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What’s more fun than paintball Las Vegas style? Which Vegas paintball field should you choose? That depends on your experience, skill level, and field preferences. Here, we break it all down to help you decide.

Overall Best Combat Zone Paintball
Best Outdoor FieldLas Vegas Premier Paintball

Best Paintball in Las Vegas

Combat Zone Paintball

Combat Zone Paintball is a favorite among locals and tourists, earning it the distinction of one of the best paintball fields in Las Vegas. From top tier staff to exceptional fields, you can plan on a fun, competitive, and challenging experience from beginning to end.

A few things that patrons love about Combat Zone Paintball in Las Vegas are the great condition of their fields, which have a true combat zone feel to them. The fields are designed to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. Children who are at least 7 years of age are welcome to join in on the action.

Combat Zone Paintball offers several packages and party options, including birthday packages for kids. They also offer team building parties and corporate event specialists to help you plan a memorable, stress-relieving, team building event for your work crew, family or friends.

Best Outdoor Paintball Field

Las Vegas Premier Paintball

Craving a little paintball action but are a little put-off by the idea of an indoor field right now? Las Vegas Premier Paintball offers several outdoor fields that are challenging and will get the adrenaline pumping.

Because they’re outdoors, the fields at Las Vegas Premier Paintball run a little larger than the one’s you’ll find at an indoor arena. Las Vegas Premier Paintball seems to specialize in packages for groups and parties (birthdays, bachelor parties, etc.). They’ve even been known to throw down some of the best zombie paintball in Las Vegas.

Amazing staff and family-friendliness are highlights that earn Las Vegas Premier Paintball top marks in Vegas. Their fields are good for all skill levels and ages. They also offer low-impact, kids splat, and paintless paintball for those that want a less intense experience.

Best Indoor Paintball Field

Bonehead Paintball – No Longer in Business

Bonehead Paintball Las Vegas is conveniently located just five minutes from the Strip, making it the perfect spot for taking a break from all the sightseeing to indulge in a little friendly competition. The indoor paintball field is a nice escape from the hot Vegas sun and offers a no-frills, pure sports experience.

Bonehead Paintball’s fields are a little smaller than what you’ll find at other locations. The smaller field is well-suited to first-time players and smaller groups of about 4-6 people. For more advanced players, the smaller field demands more strategy and skill to stay in the game.

Bonehead Paintball is also one of the more reasonably priced paintball venues in Las Vegas. They have an all-inclusive package that includes everything to get started, although you might want to plan on purchasing additional paintballs. You can bring your own paintball gun but you are required to purchase paintballs from them when playing.

You can reserve a field for a party but you definitely want to call ahead. Bonehead Paintball strongly suggests that players be at least 12 years of age, however, children aged 10 or older are allowed to play on the field.

How to Choose a Paintball Venue

Paintball Fields

You’re going to find options for both outdoor and indoor paintball in Las Vegas. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, it just depends on what type of experience you’re looking for.

Indoor paintball venues, like Bonehead Paintball, tend to be a little smaller and are a good choice for smaller groups of 4-6 people. Beginners tend to prefer the small indoor field because they’re not dealing with outdoor elements (heat, sun glare, wind), and the smaller field is easier to navigate.

Outdoor fields can be a bit more challenging but they’re better suited for larger groups and parties. Some people, including new players, prefer an outdoor field because it gives them more room to navigate, strategize, and hide!

Fun for Adults and Kids?

Paintball is a sport that can be enjoyed by players of all ages but younger players and those who might not be keen on high impact sports may need special accommodations. You’ll want to check with each venue directly regarding age limits and low-impact game options.

For example, Bonehead paintball stresses that their fields are best suited for players over the age of 12 but their age limit for play is 10 years. Other venues accommodate players as young as 7 and have special packages for children’s birthday parties.

If you’re looking for a more adult experience, where you’re not at risk of being put on the field with younger players, a good rule of thumb is to look for the most challenging fields with limited low impact options.

Equipment Supplied

All of the Las Vegas paintball venues on our list provide all the equipment you’ll need on the field. When making a reservation, you’ll want to find out what’s included in package deals because some equipment does cost extra to rent.

Most paintball venues don’t mind if you bring your own gun or other types of equipment. The one thing that almost all of them won’t allow you to bring in is the paintballs themselves. Las Vegas Premier Paintball allows you to bring any equipment you own but asks that you purchase paintballs from them.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, purchasing paintballs from them helps to support the business but it’s also about quality control and protection of their fields and equipment.

Best for Parties

You can walk onto a paintball field solo but it’s always more fun to gather a group of people you know for a little competitive fun. The size of the field, and whether it’s indoors or outdoors, is going to factor into how large of a party can be accommodated.

Most Las Vegas paintball venues offer package deals for parties, just remember to call and reserve your spot ahead of time. Some places like Combat Zone Paintball accommodate larger groups and are great for work-related, team-building events.


How old do you have to be for paintball in Las Vegas?

Most paintball fields in Las Vegas have a minimum age requirement of 7-8 years. Some are adults-only but many do allow younger players on the field. Parents or guardians should expect to sign a waiver for younger players.

Can we bring our own guns?

This varies by location. Most aren’t going to mind if you bring your own equipment but will either require or appreciate you purchasing the paintballs from them. Make a quick call or check the company’s website before you go, just to make sure.

Are there birthday paintball packages for kids?

You’ll want to call the paintball field of your choice just to confirm but most do offer packages for parties, like birthdays, and other gatherings. For a kids’ birthday party, it’s best to choose a location that offers low-impact or kid-friendly options for younger players.

Do I have to make a reservation or can I walk in?

It isn’t always necessary to make a reservation for paintball in Las Vegas but it is recommended. For non-reserved spots, it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re planning on playing with a group of friends (which is really the best way), a reservation is always recommended, and sometimes required.

Do paintballs hurt?

Technically, yes, paintballs do hurt. Most paintball fans will tell you that how much it hurts depends on how “into the game” you are.

When adrenaline is pumping and you’re mentally in a place that’s all about survival and strategy, you might barely notice the twinge of pain as the paintball goes splat against your body. More passive players are going to notice the impact a little more. Some places also offer low-impact or kid-friendly options.

Bottom Line

Ready to step away from the lights of the Strip and the lure of the casinos for a little sweaty, dirty fun in Las Vegas? Paintball is an activity that can quickly turn into an obsession. Try paintball, Las Vegas-style at a favorite venue like Combat Zone Paintball, and prepare to experience a side of Vegas that only the truly adventurous ever see.

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