Helldorado Days

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

Las Vegas has a rich western history that often goes unnoticed. However, Helldorado Days, now known as Las Vegas Days, celebrates that history each year. A two-day event, Las Vegas Days is the most rip-roaring celebration consisting of a parade and rodeo. 

Take a look at what to expect and everything you need to know to attend. 

Helldorado Days 2022

Helldorado Days, or Las Vegas Days, is a culmination of a parade, rodeo, and carnival that happens annually. The event, which is put on by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, offers a great time for rodeo lovers of all ages.

Helldorado Days History

Helldorado Days History

The Helldorado Days events were first held in 1935, and though it has skipped some years, it remains a strong tradition today. The original festival only consisted of the parade, but in later years, the rodeo, carnival, and other entertainment were added to the event. From its beginning, though, its purpose of celebrating the heritage of Las Vegas has remained the same. 


In addition to street entertainment like gunfight re-enactment shows, fashion shows, and more, which make up the carnival, the two big events for Helldorado Days are the parade and rodeo.


Helldorado Days Parade

The Las Vegas Parade is led by an honor guard and city officials, followed by parade entries. Everyone from local charities to businesses and schools enters into the parade contest. Those attending the parade then rate them, and a winner is crowned at the end. A panel of judges used to crown the decisions, but as of last year, the attendees now get to decide the fate!


helldorado days rodeo

The Las Vegas Days Rodeo is two back-to-back days of non-stop Western fun. Watch or take part in various bull riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, or horseback riding events. Of course, there are also giveaways, food, and vendors at the rodeo. You might even be able to get a photo with a few cowboys!


Though the official location hasn’t been announced for 2022, Las Vegas Days Parade in 2021 was held in Downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Days Rodeo was held at the CORE Arena in downtown Las Vegas as well. They will likely keep the location the same for this year as well. 

Festival Dates

This year, the Helldorado Days festival has yet to announce official festival dates. However, it is typically held in the fall in mid October. In recent years, there have had to be modifications due to COVID-19, so the dates will likely be released in a few months when organizers have a better idea of the public health climate. 


Find Fun at Helldorado Days

Take part in the most rip-roaring celebration of the Western history of Las Vegas at Helldorado Days, better known now as Las Vegas Days. See what Las Vegas was built on before the glittering lights and extravagant casinos with this rare glimpse into Las Vegas history.

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