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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Las Vegas attracts thrill-seekers, families, couples, and all sorts of travelers. One thing is for sure– there is something in Las Vegas for everyone. The Adventuredome is one of those places that is fun for all ages. It is an indoor amusement park with a prime location at Circus Circus that spans five acres, with 25 rides and attractions. Here’s all you need to know before you go!

Adventuredome Rides & Attractions

The rides and attractions are the stars at The Adventuredome. Lucky for you, they have thought of everything and have attractions and rides suitable for all ages. Keep in mind that these rides go by height for riding, so some aren’t suitable for younger children.  

Adventuredome Coaster Rides

Yes, even at an indoor theme park, there are roller coaster rides. Riders must be at least 48 inches tall ride the roller coasters at the Adventuredome theme park in Las Vegas, NV. 

Canyon Blaster

Canyon Blaster

Canyon Blaster is the world’s only indoor double-loop, double corkscrew roller coaster that takes riders speeding through The Adventuredome at 55 miles per hour. You’ll be both gasping for breath and letting out the screams. 

El Loco

El Loco

El Loco will make you go el loco with all of the drops, twists, and turns. Riders climb 90 feet before dropping over and under, creating a 1.5 G force. 

Adventuredome Premium Rides

The Adventuredome premium rides are very on-brand for the thrill-seeking qualities of Las Vegas. Adults and families with teenage sons and daughters will love these. 


NebulaZ Ride

NebulaZ is Adventuredome’s newest thrill ride which takes you on an action-packed ride spinning through the air. Riders at least 42 inches tall will catch air and take in the amazing views of The Adventuredome on the NebulaZ.



Disk’O has a new seating style where everyone gets a front-row seat. Take your breath away with Disk’O’s dual spinning/rocking motion. Riders at least 48 inches tall are sure to spin out of control on this Adventuredome ride. 


Feel the G forces like a jet fighter or astronaut with the Inverter. The Inverter has you constantly flipping at high rates of speed which causes riders to feel constant g-force in all 360 degrees. Sorry kids, not all of you will be able to ride this one. You have to be at least 48 inches tall. 


Slingshot takes riders who are at least 48 inches tall and shoots them up with 4G’s of acceleration. It then continues the head rush by bringing riders back down again. You can’t beat the rush or the views of the Slingshot.


Chaos lives up to its name by taking riders who 48 inches tall and up on a thrill ride that is an unpredictable experience. It has three ranges of motion as it whirls you around at high rates of speed, which is total Chaos. 

Lazer Blast

Lazer Blast is a new take on laser tag. Zap other riders 42 inches and up with laser fire as you might be able to run, but you can’t hide.   

Adventuredome Large Rides

The Adventuredome large rides are for those that are a bit taller, but they are also extra fun.

Canyon Cars

Canyon Cars are bumper cars that teach you how not to drive. Riders above 42 inches can ride along for the fun, while those 54 inches tall can take the wheel. Careful, you never know who comes around the corner!

Sand Pirates

Riders at least 48 inches tall can ride alone, but those above 33 inches will have to bring the family to board the out-of-control pirate ship. Hang on for dear life and go on this swinging pirate ship.

Adventuredome Family Rides

Adventuredome Family Rides

Some of Las Vegas isn’t family-friendly, but these family rides at Adventuredome are.

B.C. Bus

Ride the B.C. Bus and enjoy the twists, turns, and hills. You’ll need to bring the whole family unless the little one is more than 36 inches tall. 


Drifters combine a hot air balloon and a Ferris wheel. Climb into the hot air balloon carriage and get gently carried around over the Adventuredome crowd below. Ride alone as long as you are 42 inches tall, or it’s also great for families wanting a fun, gentle experience. 

Circus Carousel

Love animals? Riders at least 42 inches tall can pick their favorite animal and ride around a classic carousel. Those who don’t quite meet the height requirement can still ride with an adult. 

Road Runner

Road Runner is a mini-Himalayan ride taking you through the around, up, and down the slopes on an adventure. Ride alone if you are 42 inches tall, or ride with the whole family. 

Adventuredome Junior Rides

For those juniors under 58 inches, Adventuredome has them covered. 

Frog Hopper

The Frog Hopper is for juniors between 36 and 58 inches tall. The ride experience is exactly as you would expect with the name; you’ll be hopping like a frog, bouncing up and down!


Thunderbirds take you on a flight to play pilot above the Adventuredome crowd. Sitting in a plane reminiscent of the 1920s, riders between 36 and 58 inches tall will feel the freedom of the skies. 

Las Vegas Adventuredome Attractions & Things to Do

In addition to the rides, there is more to The Adventuredome theme park with these awesome attractions and things to do. 

FX Theater 4D Features

4D theaters

The FX Theater has 4D features that will take you on a special effects extravaganza. The two features they offer right now are the Ice Age 4-D: No Time For Nuts, in which you join Scrat, the crazed saber-toothed squirrel, on an adventure through a time machine.

Then there’s Spongebob Squarepants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue, where you face off with Plankton and run through Bikini Bottom to rescue the Jellyfish. Remember that riders must be 33 inches tall to participate with an adult,t or 48 inches tall to go on the adventure alone. 

Extreme Ride Theater

Extreme Ride Theater

The Extreme Ride Theater at The Adventuredome currently has Angry Birds The Ride, which takes on the piggies with all of your favorite characters and classic TNT explosions. 

