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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Axe throwing has become a popular attraction in recent years. There has been a rise in ax-throwing bars and facilities likely because it is fun, thrilling, and easy to learn. 

Whether you are looking to get some aggression out, pretend you are a Viking, or just want something different to do, throwing a few axes is just may be the answer. 

Dueling Axes at Area15 is a premier ax-throwing venue in Las Vegas. With an ultra-modern atmosphere, a tailored music selection, eight throwing lanes, great customer service, and a cocktail lounge area to watch in between turns, Dueling Axes is the perfect date night, corporate function, or group hangout in Las Vegas. 

Let’s take a look at what Dueling Axes has to offer and everything you need to know before you go. 

Dueling Axes Experience Details

Unlike with other axe-throwing companies, which will pair you with random people if you don’t have enough in your group to fill a lane, Dueling Axes will never place you with anyone that you don’t know. 

When you arrive for your reservation, you’ll want to get there about 15 minutes early in order to go through safety training and one-on-one coaching with the staff. They will go over the rules and give you some throwing tips and tricks. 

Once your reservation begins, you’ll have uninterrupted time to take turns with friends or family and compete in several gameplay options. This means that you don’t have to just see who can hit the bullseye; there are games with various ways to play and technology-driven scoring. You’ll find gameplay options and the scoring on a tablet located at every lane. 

Your coach will also be your server to order drinks throughout your throwing time. There is a full bar to order from, and food can be delivered from any eatery within Area15. 

The staff will be available as much or as little as you’d like, so if you have any questions, you’ll always have someone around to help. 

VIP Treatment

If you are looking to live the Las Vegas high roller lifestyle, Dueling Axes has you covered. The private VIP Room can host up to 24 people on four secluded throwing lanes. 


You also get direct access to the bar and dedicated servers with the VIP Room. The VIP room also serves as a private party room, perfect for events like birthdays, engagements, and more. 

Safety Measures

To ensure that guests have a great time and nothing goes wrong, Dueling Axes has several safety measures in place. The biggest safety measure is that they do a safety briefing and training prior to your session. 

They also require closed-toe shoes and no high heels to protect guests in case of dropping the ax or twisting an ankle. 

Children are also welcome, though it is recommended that they be at least 10-11 years old in order to participate safely. Adult supervision is required for anyone under the age of 18.

Pricing and Tickets

The pricing for Dueling Axes is broken down into group sizes, VIP, and discounted nights. Here are the approximate prices you can expect for each. 

Of course, in addition to the groups listed below, keep in mind that full facility rentals are also available, for which pricing can be found on the official website.

Small Groups

Small groups are up to six participants on three or fewer throwing lanes. Small group pricing is around $35 per person per one-hour reservation and $59 per person per two-hour reservation. You can expect a bit of an upcharge in pricing during peak times. 

Large Groups

Large groups are considered 13 or more people on at least four lanes. The pricing for a large group is per lane, coming in at just above $360 for a two-hour reservation and about $500 for a three-hour reservation. Like with small groups, there is an extra fee during peak hours. 

VIP Room

The VIP Room which we went over earlier, can be split between 24 people but does cost around $800 per hour for the whole experience. During busy times, there is an extra fee per hour. 

Specials & Discounts

If you are looking for a good deal, Dueling Axes has several specials and discounts that you may qualify for. They always offer a 20% Locals, Military, and EMS discount with ID for validation purposes. 

Additionally, Wednesday night is Ladies Night, and Monday is Industry Night. Find detailed pricing resources on the official Dueling Axes Las Vegas website for more information. 


Dueling Axes is located in Area15, just a short two-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Once inside Area15, you can find Dueling Axes on Level 1 in the Spine between Oz Experience and Makers & Finders. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about ax-throwing. Don’t worry. We have the answers!

How much space do you need for axe-throwing?

Though ax-throwing lanes vary in space, you need about a 6×24 foot space for an axe-throwing lane.

Do people get hurt at axe-throwing?

There are a lot of safety measures in place at ax-throwing facilities, so people do not often get hurt while ax throwing. Dueling Axes in Las Vegas has never had an injury.

How much does it cost to ax throw?

Every facility has different pricing, but at Dueling Axes in Las Vegas, it costs around $35 per person per hour, give or take, depending on the time.

Is there money in axe-throwing?

Ax throwing venues can be quite profitable, but of course, in every business, there is always a risk. 

Unleash Your Primal Desires at Dueling Axes Las Vegas

Whether you are going to AREA15 for the coffee bar, food, live events, or one of the many art installations, book an hour session at Dueling Axes and hang out in their cocktail lounge. They have done a great job curating a fun environment that you don’t see everywhere. 

Dueling Axes Las Vegas is not to be missed on your next trip.

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