Las Vegas Festival Grounds

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination, which also means that it is a hot spot for large events and festivals. The Las Vegas festival grounds span 37 acres allowing for up to 85,000 guests, and are the host for many events and festivals every year. 

Previously called the MGM Resorts Festival Grounds, this open-air multi-purpose venue is now owned and operated by Phil Ruffin and provides a great guest experience with a variety of amenities. If you are looking to attend a festival or event at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, here’s what you need to know about the facility. 

Las Vegas Fairground Events

las vegas fairground events

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds have hosted a lot of different events just in the last year, including ones you may have heard of like the IHeartRadio Music Festival, Intersect Music Festival, Day N Vegas Music Festival, the ACM Party for a Cause Festival, and the Martha Stewart Food and Wine Festival. 

However, the festival grounds are versatile and can host anything from corporate events to hobby festivals like car shows. Whether you like country, rock, or need your own event or music festival organized, the Las Vegas Festival Grounds make for a great place to do it. 

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds also have upcoming events such as the Lovers and Friends Festival early next year.

Amenities & Fan Experience

Amenities & Fan Experience

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds are more than just an open field that they set a stage up in. There are more than 400 permanent restrooms, outdoor pavilions, room for retail, excellent food and beverage vendors, and a dedicated 7.5 acres for transportation. 

They also have a high-quality speaker system so that no matter where you are in the venue, you can hear what is going on. With the addition of efficient and thorough security, each of these amenities provides a great fan experience at every event. 

Most events held at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds offer VIP areas, usually with dedicated bathrooms, a VIP bar to get a drink, and more. 

Map & Location

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds have a prime location on the south end of South Las Vegas Blvd, better known as the Las Vegas Strip, next to the Circus Circus Hotel

Getting to the festival grounds is easy due to the Las Vegas Monorail and the monorail pedestrian bridge that makes crossing Las Vegas Blvd a breeze. Of course, you can also take rideshare, limousine, taxi, or bus. There is plenty of room for drop-off no matter how you choose to get to the venue. 

Once on premises, you can find where you’re going by taking a look at the posted property maps. 


Tickets for the events at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds depend on the event and are often sold through third-party partnerships. Each event advertises and sells tickets differently but is always readily available.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Las Vegas Fairgrounds. 

How big are the Las Vegas Festival Grounds?

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds span a bit more than 37 acres.

Who owns Las Vegas Festival Grounds?

The Las Vegas Festival Grounds is owned and operated by Phil Ruffin.

Attend a Las Vegas Festival Grounds Event

Many people visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, stay in hotels or resorts on the Las Vegas Strip due to its proximity to venues, things to do and to be close to the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Whether you are in town for a music festival or just happen to find an event taking place, the Las Vegas festival grounds provide excellent food options, quality sound, and plenty of room for fans to enjoy!

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