Circa Parking Valet & Self Parking Map & Fees

Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Hotel guests in Las Vegas often find the parking situation to be less than – desirable. Dark, dirty, unkempt parking structures are the norm, but there are exceptions. Circa parking shatters the mold and offers hotel guests and visitors in Las Vegas a different type of parking experience with their Garage Mahal. 

Circa Garage Mahal Las Vegas

Yes, the parking garage at Circa Resort is so well done that it deserves its own name. Garage Mahal is different from your average Las Vegas parking garage. It’s almost like a mini-museum. At the very least, you’re offered some interesting visual stimuli to enjoy while finding a spot to park your car. 

Garage Mahal features art installations from featured artists on two video walls. For a moment, you forget you’re in a Las Vegas parking garage, but then you notice the parking spaces and remember why you’re there. 

Speaking of remembering things, each floor of Garage Mahal is a different color, which makes it super easy for you to take note of where you are.

Instead of “what floor did we park on?”, it can be, “Oh, I remember the level was green!”. It’s one of those seemingly small details that is a major convenience for those that park in Garage Mahal. 

Aside from the artistically decorated vibe of  Garage Mahal, it’s also one of the cleanest, safest parking structures that you’ll find in Las Vegas. Guests appreciate that the parking garage is light and clean, regardless of the time of day or night. 

Garage Mahal is eight stories high and offers 982 parking spaces, both for those staying at the hotel and non-hotel guests. 

Garage Mahal isn’t attached directly to Circa Resort but is across the street and accessed via a pedestrian walkway. 

This means that no matter where in the parking structure you’re parked, there will be a short walk to get to the resort, but it isn’t any worse than the hike you have to take at the resorts and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Self Parking & Valet Parking at Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal offers plenty of room for self-parking, and the fee is reasonable, whether you’re a hotel guest or not. Guests pay a flat rate fee for parking in Garage Mahal. 

The fee currently is $25 per day. Guests can come and go from self-parking at Garage Mahal as much as they please and not worry about incurring extra fees. 

Hotel guests can also take care of the charges for parking by having it added to their room fee. 

Self-parking at Garage Mahal for visitors is charged by the hour. The current rate is $4 per hour, but like the cost of many things in Las Vegas, it is subject to change. 



Self-Parking Everyday

$4 per hour (max $25 per day)

Hotel Guest


Club One Players at “Maverick” or “Legend”


If you’re trying to minimize the amount you spend on parking, it’s always worth it to contact Circa Hotel & Casino Las Vegas before your visit and ask what the current parking fee is per hour. 

When you pull into the entrance on the first level of Garage Mahal, you’ll enter through the usual parking gates. Here, you’ll be given a parking ticket. 

Make sure you hold onto this. Circa Hotel & Casino charges a lost ticket fee, which will likely be more than what you would pay for a full day of parking. 

When getting ready to leave, you’ll encounter a self-pay kiosk at the end of the pedestrian walkway. You can either pay here, which will simplify your life or at the gate upon leaving. Once you’re done at the kiosk, take the elevator or escalator to the floor your vehicle is parked on. 

What’s interesting about parking at Circa Hotel & Casino is that, for many, it’s more cost-effective to take advantage of their valet services than using the self-parking facilities at Garage Mahal. 

The current valet parking rates are a flat rate of $15 per day, whether you’re a hotel guest or not. Valet parking at Circa Garage Mahal also includes in and out privileges, which is a huge plus if you want to come and go during the day, but don’t want extra fees because of it.  



Valet Parking


Club One Card Members at “Legend” status


Valet services are located on the first floor of Garage Mahal. When you arrive, the valet will give you a ticket when you drop off your car. Keep track of this ticket because you’ll need it to retrieve your car later from the valet. 

In addition to valet and the entrance to self-parking, the first floor of Garage Mahal is also where you’ll find ride-sharing and drop-off services. 

Location & Map 

Circa Resort & Casino is located at 8 Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas. The entrance to the first floor at Garage Mahal is located off of North Main Street. 

Those using the valet services or rideshare will want to stick to the right lane. If you want to self-park, follow the left lane and look for vacant parking spaces marked by a lit-up green light. 


How much is parking at Circa Vegas?

Self-parking at Circa Las Vegas currently costs $4 per hour or a flat rate of $25 per day. Parking fees are subject to change and may be different on weekends or major events in Las Vegas. 

Is there free parking at Circa?

Circa Las Vegas does not offer free parking at Garage Mahal, except for Club One Members who have reached the Maverick or Legend status. Club One is free to join, and you can earn rewards at not only Circa but also the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate, also in Downtown Las Vegas.

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