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Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Harrah’s Carnaval Court is the most well-known open-air street party in Las Vegas. The outdoor bar is a guaranteed great time with live music, DJs, and bartenders who work just as much as performers as they are masters of their craft. 

If you’re looking for a spot where the party never stops and everyone is welcome to join, Carnaval Court should top your list of Las Vegas destinations. 

The Carnaval Court Las Vegas Experience

The Carnaval Court Las Vegas Experience

Carnaval Court looks somewhat unassuming if you happen to wander by in the morning before noon. The signage has a bit of a big top vibe, but otherwise, it looks like just about any other place with outdoor seating where you can have a few drinks. 

But, once noon rolls around, Carnival Court turns into an awesome, fun place where drinking, dancing, great music, and flair bartenders are the name of the game. 

You’ll also find outdoor blackjack tables and other popular and fun bar games. Of course, there are lots of places to party and play in Las Vegas, but if you’re looking to enjoy a night (or day!) of drinks, music, and fun, Harrah’s Carnival Court in Las Vegas is definitely worth the visit. 

Live Music

Live Music Carnaval Court

Carnaval Court is one of the most popular Las Vegas Strip music venues. They offer a regular lineup of live DJs and bands playing your favorite music so you can shake whatever you’ve got on the dance floor. 

While they do charge a cover charge, it’s not over-the-top crazy, and they don’t have an exclusive guest list like some other concert venues in Vegas. Plus, when you’re ready to take a break from the crowd on the dance floor and maybe cool off a little, you can just move over to enjoy drinks and watch the shenanigans happening at the bar. 

You can catch your favorite DJ or live band most days and nights of the week. Music and dance floor action are happening every day, from Sunday on through the rest of the week. 

Band Schedules

Carnaval Court Band

Carnaval Court does have a schedule for their live bands, but tracking it down is a bit of a challenge. Unfortunately, they don’t post their entertainment schedule on their website. Considering that live music schedules are regularly subject to change, it’s best to check in with your favorite band’s site or social media to find out when they’ll be at Carnival Court. 

Currently, the WhipIts are one of the most popular bands. You can join them to dance and listen to live music on Thursday and Friday from 2:30 -7 pm and on Saturday from 1:30 – 6 pm. 

Wonderboogie is another regular on the scene. They turn Carnaval Court Bar into a great place to get your disco groove every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

Other live bands we could spot on the upcoming schedule include Original Chaos, who sometimes makes an appearance on Thursday, along with Mr & Mrs. Smith and Status The Band. 


Bartenders at Carnaval Court

What beats getting out of the hot Las Vegas sun for a bit and enjoying a drink at the bar? How about an outdoor bar with shaded seating, where flair bartenders put on a performance that you won’t soon forget? 

Carnaval Court is famous in Vegas for its flair mixologists, and from what we’ve seen, they never disappoint their customers. Every night we’ve been there has been great fun, and the bartender performances are nothing short of amazing. 

More than just tossing a cocktail shaker or two in the air, these flair bartenders have perfected their skill to the point that it almost seems like magic. Their bar tricks might be some of the best free entertainment in town. 

In addition to being talented, the mixologists are also funny and charismatic, making sure the crowd around the bar is either laughing, clapping, or sitting in stunned silence at their amazing and entertaining performances. These people work hard, so don’t forget to tip! 

Bar Menu 

You’ll find a lot of the usual suspects on the menu at Carnaval Court, including a selection of beer and rotating taps. But with an outdoor party that’s this lively, you expect a menu of fun specialty drinks. 

You’ll be happy to know they don’t disappoint. 

For you early risers, try the breakfast shot that’s Jamesons and butterscotch schnapps, followed by an OJ chaser. The Monkey Maker, which features raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, and sour mix, and Red Bull is another favorite. 


Harrah’s Carnaval Court is open daily. They open at noon every single day of the week, and they’re open super late, until 4 am every night. 


Carnaval Court is located outside Harrah’s Las Vegas, right between Harrah’s and the LINQ. The bright colors, music, and party energy are hard to miss. You can find Carnaval Court at 3475 Las Vegas Blvd. 

Bottom Line 

Carnaval Court is some serious fun on the Las Vegas Strip. Take a break, cool off, and immerse yourself in the party vibe with music, drinks, blackjack tables, and more. It’s a great place for groups, small and large. Spend some time at Carnaval Court, and then go on to play and explore all the other restaurants and entertainment on the Vegas Strip.

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