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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Every year in May the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair highlights some of the most exquisite cuisine and brightest culinary talent in Las Vegas.  This gourmet event attracts crowds every year. Not only does the brightest culinary and mixology talent in Las Vegas unite for this event, but proceeds also go towards supporting the Nevada Restaurant Association’s educational programs. 

Are you ready to experience some awesome food and drinks in one of the best cities in the world? Here is everything you need to know about the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair. 

About the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair 

The Las Vegas Epicurean Affair is a feast for the senses. This ultra-tasty event brings together the finest of Las Vegas Restaurants, nightclubs, and top beverage purveyors to present guests with a memorable menu of savory cuisine and succulent cocktails. 

The event is tailored to those who love the artistry of fine dining, the inspiration behind an exquisite plate of food, and the creativity of an artistically blended cocktail or perfectly paired glass of wine. 

The event is set poolside, with all the food and drink being presented in a beautiful, serene, and elegant pool setting. Enjoy food from Las Vegas finest restaurants as you sit by the pools, experiencing true VIP service. This is a chance to spend a night savoring delicious food, and dining under the Las Vegas sky, all while knowing that your money is going to support a great cause. 

The Nevada Restaurant Association

The Nevada Restaurant Association

Proceeds from the Epicurean Affair go to support the Nevada Restaurant Association. This organization was founded in 1982, with the mission to “promote, protect, and educate Nevada’s rapidly growing restaurant industry”.

At the time of the Nevada Restaurant Association’s founding, the culinary scene in Las Vegas was already gaining traction, but since then it has exploded. Las Vegas is seen as one of the top culinary destinations in the world, and the Nevada Restaurant Association plays a huge role in supporting and educating up-and-coming talent in the foodservice industry. 

The organization helps through educational programs that teach students the knowledge needed to be successful in some of the best restaurants in the world. They also provide scholarship programs to students who are looking to expand their knowledge in the food service and culinary fields, including completing a restaurant management program. Proceeds from purchased tickets go directly towards supporting this program statewide. 

Prepare for an Elegant and Fun Evening 

cocktails and drinks

So, what can you expect from your visit to the Epicurean Affair in Las Vegas? For starters, you’ll indulge yourself in amazing food, but don’t expect a pretentious dinner experience. With the poolside location, the ambiance is refined but relaxed. You’ll also enjoy an incredible selection of cocktails and drinks from top beverage brands and purveyors. In addition to cocktails, beer and wine are also available. 

Tickets & Admission 

General admission and VIP entry tickets to the event are both available for May 12 6pm – 9pm. General admission tickets allow you access to the event at the official start time of 7 pm. VIP early admission tickets provide VIP attendees with the opportunity to enter the event early, at an hour before the scheduled general admission start time. 

In addition to VIP tickets, guests may also reserve a poolside private cabana or daybed for an additional cost. 


This year, the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair is being held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV. The Red Rock Resort is one of the finest hotels in Las Vegas, offering an escape to the serenity that’s located about ten miles from the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Red Rock Casino Resort is where you’ll find the Sandbar Pool Complex, which is the site of this year’s Epicurean Affair. The lush, relaxed atmosphere is nothing short of a divine indulgence. The location marks the perfect spot for one of the most respected food events in Las Vegas


Where is the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair held?

This year, the Epicurean Affair is held at the Red Rock Casino Resort, which is a hotel located about ten miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The location of the event will be poolside, as it has been in years past at other hotels.

Can I reserve a private cabana for the Epicurean Affair in Las Vegas, NV?

You are able to rent a private cabana or daybed for the event, but they tend to sell out quickly.

What are the perks of a VIP ticket to the Las Vegas Epicurean Affair?

For lovers of indulgent food, the VIP ticket to the Epicurean Affair is one of the best deals there is. Participants get to enter the event an hour early, while general admission is allowed to join the event at the standard start time.

Enjoy a Night of Indulgence at the Epicurean Affair in Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas Epicurean Affair is one of the best upcoming events in Sin City. Held at the Red Rock Resort & Spa, prepare to join fellow foodies in a night of indulgence. Tantalize your taste buds and support the Nevada Restaurant Association in providing great educational programs for those interested in the food and hospitality industry throughout the state.

Grab your VIP tickets for early access before they sell out. You can also check the Nevada Restaurant Association’s website for more details on this and other events you might want to attend in the future. 

1 thought on “Las Vegas Epicurean Affair”

  1. We have been going to the Epicurean affair in Vegas since 2017 (exception being 2020 and 2021). This year was SO upsetting and disappointing. Not many vendors, lines for over 20 minutes for one restaurant, and vendors were out of food before 8. More than half were packed up and gone by 8:30. The doors opened at 7. We will absolutely be reconsidering future attendance. My mother rented a cabana, and we had no light, no drink or waiter service, and the entire area was open to others to sit right infront of our door, making it tricky to navigate around with food and drinks in hand. The whole event was mismanaged, oversold, poorly planned, down to the location of the vendors to allow for traffic and flow.
    I use to enjoy this event for it’s location, selections, and well managed event, but this year completely soured past years experiences and left us all feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

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