Bellagio Pool: Hours, Cabana, Map & Drink Menu

Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Bellagio Las Vegas is known for many things, including the iconic Bellagio fountains, amazing restaurants, and a gorgeous casino. Even with all of this, it would be remiss not to add Bellagio Las Vegas pools to the resort’s main attractions. 

Bellagio Pool: Hours, Cabana, Map & Drink Menu

The Bellagio Las Vegas offers a sprawling pool complex with five pools and a relaxing Mediterranean feel, complete with lush greenery, citrus trees, fountains, and more. Perfect whether you want to take a relaxing dip or spend the afternoon in a poolside lounge chair, here are all the details on the Bellagio pool for planning your next trip. 

Pools at Bellagio

The minute you walk out onto the pool deck of the Bellagio pools, the first thing you notice is the refreshing azure waters. The Bellagio offers a sizable pool complex that features five separate pools, including two lap pools and three smaller pools. 

The largest Bellagio pool is an Olympic size lap pool that’s a wonderful opportunity to get your laps in during the morning hours. If you wait too long into the day, chances are the pool will become too crowded with other guests to be able to swim full laps. The second large Bellagio pool isn’t as long, but it is wide enough to swim in and also not usually quite as crowded as the large main pool. 

The remaining three pools, which include the Cypress pool, are smaller plunge pools. So, they’re not well suited for swimming laps, but they are perfect for taking a dip and cooling off from the blazing Las Vegas sun. 

Cypress Pool

While the Bellagio Las Vegas is known to have some of the best pools in Sin City, there’s one pool area in particular that stands out for its beauty and luxury. The Cypress pool is an exclusive, adult-only space for hotel guests to lounge poolside and enjoy a luxurious afternoon, taking a relaxing dip or just soaking up the sun. 

The Cypress pool isn’t one of the big pools at the Bellagio, but that’s part of what makes it such a wonderful experience. Guests have to reserve a spot on the Cypress pool deck, which comes at an additional cost. Currently, reserved seating at the Cypress pool costs in the $175-$200 range. When you reserve seating, you have access to the Cypress pool deck and pool for the duration of the pool’s operating hours. 

Space is limited, so you’ll want to contact the Bellagio resort directly to make your reservation in advance. 

Heated Pools 

The Bellagio Las Vegas is one of the few resorts in Las Vegas that offer a heated pool that is open for use year-round. The refreshing azure waters of the two heated pools mean you can comfortably swim or dip your toes during the winter months when even the normally scorching temps of Las Vegas can become a little chilly. 

The two heated pools are the larger pools at the Bellagio Las Vegas pool complex. They are heated year-round, which means that even during the summer months, guests of the hotel aren’t going to shock their system by jumping into icy waters. 

The Bellagio Las Vegas also offers four whirlpools that are comfortably heated.   

Pool Bar & Drink Menu

A day spent lounging by the pool is sure to work up an appetite, or at least a thirst! For just such an occasion, the Bellagio offers a pool café that serves fresh cuisine and refreshing cocktails that are perfect for sipping on the pool deck. 

The menu includes light meals and snacks, including a variety of selections for breakfast. Start your day by the pool with a table full of fresh fruit, a power bowl, lemon blueberry pancakes, or a Mediterranean omelet. 

For lunch, the menu features selections like healthy wraps, sandwiches, and salads. Keep in mind this is a pool café and not a full restaurant, so the menu is on the small side, but the food is all delicious and not too heavy. 

The pool café is open during the summer months only, and guests are not allowed to bring outside alcohol or food into the pool area. 

Bellagio Pool Party

There’s a party everywhere you look in Las Vegas, but if you’re looking for a hot, loud, and crowded pool party scene, the Bellagio pool deck probably isn’t where you’re going to find it. 

The Bellagio pool complex can definitely have some heavy traffic, especially during peak times, and there is music playing in the background, but there isn’t the DJ spinning tunes scene that you find in some other beach day clubs in Las Vegas. 

This might be a good or a bad thing, depending on what type of experience you’re looking for. Still, there’s no shortage of people of all ages to meet and mingle with poolside at the Bellagio. 

Bellagio Pool Cabana

There are sunbeds (standard lounge chairs) located around the pool area at the Bellagio, but these are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Plus, if you leave your towel on one and then go off and spend an hour in the pool, there’s a chance that the pool staff may remove your belongings so they can free up the space for another guest. 

In other words, you can’t stake a claim to one of these free chairs for the entire day unless you’re actually sitting in it. A quick swim is fine, but if your belongings are in the chair for an extended period of time, they may be removed. 

How can you avoid this travesty?

The Bellagio offers reserved seating that includes lounges, four daybeds, and cabanas, which all have a nice central location close to the pools. 

The day beds and cabanas are reserved seating that must be requested ahead of time, especially during busy times. There’s a chance that you might be able to request a day bed or cabana at the time you enter the pool area, but those chances drop significantly when the pool is busy. 

There are some definite perks to reserved seating. The day beds are comfortable and seat up to four, so they’re great for small families or groups of friends. 

The cabanas feature wonderful amenities and offer enough room for up to ten people. In addition to offering some shade from the sun and a secure place to keep your belongings, the cabanas come with the most attentive service by a personal host, a television, comfy seating, a side table, and enough space to comfortably enjoy food, like a light snack, or even a poolside breakfast to start the day. 

The Bellagio also offers the Chairman’s cabana, which is significantly larger and can accommodate up to twenty-five guests. 

There is a charge for reserving a cabana or day bed. 


  • The Bellagio pools are open to all guests who are staying in a room at the resort. You don’t need a reservation unless you’ve requested one of the cabanas or a day bed. 
  • No outside food or alcohol is allowed in the pool area. This includes outside food from restaurants in the Bellagio, with the exception of food and beverages from the pool cafe. 
  • There is no smoking allowed while in any of the Bellagio pools. The pool deck located directly under the spa tower is also a strictly non-smoking area, along with certain cabanas. If you’re unsure where smoking is allowed, ask one of the pool attendants to direct you to designated smoking areas. 
  • No glass is permitted at the pool.
  • Shoes with high heels should not be worn at the pool.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required.
  • Children who are 16 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old. 
  • Children and teens under the age of 18 are not allowed at the Cypress pool.

Suites with a Private Pool

If you want to enjoy the pool with something a little more private than your own cabana, you can stay at one of the Luxurious Bellagio two-bedroom villas, which come with their own garden, sun terrace, and private pool to enjoy.

Bellagio Pool Hours

Bellagio pools are open every day, but the pools do close a few hours before the sun sets. Bellagio pool hours are 9 am to 4 pm daily but may change due to inclement weather or other circumstances.

Location & Map

The Bellagio is an MGM Resorts property located at 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd. 


Is the Bellagio pool free?

Yes, the Bellagio pools are free for hotel guests who are staying in a room at the resort. While entrance to the pool is free, and there is ample seating around the pool deck, it does cost extra to reserve a daybed or cabana or to claim a spot at the Bellagio Cypress pool. 

Is there a lazy river at the Bellagio pool?

There is no lazy river at the Bellagio pool complex. There are lazy rivers at Mandalay Bay and 
MGM Grand, both of which are MGM Resorts properties. 

Is the Bellagio pool heated?

The two main larger pools at the Bellagio hotel are heated and stay open year-round. The smaller pools aren’t heated and are only open during the summer. 

Does the Bellagio have an indoor pool?

The Bellagio Las Vegas does not offer an indoor pool, but two of the outdoor pools are heated and open year-round.

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