Axe Throwing at Las Vegas

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

In Sin City, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself. However, one way you might not have thought of yet is with axes. Axe throwing is a relatively new activity to the scene, but it is so much fun. It’s a great thing to do for a date night out or even with the kids.

Don’t worry; there is no axe throwing experience required to participate in a throwing session. And believe it or not, some of them even offer adult beverages to enhance the good time. Let’s take a look at some of the axe-throwing experiences in Las Vegas, NV. 

Axe Throwing Las Vegas, NV

Though none of the axe throwing facilities in Las Vegas are located on the Strip, there are several within a short driving distance. Here are some of the axe-tossing locations around Las Vegas for your next adventure. 

Axe Monkeys

Axe Monkeys

Experience the thrill of lumberjack games with Axe Monkeys in Las Vegas. Their axe throwing experience is great for a fun party, a date night, or even a corporate team-building event. They have one and two-hour axe sessions in 23 indoor throwing lanes that will give you the thrill you seek. 

Axe Monkeys has a mobile axe throwing unit, too, if you would like them to come to your next Las Vegas event. Axe Monkeys is one of the few facilities that doesn’t just limit the experience to axes as they also have spears and knives for you to hurl at some wood. Need to get a little extra anger out? Book their rage room after you throw some axes. 

For groups of four or more, you’ll need to make an online reservation at Axe Monkeys. Prices start at $25 per person, and they accept ages seven and up. 

Dueling Axes 

Dueling Axes

Dueling Axes is located in AREA15 and is one of the newest axe throwing experiences in Las Vegas, NV. They are technology forward and modern with custom music playlists and more. Plus, their 18 throwing lanes are always private, which means that you’ll never have to throw an axe with someone you don’t know. 

Before your experience begins, you and your group will get a one-on-one training and safety session to make sure you have all the tools you need to hit the bullseye. Order food to your lane from any of the restaurants in AREA15 or get a drink from the bar. The servers not only will bring you all the food and beverage you like but also act as a throwing coach in case you need some pointers. 

Feel like splurging? Rent one of the four private VIP throwing lanes that include direct access to the bar, a private server, and some extra special attention. Pricing varies as they are always running specials like an industry night, but no matter the night, be sure to reserve your booth online to ensure availability. 

Sin City Smash

sin city smash

Sin City Smash offers an indoor axe throwing experience, among other activities. Their axe throwing package is an hour long and requires no experience, so it’s great for first-timers. But, participants must be over the age of ten and wear closed-toed shoes. There are four people allowed per throwing lane, which means you can bring the crew. 

This package is $25 per person, but be sure to book your experience online in advance to reserve a lane. In addition to axe throwing, Sin City Smash has smash rooms, splatter paint rooms, and an airsoft range, making it the perfect one-stop shop for date night or even a birthday. 

Axe Throwing in Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown is a great place for accommodations if you don’t want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. Take the fun to the next level while you’re there with axe throwing. There is one right downtown for your convenience. 

Axehole Vegas

Axehole Vegas

Staying downtown? Have some beer and throw axes for some fun you won’t forget at Axehole Vegas. They are licensed to sell beer and coolers to accompany your good time. Don’t forget to get a photo because Axehole has more than just axes to throw. 

Try your hand at a throwing star, metal cards, spears, and even shovels. Their basic package starting at $35 per person includes one hour of axe throwing, games, and trick shot coaching. Their VIP AXExperience package includes a one-hour session with additional weapon options for $47 per person. 

It is important to note that Axehole is more hands-on in their training in which an attendant leads games, gives pointers, and teaches you all you need to know. Ages seven and up are welcome. Like some of the other axe throwing facilities, they also have a smash room for your enjoyment if axe throwing just isn’t enough.


Do you have to be 18 to AXE throw?

No, many axe throwing facilities allow those under 18 as long as a parent or guardian is present. It’s always best to check with the location just to make sure before making your reservations.

Is hatchet-throwing dangerous?

Hatchet throwing can be dangerous, but the danger level can be minimized when done in a facility following safety protocols. We highly recommend choosing a location that offers some training by their staff if it’s your first time.

What kind of wood is best for AXE throwing?

The best kind of wood for axe throwing is a durable wood that will hold up over time, like pine, which most axe throwing facilities use.

Unleash A New Type of Fun

When it comes to Las Vegas, fun is not in short supply. Add axe throwing to your to-do list for your next trip to Las Vegas, NV. You are sure to find a good time and unlock your secret Viking and lumberjack powers. Happy throwing!

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