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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

When in Las Vegas, there are a lot of amazing eats. From luxury fine dining to hole-in-the-wall bar food, Vegas has a variety. However, you are also always on the go with the many activities to do in town. A sandwich at Capriotti’s is the answer. 

A sandwich is a perfect solution to getting a delicious meal on your way to your next adventure. Not all sandwiches are created equal. You want a quality sandwich with fresh ingredients and powerful flavors. 

Capriotti’s is a perfect choice. Capriotti’s is one of the best sandwich shops in Las Vegas and will surely meet your expectations. Here’s everything you need to know about Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in Las Vegas. 

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop History

Capriotti’s Sandwich

Despite its wide popularity in Las Vegas, Capriotti’s wasn’t founded in Las Vegas. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop was founded in Little Italy in Wilmington, Delaware, by Lois Margolet and her brother Lois in 1976. They named it after their grandfather, Philip Capriotti, because of his love for cooking. 

The shop started in a building beneath their apartment but to stand out from the abundant number of sandwich shops in the area. They knew they needed to do something different. And that’s what they did. 

Lois and her brother began roasting turkeys overnight to create a sandwich for real turkey lovers. They paired their succulent roasted turkey with other quality meats and cheeses and fresh produce and rolls. 

Word quickly spread, and their cousin, Diane Rizzo, helped them open multiple locations across Delaware. The rest is history, and as they have continued to carry their traditions, Capriotti’s has become known to serve the greatest sandwich in America. 

Capriotti’s Menu

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop has a number of tasty selections, including their Signature Subs, Extraordinary Subs, vegetarian options, and salads. Let’s take a dive into their menu and look at some fan favorites. 

Signature Subs

Capriotti’s Signature Subs are some of their original sandwiches that were created and are still well-loved today. Try the national bestseller, The Bobbie, with their homemade turkey, cranberry sauce, mayo, and stuffing. 

Their award-winning Cheese Steak or the Capastrami are great Signature Sub options as well. 

Want to try something new? Go for the American Wagyu Slaw Be Jo made with Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef, homemade coleslaw, provolone cheese, and mayo. 

Extraordinary Subs

Capriotti’s Extraordinary Subs are their take on some more classic sub-options. 

Their Homemade Turkey sub is a tasty choice if you want to try a piece of their roasted all-natural turkeys, while the Italian Sub is a fan favorite with Genoa salami, prosciuttini, and capicola. 

If you want to try the Be Jo without the extras, opt for the American Wagyu Roast Beef that is slow roasted and hand-pulled with a Capriotti’s secret recipe.

Vegetarian Selections

Vegetarian subs can be boring at a lot of shops because many of them just throw some vegetables on some bread. However, at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, they are anything but boring. 

Try their vegetarian alternative to a Philly cheesesteak with the Impossible Cheese Steak, complete with Impossible plant-based meal, mushrooms, onions, and American cheese. They also have another option for a vegetarian Philly cheesesteak with grilled vegetarian chicken. If you want to go more simple, try the Veggie Turkey or the Veggie Cole Turkey. 


Not all of us want the bread of a sandwich or may just prefer salads. No worries, Capriottis Sandwich Shops has you covered with their healthy fresh salads as well. 

Try the Cap’s Chopped salad with chopped iceberg lettuce, salami, capicola, pepper ham, tomatoes, black olives, and a red wine vinaigrette. It tastes like their Extraordinary Italian Sub in a bowl! 

Punch up the flavor even more with selections like the Balsamic Chicken, BBQ Turkey, or the Black and Bleu. 

Locations & Hours

There are more than 31 locations in Las Vegas, not including the surrounding cities like Boulder City and Henderson. There are three locations convenient to Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. 

One is located near the intersection of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard South which is the closest to the Strip. Another is located near the Fremont Street Experience Downtown on Lewis Avenue (only open until 3 pm).  Finally, the location between Orleans Square and Huntridge Park on Maryland Parkway is a close drive or ride from the Strip and Downtown. 

Each of them has varying hours; however, most of them are open between 10 am-8 pm, with some outliers like the one mentioned above. Always check with each individual location for the most up-to-date information. 


Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Catering

Do you have a big event that you’re planning to host in Las Vegas? Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop will cater for your corporate event or party. A beautiful party tray or convenient boxed lunches will be the talk of your Las Vegas event. 


How many Capriotti’s are in Las Vegas?

There are approximately 31 Capriotti’s in Las Vegas and even more in the surrounding areas.

How much is a Bobby at Capriotti’s?

The Bobby sat Capriotti’s starts at $6.49 for a 5” half sub but is available in 5, 8, 10, or 18 inches.

Where was Capriottis founded?

Capriotti’s was founded in 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware, by Lois Margolet and her brother, Alan.

Bottom Line

Capriottis Las Vegas

A good sandwich can’t be beat. It is something that many of us never get tired of. Capriotti’s takes it to the next level with their roasted all-natural turkeys. Get the best sandwiches on your way to your next attraction by stopping in at one of the many Las Vegas Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.

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