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Last Updated on March 20, 2022

Area 15 is a new entertainment district in Las Vegas that is testing the boundaries of perception and imagination with a collection of immersive experiences and monumental art installations, unlike anything you’ve seen before. The massive entertainment complex is taking Las Vegas by storm with things to do, museums to explore, thrills, adventure, shopping, food, and more. 

An Entire District of Immersive Experiences 

The Area 15 entertainment complex is housed in a massive warehouse-style building a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip. From the outside, Area 15 has an appearance that’s drastically different from the lights and glitz you’ll find on the Strip. It’s modern but also a bit unassuming looking. The entrance looks a little like a portal into another world, which it actually is. 

Inside Area 15, you’ll find all types of things to do, many of them family-friendly. That said, Area 15 does turn into a 21 and older only venue once the clock strikes 10 pm, so keep this in mind if you’re traveling with your family or if you’re looking for more of an adult-only experience, 

Things to Do at Area 15 Las Vegas 

There’s no shortage of things to do inside of Area 15 for people of all ages. Those who appreciate modern art and technology will enjoy the purpose-built experiential art combined with groundbreaking technology. You can find artistically inspired experiences at the Van Gogh Experience, Museum Fiasco, and Wink World. Keep in mind that these aren’t your ordinary museum-type experiences but rather journeys into other mesmerizing realms. 

Speaking of other mesmerizing realms, Area15 Las Vegas is where you can also find several VR/AR experiences. Load up with VR gear and explore the worlds at Virtualis virtual reality experience, or fly through the skies like our feathered friends via the completely immersive VR journey at Birdly

While at Area 15, you also don’t want to miss the key anchor experience of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Omega Mart is part museum, part adventure, and part journey into portals of another world as you solve devious mysteries. Omega Mart is created with extraordinary design elements that start out as feeling real, then quickly lead to the fantastical. Omega Mart is great fun for all ages. 

If you’re the thrill-seeking type, don’t worry. Area 15 has something for you too. Fly through the air on Haley’s Comet Zip line, which is an awesome combination of hang-gliding, roller-coastering, and the sensation of free-falling. If you have some aggression to work out, Dueling Axes is one of the best ax-throwing attractions in Las Vegas. There’s also a completely adult arcade, unique retail, and lots of immersive activations for you to wander around and explore. 

Yes, There Are Nibbles and Drinks at Area 15 Las Vegas

Of course, there are some great eats at Area 15 too. One of the best culinary experiences is the Beast Food Hall, which is unlike any food court you’ve seen before. Created at the hands of chef Todd English and features boutique-style food stalls rather than the typical chain fast food establishments you see at most food courts. 

Those with a sweet tooth will want to visit the ice cream shop at Emack & Bolios, or Rocket Fizz, which is a candy shop with otherworldly confections. Visitors who are over the age of 21 will want to check out Oddwood Bar for cocktails and adventures under a digital forest.  Dueling Axes also puts away the weapons at night and transforms into a cocktail lounge that’s perfect for conversation with friends. 

Whether it’s a craft burger, gourmet ice cream, or cocktails filled with wonder, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy your appetite and thirst at Area 15. 

Location & Admission Details 

Area 15 is located just a short distance from the Las Vegas Strip, on 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV. If you’re staying somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip, Area 15 is pretty easy to get to. It’s also located about five miles from the Fremont Experience if you’re staying in Downtown Las Vegas. 

Area 15 Las Vegas keeps long hours, opening between 10 am and noon each day. They’re open late too, which is great for late-night Vegas adventurers who are looking for a little fun. After 10 pm, only adults with a valid ID to prove they are at least 21 years of age are allowed into Area 15. 

General admission tickets into Area 15 are free, but you still need to reserve your spot ahead of time online. This allows Area 15 to control capacity and make sure that you have access to all of the great attractions you want to see. Individual attractions inside Area 15 may require you to purchase a ticket to attend. After 10 pm, there’s a small entrance fee. 

Experience a World of Light and Sound at Area 15 Las Vegas

Located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Area 15 brings art and creativity to life in a way that exceeds your expectations. Plan on spending the day and prepared to be wowed by what you find inside the Area 15 warehouse. 

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  1. I planned a birthday celebration for my fiancé at Area 15 for June 4th. The morning of I received a phone call stating there was a problem with my tickets. By the time I reached a human, it was 2 hours prior to my arrival time. I was told my tickets were cancelled because someone had bought the venue out. Read: We don’t honor our tickets if someone with more money than you makes us an offer. It left me scrambling for another place to hold a birthday party. We ended up going to an overpriced, mediocre restaurant with a 50 minute wait–when so much planning went into coordinating the birthday event at Area 15. I asked for a manager to call me…nothing. So the management doesn’t even want to make it right. Seems like they could afford to spend some of that “venue has been bought out” money for a few free tickets to make up a birthday disaster caused by their negligence and lack of scheduling skills.

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