San Genarro Feast 2022

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

There’s truly no place like Las Vegas when you’re looking to celebrate. Whether you’re celebrating a personal accomplishment or an entire culture’s heritage, Vegas is the place to be! The San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas is the biggest Italian food festival on this side of the Atlantic. 

This festival invites people to gather in honor of the Patron Saint of Naples, Italy, San Gennaro, to celebrate Italian culture and history. Whether you have Italian ties in your own family history or you just want to appreciate cultures from around the globe, this Las Vegas feast makes it fun for the whole family! 

History of the San Gennaro Feast

History of the San Gennaro Feast

The Las Vegas celebration we know today has a history dating back to the 3rd century. Januarius, also known as San Gennaro, was known for protecting fellow Christians in Italy by helping them to hide from those against their religious practices. 

San Gennaro was eventually caught after visiting Deacons Sosso and Procculo in jail. Once captured, Januarius was faced with extreme torture practices in hopes of swaying him from his strong Christian beliefs. With no wavering in his beliefs, San Gennaro died 305. Legends say that San Gennaro was first thrown into a furnace for standing by his Christian values but came out unharmed. His death happened just outside of Pozzuoli, Italy. 

After his death, a vial of his blood was collected and eventually stored in Naples, Italy. This vial of blood is said to liquefy twice each year. The normally solid blood turns to liquid on the first Sunday of May and September 19th each year. These dates are significant because September 19th is the day he became a martyr, while the first Sunday of May was when his relics were transferred to Naples.

Believers continue to gather in Naples, Italy, each year to watch the blood liquefy. Watching the blood of San Gennaro turn to liquid is said to be an incredibly moving, remarkable experience. 

The San Gennaro Feast happens bi-annually on or around those same dates in honor of the Saint and celebrates his Italian Heritage here in the States. 

While a fun-filled feast in Las Vegas is not quite the same as seeing the miracles of Saint San Gennaro for yourself, it is a great way to spread the word about Italian history and heritage. 

Celebrating Italian Culture in Las Vegas 

The San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas, NV, is filled with activities for people of all ages. Whether you just want to experience authentic Italian cuisine or you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, this Saint Gennaro food and music festival is the place to be! 

There are a few reasons this is one of the most popular festivals in Las Vegas. The festival features great food, like authentic Italian sausage that will have your mouth watering, The wide variety of ethnic food alone is reason enough to mark your calendar for the event. 

Other attractions that are fun for the whole family include a petting zoo and pony rides, face painters for big and little kids alike, arts & crafts exhibits, amusement rides, live international acts hourly, home exhibits, games, fun, and more. Live entertainment is a big part of the feast each year. Live guests are scheduled to perform on the main concert stage throughout the festival, so there’s never a dull moment. 

Las Vegas locals and visitors from around the world alike can enjoy an Italian heritage celebration in honor of the saint, right here in the USA! 

Details of San Gennaro Feast 

This year marks the 42nd annual San Gennaro feast. The location of the next San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas hasn’t been announced yet, but event coordinators have said this year will be the best celebration yet! The feast is set to take place from September 21-25, 2022. This bi-annual celebration is truly the best Italian heritage celebration outside of Italy!

Guests can expect to be surrounded by authentic Italian food, endless opportunities for fun, and a great community of people celebrating Italian heritage together. Whether the 2022 feast is your first San Gennaro celebration or your 41st, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. 

Admission is $5 for children aged 3-15. Anyone 16 or older will be charged $12 to enter, while kids under 3 are free. The feast aims to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, and anyone is welcome to join in on the fun! Keep in mind that things are always changing in Las Vegas, which means these prices are subject to change as well. 

Tickets can be purchased in-person or online. More event details, including the location, hours, and planned live performances, will be released as the next San Gennaro Feast in Las Vegas, NV, draws closer. 

Festival Hours

  • Wednesday (9/21): 4pm-11pm
  • Thursday (9/22): 4pm-11pm
  • Friday (9/23): 4pm-Midnight
  • Saturday (9/24): 1pm-Midnight
  • Sunday (9/25): 1pm-11pm


What is the San Gennaro Feast?

The San Gennaro Feast is a festival celebrating Italian heritage in honor of Saint San Gennaro. The event includes ethnic food vendors, a petting zoo, face painting, live music, and many more fun activities for the entire family!

Where is the San Gennaro Feast Held?

The venue for the 2022 feast in Las Vegas is the M Resort at 12300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Henderson, NV 89044. The latest venue information can be found at

When is the San Gennaro Feast?

The San Gennaro Feast takes place twice each year. In 2022 the dates for the feast are May 4-8 and September 21-25.

Who Can Attend the Feast?

Anyone who wants to celebrate Italian heritage can attend! The San Gennaro feast in Las Vegas is a family-friendly event for people of all ages.

How Much Is San Gennaro Las Vegas?

Admission is $15 for anyone aged 16 and up. Kids aged 3-15 have a $5 admission fee. Kids under 3 are free! You can buy tickets here.

The Saint Gennaro Feast Las Vegas is an explosion of Italian culture that’s not to be missed. Enjoy endless ethnic food vendors, amusement rides, arts, crafts, entertainment, and more! This year’s festival is sure to out-do festivals in the past. Join locals and visitors from around the world in one of the best festivals held in Las Vegas.

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