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Last Updated on September 29, 2022

The outskirts of Las Vegas have a lot of amazing rock formations that are just itching to be climbed. However, that is not always possible. If you are yearning for some adventure during your stay in Las Vegas but don’t want to head outdoors, we have found all of the best rock climbing gyms so that you don’t have to bear the desert heat. 

We’ve looked at them, considering difficulty, location, and a few more factors to come up with the best. Are you up for the challenge? Look them over so you can find the best one for your next trip to Las Vegas.

Best Vegas Climbing Gym

The Pad

The Pad - Best Vegas Climbing Gym

Origin Climbing and Fitness was sold and reformed in 2019 to become The Pad. The Pad is a climbing and sport center located in Henderson, Nevada, just 20 minutes outside the heart of Las Vegas. They offer bouldering, rope climbing, and climbing training. 

The Pad is a huge gym with the bouldering section being over 10,000 square feet and averaging 17 feet high, while the rope climbing section is about 9,300 square feet averaging 35 feet high. In addition to climbing training equipment such as hang boards, systems boards, LED kilter board, and tread wall, the Pad also has weight stations, a yoga room, and treadmills. 

Despite having all of the things you need to perfect your climbing technique, they also have a coworking space with free wifi, coffee, and showers so that you can get right to work if you need. The Pad is truly a community space, and they do encourage kids to come and join the fun.

Pricing for The Pad is by the day or by a membership plan. For the day passes, it costs $23 for adults and $15 for youth under 17. If you go before 4 pm, everyone gets the youth price! Memberships vary but are best for locals frequenting the gym often.  

Runner Up Climbing Gym

The Refuge Climbing and Fitness

The Refuge Climbing and Fitness

The Refuge Climbing and Fitness gym is located on Valley View Blvd in Las Vegas. They offer 11,000 square feet of climbing walls plus full training equipment, a full weight rack, kettle bells, cardio equipment, three auto-belays, a tread wall, and a campus board. The Refuge offers climbing classes, summer camps, and birthday parties. 

Their day prices are $17 for those 12 years and older and $12 for kids 11 and under. The Refuge also offers several membership options with discounts for students, minors, families, and active military members, though these are best for locals that frequent the gym often.

Best Climbing Gym in Vegas for Beginners

Nevada Climbing Center

Nevada Climbing Center

The Nevada Climbing Center is Las Vegas’s oldest climbing center and is proud to embrace all levels and abilities of climbers. In addition to open climbing sessions, the Nevada Climbing Center also offers several classes, including lead climbing, beginners climbing, yoga, aerial skills, and more. 

In addition to their classes, they host weekly events such as Ladies Night, College Night, and Teachers Night, all of which include special pricing. 

Speaking of pricing, Nevada Climbing Center boasts that it is one of the most affordable gyms in Las Vegas with a daily drop-in rate of $14, with membership options available for locals. 

Most Challenging Las Vegas Climbing Gym

Red Rock Climbing Center

Red Rock Climbing Center

Have you surpassed the beginner’s level? Las Vegas has a challenging rock climbing center as well. The Red Rock Climbing Center is one of the only gyms that offers both outdoor climbing guides and an indoor climbing gym in the Las Vegas area. 

They operate their climbing guides out of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and provide all of the gear you need to have a great outdoor bouldering experience. 

Their indoor gym has a top rope and lead climbing walls that are 35 feet high with more than 8,000 square feet of climbing space. Each week, they map out new routes to keep frequent climbers challenged. 

The Red Rock Climbing Center also can accommodate groups and has become popular for birthdays and team-building corporate events. They have classes that include lead climbing, repel classes, learn to climb classes, and more. 

Their pricing for climbing guides is by the excursion with half-day and full-day climbs available, starting at $225. For day passes to the indoor gym costs $15 per person for adults and $10 for kids. They do have memberships available for the local avid climbers. 

Best Climbing Wall Not in a Gym

Whitney Recreation Center

Whitney Recreation Center

If you just want to scale a rock climbing wall, Las Vegas has just the place for you. The Whitney Recreation Center is a great addition to the community that offers all sorts of recreational activities such as a public pool, fitness center, day camps, open gym, and youth programs. 

In addition, they also have a 30-foot high climbing wall that has four different routes for beginners up to difficult. Pricing for the climbing wall is priced at $5 per half-hour session. 

Choosing a Las Vegas Rock Climbing Gym

Surprisingly, there are quite a few options when it comes to Las Vegas climbing centers. Let’s break down the factors you should consider when choosing the best option for you. 


Each gym has its own routes, which can be of varying difficulty. Though many gyms are welcoming to beginners, you may be more successful and learn easier in a center that caters to the beginning levels and does not have extreme climbs. 

Our choice for the best beginner rock climbing gym is the Nevada Climbing Center for their experience and attention to beginners, and all the opportunity to practice the sport and perfect your skills. 


There are several different climbing techniques, and not all gyms have the equipment necessary for every technique. For instance, though one gym might have roping and lead climbing equipment, the next might not.

Additionally, some gyms have a fitness center section for strengthening and endurance workouts, while others are strictly ropes and climbing. Ensure that the climbing center you choose has the equipment you’ll need. As a pro tip, keep in mind that every gym will rent you shoes, chalk, and harnesses for a fee. 

Rock Climbing Gym Las Vegas


With any activity on vacation or at home, you’ll have to ensure that it fits within the budget. If you are a frequent visitor to a climbing gym in Las Vegas, a membership might be more affordable. However, each climbing center also has a day pass. According to their day pass price, the most affordable climbing center is Nevada Climbing Center at just $14. 


All of these gyms are in various locations. Depending on where you stay in Las Vegas, some of them might be more convenient than others. None of them are on the Las Vegas Strip, but we’re sure that you can find one that is convenient during your travels.


What level of fitness do I need for a rock climbing gym in Vegas?

Rock climbing gyms in Vegas are good for all levels of fitness as they welcome beginners and all ages. Most offer lots of opportunities for learning and practice, and some that welcome children also have special kids climb time.

How many rock climbing gyms are there in Vegas?

There are four rock climbing gyms in Vegas and one recreation center that has a climbing wall.

Are rock climbing gyms in Vegas challenging?

There are rock climbing gyms in Vegas that are challenging and some that are suited for beginners.

Rock Climbing in Las Vegas

Rock climbing can be an excellent addition to your next trip to Vegas. As you can see, Vegas has a wide selection for all ages and skill levels. Consider grabbing your friends and chalking up your hands for a fun adventure you won’t forget.

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