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Las Vegas is a sight to behold, but its aerial view is even more jaw-dropping. A hot air balloon in Las Vegas has become a favorite of tourists and locals for seeing the sites. Wondering which Vegas hot air balloon company to trust with your adventure? Here is a quick rundown of our favorites.

Best OverallVegas Balloon Rides
Most RomanticVegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides

Best Hot Air Balloon Ride in Las Vegas

Vegas Balloon Rides

Imagine a slow-motion, panoramic view of the Las Vegas desert. Flying high above Vegas in a hot air balloon is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but only if you fly with one of the very best companies for Vegas hot air balloon rides. When comparing the best, Vegas Balloon Rides stands out as a clear winner.

Not only is the view exceptional as you climb nearly 10,000 ft above the Pahrump Valley, the professionals at Vegas Balloon Rides go above and beyond to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations.

For starters, Vegas Balloon Rides is committed to safety. They openly admit they don’t have the biggest hot air balloon fleet in Vegas, but they do have the newest, best, and safest equipment. Their operators are among the most experienced commercial pilots in the Vegas area, and each holds a specialized medical certificate.

Vegas Balloon Rides also has a zero-tolerance policy for pilot misconduct, and they regularly test their staff for substance use. You can trust that you’re in the best hands when you explore the Vegas skies with this company.

When you make your reservation, you should plan on allowing about 6 hours from start to finish. The actual hot air balloon ride ranges from about 45-60 minutes, with factors like the weather and combined weight of the passengers influencing how fast the balloon moves along the course.

You can share a hot air balloon in Las Vegas with up to 11 other guests, with a maximum capacity of 12 people per ride. Although the site doesn’t specifically mention combined weight, there may be upper limits to consider, depending on your group.

Kids are also welcome aboard at a reduced rate, as long as they are at least 6 years of age and are accompanied by a paying adult.

Each trip into the Vegas skies includes a toast of champagne or sparkling cider, light refreshments, and a commemorative flight certificate to show off once you get home.

Most Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride

Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides

Have you been thinking about a Las Vegas hot air balloon wedding, or maybe something extraordinarily special to celebrate a romantic occasion with your loved one? Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides is said to be one of the most romantic balloon rides in the city, and we can’t disagree.

Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides have been flying over the skies of Vegas for more than twenty years. They couldn’t have made it that long without providing an exceptional experience to all of their guests over the years. They employ only FAA certified pilots that serve as your tour guide to one of the most romantic skyscapes sin city has to offer.

A ride with Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides will take you over the amazing views of the Las Vegas Valley, the Strip, Red Rock Canyon, Mt Potosi, and some breathtaking sightings of the desert wildlife.

There is one downside to trying to book a flight with Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides, and that is that they are currently closed. Keep a close eye on their website for details about when they’ll be back up, running, and flying high.

Las Vegas Balloon Rides

The image of Las Vegas is that it never sleeps, but you’ll see an entirely different side of the city when you wake a little early and head to Las Vegas Balloon Rides for a sunrise hot air balloon tour of the gorgeous Vegas landscape.

Safety is priority one with Las Vegas Balloon Rides, and they claim an impeccable safety record. Their goal, from the moment they greet you until you part ways after sharing an incredible morning, is to provide you with an experience you will remember for years to come.

Las Vegas Balloon Rides offer flights that last the typical 45-60 minutes, but you should plan on several hours from start to finish. The baskets of their balloons are designed to hold up to 10 guests plus the pilot.

Some balloon flights take you up as high as nearly 10,000 ft, but you can plan on staying a little closer to the ground with this company. The average balloon flight reaches about 1,000-2,000ft, although they can go a bit higher depending on the circumstances. This is a good choice for those who might be a little apprehensive about flying too high into the sky.

What do you get in addition to all the jaw-dropping views of the Vegas landscape and wildlife? How about breakfast, complete with a wine tasting and a bottle to take home and enjoy as you reflect on your memorable morning ride.

Buying Guide

What’s Included

Once you start looking at options for a hot air balloon in Las Vegas, you begin to see some patterns in terms of services and extras. Many companies, like the ones on our list, offer light refreshments, if not a complete breakfast as part of the package.

