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Last Updated on August 6, 2022

Area 15, one of the newest attractions in Las Vegas, is a massive warehouse entertainment complex that combines extraordinary sensory experiences with shopping, monumental art installations, delicious food, groundbreaking technology, and more. In a city like Las Vegas, where you think it has all been done, Area 15 comes along with something new to challenge your senses with more than just a little bit of something for everyone. 

What is Area 15?

Area 15 is a massive entertainment complex that’s located mere minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. When you first arrive at Area 15, you might not know what to expect. Nestled in a large warehouse-style building, Area 15 is both unassuming and intriguing at once. You might get the feeling that you’re about to enter some sort of arena, but inside is a unique experience that you’ll never forget. 

The entire complex of Area 15 is designed to be experience-driven. It feels a little futuristic as if you’re walking in through the portal into another world. What you’ll find is a unique collection of activities and venues featuring ground-breaking technology, along with art installations, innovative eats, cool places to grab a drink, unique retail therapy opportunities, event space, and so much more to explore. 

Area 15 Las Vegas is someplace you can easily get lost in for hours. Don’t show up here thinking that you’ll kill an hour of time. You’ll find yourself so intrigued, or even mesmerized, that you’ll easily lose track of time. 

Area 15 is also family-friendly during the day, making it a great spot for adults, kids, and teens of all ages. At night, Area 15 turns into an adult-only venue where the over 21 crowds can play to their heart’s content. 

There’s so much to see and do at Area 15 Las Vegas. We’ve put together this cheat sheet to help you plan your visit before you go. 

Things To Do in Area 15

Omega Mart Meow Wolf

omega mart

Omega Mart is one of the newest interactive art experiences from the famous art collective known as Meow Wolf. This family-friendly venue combines the work of local and global artists and brings a surreal world to life right before your eyes. 

Visitors of all ages will enjoy the immersive, playful, and engaging art, all designed to lead you through a supermarket into other worlds. There’s a surprise lurking around every corner at what is quickly becoming one of the most popular art displays in Las Vegas. 


birdly flight simulator

Birdly is a virtual reality experience that has you strapping on your avian wings and floating through the air with a birds-eye view of various worlds. Participants are strapped onto the Birdly machine, which features wings that move as you float through the virtual air. Although you never actually soar into clouds, the virtual reality gear combined with the wind blowing through your hair gives you the feeling of flying among our feathered friends. 

Explore everything from New York City to prehistoric worlds with your VR bird wings. Spectators on the ground are able to view your VR experience from a large screen, so you can share your experience with others. 

Birdly is designed for a single person, and all guests must be at least 48 inches tall and weigh less than 395 lbs. Also, don’t drink and fly – anyone who appears intoxicated will not be allowed to play. 


area15 brainstorm

Do you believe that it’s possible to read someone’s mind? What if we were to tell you that Brainstorm at Area 15 is a magical mind-reading experience that will leave you full of wonder and awe? 

Brainstorm interacts with your movements, your touch, and your emotions, using them to read your thoughts and feelings. Because Brainstorm reacts to each person in real-time, each experience is unique, and you never get quite the same experience twice. Brainstorm is a fun, interactive activity that’s suitable for all ages, and each experience lasts about 2-3 minutes. 

Dueling Axes

dueling axes

Ax throwing is an activity that’s exploding in popularity right now. Imagine tossing axes, working off a little energy (or maybe aggression), and having a great time with friends or family while doing it. Dueling Axes offers 18 lanes of ax throwing adventure for up to six people. Somebody in your group thinks they can throw better than you? Tell them to kiss your ax!

There’s also a full-service bar at Dueling Axes, and late at night, the axes are put away, and the entire venue turns into an open seating cocktail lounge with a menu of signature cocktails to enjoy. 

Emporium Arcade

emporium arcade

The Emporium Arcade is the spot in Area 15 Las Vegas where you can go to indulge your inner gaming child. The adult-only (meaning you must be 21+ and have a valid ID to prove it) arcade features everything from classic arcade games and pool tables to the newest arcade games available. 

The Emporium Arcade also features a bar menu of draft beer, bottles and cans, house-made draft cocktails, and spirits. 

Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf

Do you love taking to the green for 18 holes? Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, and other times, it’s the wallet that says “no.” Five Iron Golf in Area 15 has a dual purpose. First, to make the wonderful world of golf accessible to offer, and the second is to encourage guests to relax and have a great time. 

Five Iron Golf features industry-leading golf simulators and has a staff of teaching professionals that will help you perfect your game. Play a little golf, enjoy a cocktail at the full bar, and even compete in simulator tournaments. 

Haley’s Comet Zipline

Haley’s Comet Zipline

Haley’s Comet Zipline is one of the most unique zipline experiences in the world. The way it’s designed leaves you feeling like you’re zip line and free-falling both at the same time. At this zip line, you’re suspended roller coaster style from roll gliders as you soar through the air of the Area 15 entertainment complex. There’s even a parallel track so that you can race a friend along this adrenaline-pumping journey. 

Museum Fiasco

museum fiasco

Museum Fiasco presents Custer, a fully immersive audiovisual experience that places you in a world where you can experience the relationship between perception, time, and space. The art installation is a choreographed light and sound masterpiece that feels like a psychic journey or otherworldly. 

The show itself is only about 12 minutes, but it feels much longer because of how immersive and sensory-stimulating it is. Due to flashing lights and loud sounds, visitors who are sensitivities to these stimuli types are advised not to attend. 

Oz Experience

oz experience

The Oz Experience is a group VR gaming experience that you don’t want to miss. The Oz Experience is coined as being the frontier of VR, with several VR experiences to take you through the portal to new, action-packed worlds. 

There are multiple options for gameplay. You can choose the virtual reality experience that’s perfect for you. Experiences are designed for 2-4 players, with some being for mature audiences and others being friendly for all ages. 

Particle Quest


Particle Quest is an augmented reality experience that takes you through a world of nano-particle to other mesmerizing realms filled with art and architecture. Part art installation and part immersive experience, there are secrets to discover as you travel through a sort of AR scavenger hunt uncovering mysterious bits, including the origins of Area 15 Las Vegas. 

Virtualis VR

Virtualis VR

Virtualis VR is among the largest, fully untethered, free-roam virtual reality experiences in the world. Experiences range from exploration and puzzle-solving to combat themes. At Virtualis VR, you take part in 25 minutes of unforgettable VR gameplay. 

Their technology includes 4D effects, foot trackers, full haptic, state-of-the-art audio, a 4K headset, and a full VR pack. Each experience accommodates a different sized group of people from 2-8 depending on the theme and style of gameplay. Grab your friends and choose your own adventure for this free roam VR experience. 

Wink World

wink world

Wink World is an art experience created by the imagination of Chris Wink. Travel through the experience and enter through six portals taking you through a journey of infinity mirror rooms. Each room is a mesmerizing, intoxicating art installation of light, sound, and motion. 

The Wink World experience lasts about 15 minutes as you travel through the portals. Younger guests also enjoy the opportunity to travel through special portals designed just for them. This is a family-friendly venue, but anyone sensitive to flashing lights will want to sit this one out. 

Lost Spirits Distillery

lost spirits distillery

Lost Spirits Distillery is considered one of the top distillery experiences in the world. Take a tour through surreal worlds, sampling exquisitely distilled spirits as you move from one themed tasting room to another. Coined as the Willy Wonka factory of booze and the Disneyland of liquor, this award-winning distillery offers a tour and tasting experience like none other. 

Explore the tasting rooms, each created from the imagination with the influence of classic literature. It almost feels as though you’ve traveled through the Looking Glass and entered another realm. Be on the lookout for secret tasting rooms and prepare to leave a little tipsy. Lost Spirits Distillery is a 21 and over only venue. 



Illuminarium is considered the next generation of immersive experience in Las Vegas. Explore with wonder as you’re surrounded by an ever-changing landscape that draws you into other worlds through the use of fully immersive digital art. 

Themes range from the wonders of the natural world to cultural experience, each one leaving you feeling changed in ways you can’t imagine. 

Van Gogh Immersive Experience

van gogh immersive experience

Has your experience with Van Gogh been limited to poster prints of the Starry Night or Apple Blossoms? Step into the Van Gogh Immersive Experience, and your perception of the world-famous artist will never be the same. 

