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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

O by Cirque du Soleil is one of the best Cirque shows in Vegas. The performers’ transition between the water and floor acts seamlessly. You will leave in awe of the heights, the difficulty of the acts, and the fluidity of the performance in and out of the water. It’s a must-see!

O Theater & Seating

The O Theater entrance has beautiful sculptures and artwork throughout. You feel as though you are passing through a museum before taking your seat.

O Show Theater Entrance
O Show Theater Entrance

Once inside, you can’t help but be in awe of the majestic blue glass ceiling, the height of the impressive red curtains, and the stadium seating. You feel as though you’ve been transported to an old-world European opera house.

O Theater
O Theater

The O seating map below shows the different sections and price levels. There are a few items worth noting.

Close, But Not Too Close

We sat in the lower orchestra, section 102 (just right of center), in row J (9 rows back), in seats 20 and 21, which are two seats in from the center aisle.

And, they were perfect! Here’s why…

O Show Seating Map
O Show Seating Map

The absolute best seats in the house are in that yellow section above called “The Golden Circle”, but these seats start at $210 each and go up to $250. Sometimes they are called “Producer Seats”.

If you are like my husband, and prefer an aisle seat for more leg room, you’ll pay extra at the O Theatre. So we compromised and went two seats in from the center aisle, so we still felt like we were in the middle of the action, without paying the Golden Circle/Producer or Aisle prices.

Seat numbers start at the right of each section (in the seating chart above) at number one and increase into the 20s as you move left in the row.

There is such a thing as being TOO close. If you’ve ever sat in the first row of the movie theater, you know the neck-craning needed to see a show like this. Not to mention that the first three rows are considered the WET Zone

The performers are very high in several acts, and you may want a little distance to be able to see the whole show. It’s a lot to take in, so having some perspective makes the show more enjoyable.

O Show Times






7:00pm to 8:30pm
9:30pm to 11:00pm


7:00pm to 8:30pm
9:30pm to 11:00pm


7:00pm to 8:30pm
9:30pm to 11:00pm


7:00pm to 8:30pm
9:30pm to 11:00pm


7:00pm to 8:30pm
9:30pm to 11:00pm

La Grande Experience Reopening 2022

A VIP experience exclusively at O, which includes:

  •  Preshow reception with champagne and Hors D’Oeuvres
  •  Exclusive performer meet and greet
  •  VIP Suite seating complete with champagne and commemorative gifts

Ticket prices for La Grande Experience are around $450 each.

Wet Seats at “O”

Since O is a water show, there are “wet seats”. This is not like Sea World, though. You aren’t going to walk out of the theater completely soaked, but you could get splashed. The wet seats are the first three rows of all 5 lower orchestra sections – 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105.

Limited View Seats

The “Limited View” seats are the lowest priced ticket in the theater, and rightfully so. There are some restrictions to your view because of safety railings or the sharp angle of the view. These seats are found in rows A-E in sections 101 and 105, on the far right and left sections of the theater.

O Show

O Show FAQs

Box Office and Ticket Questions

What time does the Box Office open?

The box office opens Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. – 5:00pm. Wednesday – Sunday at 9:00 a.m. – 10:00pm. Box office is closed Mondays. Please note, that purchased tickets (not vouchers) may also be picked up at the Bellagio Concierge desk, which opens at 10am Mon-Wed and 9am Thurs-Sun.

Where else may I purchase & pickup my tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase and pickup at any MGM Resorts box office and Concierge.

Does Bellagio offer any VIP or exclusive “O” experiences?

Yes, Bellagio has a variety of experiences you may add to your show. Please see the “O” page on Bellagio.com for full details and purchase of the following: VIP Suite Experience, “O” Dinner & Show Packages, and the “O” Insider Access Package & backstage tours.

Do I need an ID to pickup my tickets?

Yes. A valid, legal photo ID, along with the credit card (or other method of payment), is required for ticket pickup.

What does “LET” stand for on my ticket?

LET is the Live Entertainment Tax that is applied to all Live Entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you book your tickets online, it is included in the price of your ticket.

Theater and Seating Questions

What time do the doors open for seating?

Doors open 45 minutes prior to each showing.

How long is the “O” show?

90 minutes with no intermissions.

May we purchase drinks inside of the theater?

Beverages and edibles are available at the “O” concession stand inside of the “O” Theater lobby.

May we bring outside food & beverages into the “O” Theater?

All beverages must be in, or transferred to, a plastic container prior to entering the theater. Only food from the “O” concession stand is approved to enter the theater.

What are the show days and times?

Currently, “O” has two performances nightly, 7:00 p.m. & 9:30 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, and is dark on Monday & Tuesday.
Dark Dates November 29 – December 14, 2021, December 28, 2021, February 13, 2022, April 18 – 26, 2022, June 19 – 22, 2022, August 21, 2022, October 9 – 12, 2022, November 30, 2022, December1 -13, 2022.

Can we take photos and video of the performance?

No photography or video recording devices, including devices such as Google Glass, are permitted into the theater. The use of such devices is distracting and pose a risk to the performers, as well as other guests.

Does the theater have Accessible Seating?

Yes. Additionally, wheelchairs & accessible seats are available upon request at time of purchase, both online & at the box office.

O Show Questions

What is the inspiration for “O”?

“O” by Cirque du Soleil was inspired by the concept of infinity and the elegance of water’s pure form. “O” pays tribute to the beauty of performance and the theater. “O” was derived from the pronunciation of “eau”, the French word for water.

What type of performers are in “O”?

“O” is performed by a dynamic and diverse collaboration of performers. World-class acrobats, gymnasts, trapeze artists, synchronized swimmers, divers, and characters that perform in, on, and above the water. The cast of “O” features 75-90 performers that represent over 16 countries around the world. “O” has the most Olympic athletes of any Cirque du Soleil show.

Is “O” appropriate for children?

Yes, children 5 years and over will enjoy the acrobatics and diving of O. And, like all Cirque du Soleil shows, there are two characters that provide some fun comedic breaks in the action.

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