rooms, the group size ranges between 10-13 people. There are some exceptions, like the SAW Escape Room Las Vegas, which accommodates group sizes as small as 4.

Group size is important because it will determine if your group has a room to themselves or if you’ll be sharing the experience with a few new friends. Singles, couples, and small groups are usually added to partially filled rooms when making a reservation.

Some companies do allow you to book an entire room for a time slot with fewer than the maximum number of participants, just be prepared to also pay for all the unused slots.

Each escape room on our list made mention of wheelchair accommodations. Some have fully accessible facilities, while others like The Escape Game ask that you call them so they can place you in the game challenge that best meets your party’s mobility needs.


When escape rooms first became popular, they were often seen as company retreat team-building exercises. Today, they’ve grown into a full-blown adventure experience. You’re going to find a wide range in challenge levels between escape rooms, so it’s best to choose one that fits your group’s personality and skill level.

Groups that are just in it to have fun and keep it light-hearted will enjoy an escape room that’s more suitable for participants of all ages. Escape Reality earns high points for its variety of themes and range of difficulty.

Hard-core, serious escape room experts who want difficult, complex, and maybe even a little twisted will prefer games like the ones found at The Basement.

Whatever you do, consider your entire group before making your reservations. The idea is to have fun, and you want everyone to be comfortable participating.


Are you looking for action? Adventure? A thrilling, chilling horror theme? A zombie escape room? If you were to take all the escape rooms in Las Vegas, the theme options would seem endless. In Vegas, there really are no limits, so expect to find some very unique theme options out there.

Escapology is one of the best in Vegas when it comes to themes and variations. They offer more 15 or more different themes at any given time, and they all provide a completely different experience – no copycat challenges with a different backdrop.


The escape rooms in Las Vegas are speckled all over the city, so you’re sure to find one no matter what part of town you’re enjoying. To spend more time enjoying Vegas and less time frustrated by traffic, it’s always a good idea to choose an escape adventure that’s close to other attractions you’re interested in.

The Escape Game is right on the Strip, so you’ll be close to bars, casinos, and restaurants to let off a little steam after an intense escape adventure. If you maybe want to be off the Strip but not far from the action, Escape Reality is close to Tropicana Ave and easy to access.


What should I wear to an escape room?

The general rule of thumb is to dress comfortably. Escape challenges are rarely physical endeavors, but you might need to crawl around, climb a little, look for clues in hidden spots, etc. Comfy shoes are also suggested. It can also be fun to dress along with the theme of your escape adventure.

Am I really locked in during the game? What if I need to leave?

Some game rooms leave their doors unlocked, while others do lock them but make it so you can leave at any time by pressing a button. You’re never forced to stay in a game and are free to leave at any time. In most scenarios, if someone from your team leaves prematurely, the game is considered lost/ended.

How long does an escape room game last?

Most escape room challenges last for 60 minutes, with few exceptions. You should plan on arriving about 15 minutes before your reservation, so plan on about 1.5 from start to finish.

What if we don’t solve the puzzle?

If the puzzle remains unsolved at the end of 60 minutes, your team is released from the game. Some escape rooms allow you to choose the challenge level and ask for hints if you find yourself truly stuck.

The Bottom Line

Spend an hour in a Las Vegas escape room, and your life may never be the same again. Like everything else in Vegas, our escape adventures are like no others. Ready to try out one of the many themes at Escapology or give yourself the chills at the SAW escape room? Las Vegas is waiting for you!

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