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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Las Vegas has been a tourist destination for decades, but one of the reasons it has sustained its popularity is because the area continues to grow and push the envelope more than a little bit when it comes to attractions. Area 15 is a recently built space that embodies the principle of innovation, with the Oz Experience and Ride being among the highlights. The Oz Experience takes virtual reality to new heights. 

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Oz Experience before you go.

What is Oz Experience?

The OZ Experience blends the line between virtual and reality with a futuristic take on VR that creates an immersive experience you haven’t seen before. They take a different approach to gaming. At the OZ Experience at Area 15, you’ll join friends and jump on Eclipse II to be the hero of a space mission. 

Participate in a 35 minute VR adventure with two, three, or four players. Players are split into two teams called Ranger Team and Support Team. Explore multiple locations like the cockpit, hangars, spacewalk, and oxygen garden. 

Each team works together to solve the mystery, navigate through obstacles, and travel safely back to earth. However, there are two stories with three possible endings, which means you never know what is going to happen. 

Players can expect full-body avatars, 4D effects, and a free roam game space set in space with high-end graphics. 

Oz Ride

In addition to Eclipse, which has full-body avatars, guests can also choose between Far Reach and Birdy King Land. These are the Oz Rides and are a 3 or 4 minute seated VR experience with 3D graphics. 

Far Reach is a space adventure looking for hope for mankind. Birdy King Land is an animated chase to get Birdy, who stole your burger. 

Each of these is suitable for all ages and takes place in a sensory chair with a VR headset that produces top-notch graphics.


Oz Experience Height Restriction

Experience Oz Eclipse is rated for mature audiences only as it may be frightening for small children. Additionally, participants who are late or under the influence will not be able to participate. Though the Eclipse can be played with just two players, it is important to note that four players are recommended. 

The Oz Ride has fewer restrictions than Eclipse. The only two restrictions are that participants may not be under the influence and must be at least 48 inches in height.





Adult (21+)

9pm to Midnight


Senior, Local and Military (21+)

9pm to Midnight


Pricing is different for both the Eclipse Oz Experience and the Oz Ride. Eclipse pricing is about $100 per ticket. 

The Oz Ride costs just over $13 for adults, but seniors over 65 years of age get $1.50 off, and children twelve and under receive a discount of almost $3. Guests can also get a combo ticket which includes Oz Immersive and Oz Ride, for about $110. 


The group sells the tickets for Eclipse, so the pricing is good for two to four people. This means that the group can split the price making it more affordable. 

However, the tickets for Oz Ride are individual and can only be redeemed for one of the two experiences, either Birdy King Land or Far Reach. Both attractions are ticketed in time slots, so keep in mind there are only limited tickets at any given time. 


Experience Oz at Area 15, just a short two-mile drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Once you have arrived at Area 15, you can find the Oz Experience in the Spine on Level 1 in between Dueling Axes and The Beast by Todd English. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Oz Experience.

What’s Experience Oz?

Experience Oz is a virtual reality experience at Area 15 that simulates an adaptive game arena.

How do I redeem my Experience Oz points?

Redeem your Experience Oz points through your Experience Oz account.

Discover A New Take on Virtual Reality

Quit shooting zombies in low-quality games and. Instead, complete missions and explore a new world with the future of VR. Visit Area 15 and hop on the Oz Experience or Ride. Don’t forget to check out all of the other activities while you are there, too. There’s plenty to do, eat, and see!

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