Experience the art through 360-degree projections and VR technology, where you can fully immerse yourself into the worlds of the famous painting. The Van Gogh Experience is suitable for all ages. 

Wild Muse 

wild muse

Wild Muse is one of the major retail locations in Area 15. Far from your ordinary store, Wild Muse beckons you inside with festival-inspired artwork and a boutique filled with one-of-a-kind goods. Look for their sustainable apparel, eco-friendly health and wellness products, and more from both local and global artists and creators. At the Wild Muse boutique, you’re encouraged to be your unique, wonderful self. 

Area 15 Restaurants

The Beast Restaurant

The Beast Restaurant

The Beast food hall isn’t your typical food court. Created by the imagination and culinary genius of chef Todd English, the Beast offers small-scale, artisan food counters where you can find delicious eats for everyone, including the pickiest eater in your group. 

Selections at the Beast include Belly of the Beast Pizza, Korean Corn Dog, The Beast Burger, Space Tacos, the Beast Breath Smokehouse, and Sweet Street for Dessert. There’s also a kids’ menu of tried and trues that the littles will enjoy. 

Oddwood Bar

oddwood bar

Imagine sitting under a large tree, sipping on a cocktail. Sounds serene, doesn’t it? Now imagine that the tree is a massive digital Maple tree that’s lit up in a rainbow of colors with more than 50,000 individually programmed LED lights. Our money says this dramatically changes the mental scenery. 

As you sit underneath the 5,000 leaves that are perched among the lit branches, you can enjoy a vibrant collection of cocktails that only match the beauty and surrealness of the environment. 

Rocket Fizz

rocket fizz

Rocket Fizz is a hard-core candy shop – the kind that almost makes your teeth hurt just by walking in. There’s no point in even entering unless you can handle your candy. There’s also a crazy collection of micro-brewed sodas with laugh-to-cry flavors and saltwater taffy that comes in every flavor imaginable. 

Emack & Bolio’s

emack bolios

Emack & Bolio’s is THE place in Las Vegas to cure your craving for otherworldly ice cream. Stack your scoops up high at this iconic spot made famous by the rock-n-rollers of the world. Flavors like the Deep Purple Chip, Space Cake, and Trippin on Espresso are among the favorites, but we’re sure you’ll come up with a personal favorite combination of your own. 

Emack & Bolio’s also offers vegan ice creams, sorbet, and chocolates. We promise your sweet tooth will be satisfied. 

Area 15 Hours

Area 15 Hours

Area 15 Las Vegas is currently open Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am, and from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am Tuesday – Thursday. Fridays Area 15 is open from 12:00 pm to 2:00 am. On Saturday Area 15 hours are from 10:00 am – 2:00 am, and Sunday from 10:00 am – midnight. Area 15 keeps long hours so that thrill-seeking adventurers can experience extraordinary design elements, immersive activations, artistic wonders, events, and more. 

One thing to note is that Area 15 has a general admission policy for all ages until 10 pm. After that, Area 15 becomes an adult-only venue where a valid ID that shows you’re at least 21 years of age is required for admission and access to all the wonders inside. 

Area 15 Tickets 

Currently, Area 15 requires you to purchase tickets to reserve a time slot at the venue. This is to control the crowds and allow for ample social distancing during your visit. Their policy may change in the future, so it’s always smart to check their site online. 

Currently, Area 15 general admission tickets are free of charge during the day. After 10 pm, when only adults are allowed, admission costs $15 at the door, with a discount if you purchase the tickets in advance. Once you’re inside, the different attractions and events may charge an additional fee, although a walk through Area 15 is completely free. Prices for attractions vary, and it’s always smart to purchase tickets online ahead of time. 

Location and Map

Area 15 has a prime location just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. You can find the Area 15 warehouse at 3215 South Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV. There’s ample parking, but if you’re planning on visiting one of the adult venues that serve cocktails, it’s advised that you consider other forms of transportation rather than driving your own car. 

Experience Something New at Area 15 Las Vegas 

Area 15 has something for everyone, from Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart to out-of-this-world art pieces and sweet shops that sell homemade fudge and ice cream. This is the hot spot for modern-day thrill-seeking adventurers who are looking for a Mad Max-style environment. Wear comfortable shoes and bring an open mind, because this will be an experience you won’t soon forget. 

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