While this seems to be the standard, you’ll still want to find out what’s included, so you can plan on making a stop for breakfast before your balloon ride if need be. A champagne toast while floating through the Vegas sky is also a popular extra. If you have younger guests in your crowd, or those who abstain from alcohol, check to see if they offer a non-alcoholic alternative.

It’s also a good idea to have an idea of what type of scenery to expect during your hot air balloon ride. Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides is known for showing you all of the different personalities of Vegas, from the Strip to the canyon. Some companies offer a bit of a different experience that may focus more on the Strip or wildlife sightseeing.

Basket Size

This detail is important. Baskets are only designed to safely hold a certain number of people, usually 8-12. If you only have 4-6 people in your group, this isn’t such a big deal, but if your group size falls anywhere in the max range, you want to make sure everyone will be able to ride before you arrive for your reservation.

Something to be aware of is that some companies include the pilot when quoting basket size on their website. If there’s any question, contact them directly.

Some companies also have individual passenger weight limits. A typical individual weight limit is about 275lbs. If a guest exceeds that limit, some companies charge an extra fee to compensate for a reduction in passenger capacity. This isn’t the case with all vegas hot air balloon companies, so please call ahead.


Almost all hot air balloon tours, like the ones offered by Vegas Balloon Rides, run an average of 45-60 minutes. In most cases, the pilot will not have a significant amount of control in whether your ride runs on the shorter or longer end of that range.

Weather, including wind, will have an impact on how long it takes for the balloon to complete its course. If the wind is behind you, pushing you forward, things might move a little more quickly.

Baskets that are a bit more weighted, or contain more guests, might take a bit longer. Either way, you’ll still see all the same sights and enjoy the same experience.

Flight time isn’t the only detail that should be taken into consideration when planning your schedule on flight day. There’s also transportation to/from the site, as well as time for the pilot to introduce themselves, go over what to expect, and brief you on safety precautions. Then there is also take-off and landing. All in all, plan on several hours for a complete experience.


The average price of a hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas runs about $200 per person. However, with a little bit of searching, you can usually find a great deal that slashes that price. Children, when allowed to ride, are usually offered a reduced rate.

If you’re making a reservation for a private, romantic balloon ride, expect to pay at least 50% more unless you find a Groupon deal or other discount offer.

Hotel Transfers/Transportation

You’ll need to have transportation figured out before you head out for your balloon ride. You should also call the company to find out exactly where you’re supposed to arrive. Some hot air balloon ride companies in Vegas offer shuttle services to and from your hotel. Others will expect you to arrive at their facility and then transport you to the launch site if it’s at a different location.


How much does a hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas cost?

The average, non-discounted cost averages just under $200 per person. If this is a little more than you’d like to spend, don’t worry. There are frequent package deals and discount offers that reduce this price by nearly 40%. Children are frequently able to ride at a reduced cost.

How cold are hot air balloon rides?

The air temperature during a hot air balloon ride isn’t going to vary much from the ground temperature at take off. You won’t go up high enough for altitude to make a difference. Plan on dressing appropriately for the weather and time of day, which is often sunrise.

What is the individual weight limit for hot air balloons?

Not many companies freely offer this information on their websites. It’s important to think in terms of the basket weight limit, rather than the individual weight limit. Individual weight really only comes into consideration when all passenger slots are full.

Some companies do provide an upper weight limit, but will often accommodate those who exceed it by reducing the number of total passengers and charging a higher fee. The number most commonly seen for an individual weight limit is 275lbs.

What’s the best romantic balloon ride for couples?

Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides is one of our favorites for romantic balloon rides, but unfortunately, they are temporarily closed. For the most romantic experience, you’ll want to book a private ride for just the two of you that carries you through the vast romantic Vegas landscape.

A ride that offers a champagne toast and refreshments also wins points in the romance department.

Bottom Line

There is no better way to view sin city than a sunrise hot air balloon in Las Vegas. Vegas Balloon Rides wins our highest accolades, but there are so many great companies to choose from. Make your reservations and cross a tour of Vegas via hot air balloon off your bucket list today.

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