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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Las Vegas is perfect for those looking for a thrilling vacation. There are several thrill rides in the Vegas area and more opening all the time. One current favorite is Haley’s Comet Dual Zip Line at Area15.

Haley’s Comet Zip Line Experience

Haley’s Comet is a personal thrill ride that combines the feeling of free-falling, hang-gliding, zip-lining, and a roller coaster into one. It’s called a roll-glider and is the first electric, dual-track indoor zipline coaster ride in the United States. 

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Two parallel steel tracks are suspended above The Spine, the nerve center of Area15, and riders get to fly around and see the immersive experience of Area15 from above.

Participants are strapped into a harness attached to an electric trolley and fitted with safety equipment like gloves and a helmet before being sent off to get a thrilling scenic ride full of light and sound. Because of the parallel tracks, you can even strap in and race your friend!


Though Area15 has free admission, add-on experiences like riding the Haley’s Comet attraction are an additional fee. Ticket pricing is divided into adults, children, and seniors with kids including those 12 and under and seniors qualifying as people 65 and older. Adult tickets are just under $20. Kids are about $6 off, and seniors get a discount of around $2. 



Adult (13+)


Child, Senior, Local and Military


In Area15, children are only allowed in before 10 p.m. because the entrance requirement becomes 21+ after 10 p.m. 

One thing to note about tickets for this attraction is that they are sold in 15-minute time frames with only 10 tickets available in each time slot. This reduces wait times, but it is important to remember that your time frame doesn’t guarantee immediate boarding. Your scheduled time simply grants you access to the line, so there may be an additional wait. 

Dual Zip Line Restrictions

Due to safety concerns, a few restrictions must be followed to participate in this attraction. 

Firstly, there are height and weight minimums and maximums. As far as height is concerned, riders must be at least 54 inches tall but may not exceed 77 inches. The minimum weight to participate is 80 pounds, and riders cannot exceed a weight of 265 pounds. Because the height and weight are vital for safety on this attraction, guests may be asked to verify their height and weight when they check-in, so don’t be surprised if you are asked. 

Additionally, the zipline is wheelchair accessible; however, participants must be able to transfer to the harness and follow all safety protocols. 

Finally, riders cannot be under the influence, so if you are going to get a drink at Oddwood Bar or Lost Spirits Distillery, plan to see the wonder of Haley’s Comet beforehand.



Adult (13+)


Child, Senior, Local and Military


Haley’s Comet Location

The Haley’s Comet attraction is inside Area15, located at 3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV. It is a short drive west of the Las Vegas Strip, just on the other side of Interstate 15. 

Once inside Area15 Las Vegas, Haley’s Comet can be found above Makers and Finders in “the spine.” It is accessed on Level 2 near Museum Fiasco and Wink World.

Other Activities at Area15

Area15 is an immersive playground with everything from the Emporium, that’s part arcade and part bar, and then there’s Wink World, a carnival funhouse and psychedelic exhibit created by Chris Wink, the Chief Creative Officer of Blue Man Group. 

Eat delicious food at The Beast by Todd English, shop at Wild Muse Boutique, explore art installations from burning man, discover a portal to an alternative universe at Omega Mart, take part in Particle Quest, an AR experience, flight simulator like Birdly, get sweet treats at Rocket Fizz, or throw an ax at Dueling Axes. 

You can also find art installations, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and virtual reality experiences. Area15 also serves as both an indoor and outdoor event space perfect for hosting any party or event in Sin City.  


Here are a couple of the most frequently asked questions about Haley’s Comet. 

Is Haley’s Comet at Area15 safe?

Haley’s Comet zipline is safe as several safety protocols exist, such as rider restrictions, trolley and track sensors, and an industrial safety lock system.

How long is Haley’s Comet zip line?

Haley’s Comet zipline at Area15 in Las Vegas is 584 feet of fun that goes in a loop with a maximum speed of a little over 10 feet per second.

Zip Through Area15 Las Vegas

Soar, zip, and glide through the immersive entertainment section of Area15. Discover the amazing things this space has to offer from above and expect to be thrilled. Add Haley’s Comet to your to-do list for any upcoming trips to Las Vegas!

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