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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

Everyone knows Resorts World loves Britney after they famously displayed their love for the pop star in glowing LED lights. But will there be another Britney Spears Resorts World Las Vegas residency? 

Planet Hollywood was home to the Piece of me Show, which started six years after Britney’s split with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, the father of her kids. 

After escaping her troubles of the last few years, there are many rumors flying about as to whether or not the queen of pop is coming back to Las Vegas, creating a buzz around the singer. 

But is it true? 

Will there be a Britney Spears Resorts World Las Vegas Residency? 

Will there be a Britney Spears Resorts World Las Vegas Residency 

The truth is, at the moment, no one knows if Spears will ever come back to Vegas – but if she did, she would fill the arena night after night. And rumor has it, Britney badly wants to be performing in Sin City again. 

In fact, she had one of the most financially successful residencies that Las Vegas has ever seen – selling almost a million tickets for her Piece of Me residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. 

Resorts World Las Vegas has expressed on multiple occasions their desire to bring back Britney’s residency, and this time at the Resorts World Complex.

Britney Spears at Resorts World Las Vegas

While there is no confirmed new residency for the singer in Vegas, the superstar headline is thought to have been in the discussion last year about finally coming back to the Vegas Stage. 

Does Britney Love Resorts World? 

The pop icon has vacationed at Resorts World Las Vegas on multiple occasions, with the resort famously projecting “Resorts World Loves Britney” on a 100,000-square-foot screen for her second visit. 

And it’s not just the resort who Love Britney Spears – Britney loves them back. The pop star, her boyfriend Sam Asghari (now husband), and notably her agent took a weekend trip to Resorts World and stayed in their very own “palace” – complete with an entertainment room, private backyard, private pool, three bedrooms, and its own game room. 

The superstar headliner and her fiancé Sam Asghari even thanked Resorts World Vegas in an Instagram on Britney’s page with the caption

“Devil in disguise !!! Nights in Vegas , Thank you, Cade and @resortsworldlv, for inviting me 🥹 !!!! Or wait … did I invite myself ??? Either way, thanks for showing me such a good time !!!” in between a playful video and other photos from around the resort. 

With the Resort and Britney Spears having a good relationship and the famous singer always having such a good time at the resort with “Devil in Disguise” fiancé Sam Asghari – who she met in 2016 while making a music video – is it finally time the Las Vegas Strip got their biggest star back? 

Past Las Vegas Residency

Britney Spears’ Vegas Residency

Britney Spears’ Vegas Residency was one of the best the world has ever seen and one of Vegas’ most successful shows, with fans from all over the world taking weekend trips into the city just to see their favorite star. 

The Piece of Me Show ran between 2013 and 2017, performing almost every night for four years solid. She has since spoken about how difficult she found the routine and nightly performances – but the “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” singer has expressed how much she enjoyed the fan interaction, hinting it is something she might like to do again. 

Resorts World Theatre

Stars like Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, and Katy Perry have all headlined Resorts World’s Theatre – often considered Sin City’s best modern theatre – making it a stage ready for great female artists like the Pop Princess herself! 


How much does it cost to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas?

When Spears was at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino for the first time, tickets to see the singer started at $150, with the best seats selling for over $200. If Britney Spears were to come back and perform in Resorts World, tickets are expected to be more or less the same as the first time. 

Is Britney Spears still appearing in Las Vegas?

Currently, Britney Spears is no longer performing in Las Vegas, although she lives locally and is often seen in and around the Las Vegas Strip. There are rumors that Spears could be in talks with Resorts World about a potential residency after her recent trip.

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