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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Area 15 is a collaborative venture in Las Vegas that brings together a growing collection of unique retail, restaurants, event space for live events, art installations, and several attractions utilizing groundbreaking technology. Brainstorm is one of the popular attractions at Area 15, bringing a fun, immersive experience to Las Vegas, NV. 

Brainstorm Experience

If you’re fascinated with the possibility of having your mind read, Brainstorm is an experience that is not one to miss. Walk up to the Brainstorm portal, and through your touch alone, you interact with Brainstorm as it performs what genuinely feels like mind-reading magic. 

The attraction knows what you’re thinking and lights up Brainstorm’s reaction centers in response. Engage, move, touch, and interact with Brainstorm and it will react to your thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams, creating a response pattern that is unique to you at that very moment. 

There are nearly infinite response patterns, which means Brainstorm never delivers the same experience twice. Just like a real brain, Brainstorm is always evolving and reacting to new stimuli. This is truly an attraction that is fun for all ages. 



Though general admission to Area 15 is free, some of the attractions have an additional fee. Brainstorm is one of the least expensive attractions at Area 15, with adult pricing coming in around $5 per ticket. 

Children 12 and under receive $2 off, and seniors ages 65 and older receive a dollar off. 

However, it is important to note that Area 15 is kid-friendly until 10 p.m., but afterward, it becomes 21+.

Ticket Information

Tickets are sold in two time slots, those to be redeemed before 10 p.m. and tickets for after 10 p.m. This is because children’s tickets are only sold before 10 p.m. due to the age requirement mentioned above. Additionally, the tickets do not guarantee immediate entry into the attraction as participants are served in a queue. 


Area 15 is located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, it is only about two miles west. Once at Area 15, you can find Brainstorm in the Spine, which is on Level 1. Brainstorm is situated between Particle Quest, an interactive AR experience, and Kappa Toys, a classic toy store.

Other Attractions at Area 15 Las Vegas, NV

Brainstorm is one of a kind with its mind-blowing immersive activations, but there are several other things to do at Area 15 while you’re there. 

Try one of the dining options like The Beast food hall by James Beard Award winner Todd English, visit the candy shop, take a tour of Lost Spirits Distillery, get ice cream at Emack and Bolio’s, or put on your Particle Quest mask and discover augmented reality. 

There is also Wink World which is a psychedelic art house consisting of six infinity mirror rooms designed by Chris Wink, the Chief Creative Officer of Blue Man Group, monumental art installations, industry-leading golf simulators at Five Iron Golf, ax throwing at Dueling Axes, a cocktail bar, the mind-bending Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, Haley’s Comet which is a dual-track zipline, and much more. 


How long is Brainstorm Area 15?

Each interaction at Brainstorm in Area 15 is about two minutes long.

How does Brainstorm in Las Vegas know what you are thinking?

Though we can hypothesize about how Brainstorm knows what you are thinking, only its creators know for sure, and they have taken a vow of secrecy!

Light Up Brainstorm’s Reaction Centers

Between the extraordinary design elements and nearly infinite response patterns, Brainstorm at Area 15 in Las Vegas, NV is not to be missed. Visually see how you are thinking, feeling, and dreaming when you light up the reaction centers. 

Then once you have had the thrill, check out another one at Museum Fiasco, Wink World, or one of the other immersive entertainment installations at Area 15 in Las Vegas, NV.

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