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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Las Vegas is a city of magic with a new experience around every corner. If you are looking for some truly stunning art and a bit of fun on your Las Vegas vacation, you won’t have to look very hard. Area15 has created an immersive entertainment complex with plenty of things for thrill-seekers, art enthusiasts, and foodies alike. One of the popular exhibits includes Museum Fiasco, an immersive audiovisual installation. 

Museum Fiasco, with rotating exhibits created by Playmodes Studio, is not to be missed while in Las Vegas. Here’s everything you need to know before you go. 

Museum Fiasco Las Vegas Experience

Museum Fiasco opened in November of 2020 as the first Kunsthalle-style museum in Las Vegas. It is a non-collection-based museum that has rotating exhibits that utilize immersive sound, fog, and well-timed lighting to distort perception and play with time and space. 

The space is a 5,000 square foot mirror box that utilizes light instruments, sound waves, vibrations, music, and oscillations to give visitors quite the show.  

The current exhibit is Cluster, created by Playmodes Studio. Playmodes Studio will run its exhibit through 2022. 

Cluster is divided into three chapters called Kernal, Railwave, and Stellar for a total show that lasts about twelve minutes.

Kernal oscillates lights in harmony with a symphony on a 360-degree stage. During this chapter, the sound begins with taps and pulses that graduate to an overwhelming cacophony while light stretches and fades to eventual blackness. How you experience Kernal is up to you. Stake a claim and stand still, sway, or change your position and see how your position shifts your senses. 

The next chapter is Railwave which transports you without movement on a futuristic trip with abstract landscapes. Ride a train going nowhere and everywhere at the same time. You’ll find a new world with every change in pitch and crescendo. Lights will show you the landscapes, and the sound will guide the way.

Closing out the show is Stellar, a cosmic journey as hinted at by the name. It is a captivating show with intense visual-sonic sequences. Explore the interstellar world zooming through the intricacies of space, planets, comets, nebulae, and other worlds before landing back on Earth. 

Explore a psychic journey of abstract geometry with futuristic exhibits at Museum Fiasco like Cluster. 


Museum Fiasco Las Vegas Experience

This attraction does have strobe lighting effects, fog, and loud sounds. Therefore, any guests who are sensitive to flashing lights, fog, or loud noises are highly encouraged to refrain from participating. 

Tickets & Pricing

Pricing for Museum Fiasco is divided into adult and children pricing. 

Children are considered those twelve and under but are only allowed into Area 15 until 10 p.m. Afterwards, the venue only allows guests 21 and older. 

Adult tickets cost about $15, while children’s tickets are only around $5. 

Tickets are sold in one-hour time slots for check-in to limit the number of people in the attraction at a time for the best experience. 


Museum Fiasco is located within Area15, which is a short two-mile drive from the Strip at 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV. Once you arrive at Area 15, Museum Fiasco can be found on Level 2 next to Wink World


Here are the most frequently asked questions about Museum Fiasco at Area15 Las Vegas. 

How much is Museum Fiasco?

Museum Fiasco is approximately $15 per adult and $5 per child twelve and under.

How long is Museum Fiasco?

Museum Fiasco is about twelve minutes long.

Discover Audio Visual Exhibits in Las Vegas

Cluster is all about using technology to explore relationships between light, sound, space, sense, and perception. Visitors to the Cluster exhibit at Museum Fiasco in Area15 discover a new perception of what life and art can be. 

Don’t miss the creativity of Cluster at Museum Fiasco in Area15 Las Vegas. Visit one of the only non-collection-based museum exhibits in Las Vegas and immerse yourself in the loud sounds and light.

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