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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Airport parking is always a concern. On top of other stresses, figuring out where you will park your car at the airport is just another frustrating thing. The best way to minimize this stress is to do your research upfront. The last thing you want is for airport parking stress to put a damper on your fun in Las Vegas. 

McCarran International Airport is the closest airport to Las Vegas. It is located near the Southend of the Las Vegas Strip and has more than 17,000 available public parking spots. The Las Vegas McCarran airport parking facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can ensure that no matter what time your flight is, you’ll be able to access the parking. 

Planning is everything when it comes to a successful vacation or business trip. We have taken the time to do the research for you and compiled it here so that you are prepared next time you need to park at the airport. 

There are several different parking lots at McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, all with different fees and guidelines, so let’s break it down. 

Short Term Parking at McCarran

Short Term Parking at McCarran

The short-term airport parking at Las Vegas McCarran is only for daily parking of three hours or less. It is a good place to park if you are just picking someone up. If you are parking overnight, you should not use this lot. 

There are two different short-term parking lots- for terminal one and terminal three. Each terminal has different airlines that come in and out, so you’ll want to choose which short-term lot you park in by which airline you are expecting. 

The specific lists of airlines can be found on the McCarran airport website, including maps on how to get there. Each is a covered parking garage, and both are paid lots, but we’ll go over fees below. 

McCarran Cell Phone Lot

McCarran Cell Phone Lot

The McCarran Cell Phone Lot is a parking area to wait for passengers. It is close to both terminals one and three. The purpose of this lot is to provide a free place for friends and family to wait for arrivals so that the passenger pick up and drop off area isn’t unnecessarily congested. 

The cell phone lot is open daily from 6 am to 1 pm. It’s important to note that overnight parking is not allowed, and there are no restrooms.

Long Term Parking at the Las Vegas Airport

Long Term Parking

The long-term parking at the Las Vegas airport is for stays that will be longer than three hours. Like the short-term parking, there are separate lots for terminals one and three, so you should choose which one based on the expected flight. 

Both long-term parking options are paid covered parking garages. It is important to note that the terminal one airport parking garage often is high in demand and will be at capacity during peak times. When this happens, traffic is directed to the economy lot for parking. 

Economy Parking

Economy Parking

The economy Las Vegas airport parking lots are open-air with no coverage. Like with short and long-term parking, there are different lots for both Las Vegas airport terminals. The terminal one economy airport parking is quite a distance from the terminal; however, there is a complimentary shuttle from the lot to the terminal every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The terminal three economy airport parking lot is a garage immediately adjacent to the long-term parking garage, making it close enough to the terminal that a shuttle is not provided. Keep in mind that economy parking is not free, but we’ll go over all of the fees below.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking

There is valet parking at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, which is great if you are running behind for your flight or just enjoy convenience. There are two separate valet parking locations: one located adjacent to the terminal, one short-term parking lot, and the other in the garage adjacent to terminal three. 

Oversized, ADA, and Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle Parking

There are specific areas for oversized, ADA, and motorcycle parking. 


One thing to note is that oversized vehicles cannot park in the standard Las Vegas McCarran airport parking garages. For terminal one, they must use the remote oversized lot. There is a courtesy shuttle, but travelers must call to request the shuttle, unlike with the other lots. For terminal three, the oversized parking is located in the economy lot. 

The Las Vegas airport parking garages have between a 7’ and 8’ height clearance. Those that will not clear can still park in exposed lots unless the vehicle is more than 22 feet long and 8 ½ ft. wide, or more than 13 ½ ft. high, in which case you will have to park in the oversized lots. 


There are accessible parking spots in every parking lot or garage. They are always located near elevators or shuttle stops depending on the lot. 


For motorcycles looking to park at the airport, they recommend not accessing the parking garages through the traditional route as there is a risk of the gate arms closing prematurely on motorcycles. 

For terminal one, motorcycles should park on Level 1M in the terminal one long-term garage using the access point to the right of the ticket issuing machines. There is no need for motorcycles to grab a ticket. However, they should use a cashier booth instead of the automated machine upon exiting so that they can collect the necessary charges and ensure that the gate arm doesn’t close prematurely. 

For terminal three, motorcycles should use the same instructions but park on Level 2 in the terminal three long-term garage.

Free Airport Parking

Free Airport Parking

There are two ways to get free Las Vegas airport parking. 

One way is that all of the Las Vegas airport parking lots and garages offer the first fifteen minutes free. This is a great option if you need to run in to help someone with their bag or some other quick matter to handle. 

The other way to get free airport parking is by being a disabled veteran. Nevada law requires anyone with handicap tags and Nevada license plates labeled “Pearl Harbor Survivor,” “Pearl Harbor Veteran,” “Congressional Medal of Honor,” “Purple Heart,” “Silver Star,” or “Bronze Star” must receive free parking

The Las Vegas airport extends this free parking to those with Nevada plates labeled “Disabled Veteran,” “Disabled Female Veteran,” and “Ex-Prisoner of War” as well. To claim this free parking, these travelers must use a cashiered lane when exiting the parking lot or garage.

McCarran Airport Parking Rates & Fees

Short-term, long-term, economy, valet, and remote lot each have different pricing. We have compiled all of the exact rates in the table below, but we want to point out some differences. The most expensive lot overall is valet parking, while the cheapest lot is the economy lot. 

This is expected; however, one thing to consider is how long you will be parked there. Sometimes it is cheaper to park in certain lots if you will only be there for a few hours versus multiple days. As you’ll see below, every Las Vegas airport parking option has a daily maximum which helps cut back on the cost. All of the parking can be paid with cash or card except for the remote oversized lot, which can only be paid by credit card. 

McCarran Airport Parking Rates & Fees

At the airport, you’ll see Express Pay stations. Express Pay is a quick way to pay at the McCarran International Airport. All you have to do is take one of the express tickets on your way into the parking facilities, take your ticket with you, and then find one of the express exit lane pay stations in the parking lot when you’re back from your trip. 

You can pay with cash or card at an express exit pay station, but coins are not accepted. After you have paid, you simply insert the express exit ticket in one of the machines on your way out, choose if you want a receipt, and go! It stops the long lines of people fumbling for change or their card. 

Off Airport Parking

Don’t want to park at the airport, or are you trying to save some money? There are options for off-site parking. Here are some of the options. Many of them offer a free shuttle, but always check out the individual companies to ensure that they will work for you and that there are no hidden costs. 


How much does it cost to park at Las Vegas Airport?

The cost to park at the Las Vegas Airport varies depending on the lot. The long-term parking lot has a daily maximum of $18, while the economy lot has a daily maximum of $12. There are additional Las Vegas airport parking options as well.

Is there free parking at Las Vegas Airport?

There is free parking at Las Vegas Airport for disabled veterans with labeled Nevada license plates. Additionally, the first fifteen minutes are free for any of the lots at the Las Vegas Airport.

What is economy parking at McCarran airport?

Economy parking at Las Vegas McCarran airport is uncovered lots that have a daily maximum of $12.

Can I leave my car at the Las Vegas airport?

Yes, you can leave your car at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport as they have plenty of paid parking options.

Prepare for Las Vegas Airport Parking

There are a lot of options for parking at the Las Vegas airport and off-site, but with options comes some confusion. However, as long as you do your research, Las Vegas airport parking shouldn’t scare you off too much. And don’t forget, if you are running late, the valet parking is a great convenience that not many airports offer!

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  1. So I have handicapped plates is it free for me to park just want to take my grandkids in to see ther Mon fly in

    1. There are handicapped parking spaces in every parking facility and lot, but they are not free because they are handicapped.

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