Bank Heist Laser Challenge

There are two Bank Heist Laser Challenges– Crack The Code and Escape The Vault. Each of these will take you on an adventure through a series of lasers that you’ll have to navigate quickly without breaking the beams. 

Xtreme Zone

The Xtreme Zone has some extreme indoor activities like rock climbing and bungee jumping. Go ahead, test your skills!

Pirates Bounty

Pirates Bounty allows you to hit 18 holes of miniature golf no matter the weather. 


The arcade is filled with video and arcade game thrills with modern games for all ages. 

Midway Games

There is nothing that beats a traditional midway game. These include prize-winning games like mini basketball, balloon bust, darts, and more!


Classic Arcade

The Classic Arcade is an area where you can play your favorite classic arcade games limitlessly all day for one price.

Clown Shows

Circus Circus wouldn’t live up to its name without free clown shows. The revelers have multiple shows every day on the main stage, with additional evening shows on Friday and Saturdays. 

VR Room 

The VR Room is a new virtual reality experience with ten different games that allows you to immerse yourself. There is a game for everyone. 

Adventuredome Neon Nights

The Adventuredome Neon Nights is a special event where all five acres are glowing. Happening after dark every Friday and Saturday night, The Adventuredome takes on a video vibe with neon attractions, midway games, and rides. This is the perfect place to get your glow on and experience the light effects that Las Vegas is known for. 

Groups and Special Events

The Adventuredome is a great place to host your special events with the Canyon Blaster, El Loco Roller Coaster, arcade games, and everything else you expect from theme parks. Like most theme parks, Adventuredome has packages for groups and events. 

One of the most popular packages is their Birthday Party which includes the full party decor, food, drink, dessert, and all-day Adventuredome wristbands for one price. They even have invitations and thank you cards for download. The Adventuredome can host any event from 15-5,000 people and take care of everything from theme and decor to catering and entertainment. 

Here are some of the school events they can host: 

  • Physics Day 
  • Science of Juggling
  • Performing Arts Showcases
  • Fun Day

Don’t be fooled. The Adventuredome is excellent for company events like: 

  • Company picnics
  • Employee Bonding Events
  • Team Building
  • Corporate Entertainment Events

Adventuredome Prices

With so many fun things to do and being located in Las Vegas, you would think that The Adventuredome would cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case. They have two different passes. The one for riders 48 inches and taller is their regular day pass, and one for those under 48 inches, which is their junior day pass for kids. The regular pass is $60, while the junior pass is $30. 


Height Requirements


Regular Voucher

48" Or Taller


Junior Voucher

Under 48" Tall


Anyone over 33 inches must have a ride ticket to enjoy the attractions. You can also take advantage of some discounts, such as the military discount and youth group rates for groups of 15 or more. Experience a Las Vegas theme park without emptying your wallet, and have fun all day!

Circus Circus Adventuredome Hours

  • Daily: 10 am – midnight

Adventuredome Map

The Adventuredome Map at Circus Circus shows both the Main Level and Coaster Level. It features all the rides, arcade, ticket sales, ATMs, restrooms, snack bars, Stroller rental, and Midway game ticket redemption.

Adventuredome Map


How much does it cost to get in the Adventuredome?

It costs absolutely nothing to get in the Adventuredome, but it is $60 for a regular day pass to enjoy the attractions and $30 for a Junior Wristband.

How much are wristbands at Adventuredome?

Wristbands at Adventuredome are $60 for a regular pass and $30 for a junior pass.

How many rides are at the Adventuredome?

There are 25 rides and attractions at The Adventuredome.

Is there a minimum age limit at the Adventuredome?

There is no minimum age limit at the Adventuredome, but many of the rides have a height requirement of at least 33 inches or more.

What is the best attraction at the Adventuredome?

The best attraction at the Adventuredome is the El Loco Roller Coaster!

Las Vegas Adventuredome Theme Park

With five acres of attractions in the heart of Las Vegas, The Adventuredome theme park is a must-do on your next trip. Ride all the rides and get your heart pumping!

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  1. I had a terrible experience with adventure dome at Circus Circus. They basically ruined my daughter‘s seventh birthday. After paying over $1000 for the day which included a $750 party and over $300 in snacks and food for guests. They completely and arbitrarily denied my daughter a full access wristband when she not only met the 48 inch line but exceeded it. One person said she was OK then after speaking with someone who appear to be a teenager they said no sorry. It was heartbreaking; she didn’t even want to stay after that. In addition to completely disappointing my daughter on her seventh birthday they made us wait for a half an hour at will call before anyone even came to assist us being told that the people working there didn’t do parties. The worst or rather the most tacky part and definitely unprofessional was when five other people came in to our party room and even help themselves to refreshments. In my almost 9 years as a parent I’ve never experienced something so tacky and unprofessional at one of my children’s birthday parties. Even our guests could not believe the way that my daughter was being treated and if I could post pictures as I did in both my Google review and myself review you would also see that she clearly met the 48 inch line. I continue to be beyond disgusted with the whole event. In addition to my reviews that I have written on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor I have also reported them to the Better Business Bureau for complete inconsistencies throughout the park. We are a local family my husband and both of my children were born and raised here. It’s sad to see the one theme park in our city treat locals so horribly especially a little girl on her seventh birthday!

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