Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World

Last Updated on April 23, 2023

What is it about Crockfords Las Vegas that makes it so special, and is the price you’ll pay worth it? If modern luxury appeals to you, Crockfords definitely offers top-tier accommodations. However, its rooms and suites might not be for everyone. This impartial review can help you decide. 

About Crockfords Las Vegas 

As part of Hilton’s luxury resort collection, Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotel is one of the first Hilton LXR Hotels in the United States – and it happens to be located on the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Hilton Las Vegas LXR Hotels & Resorts are known for unsurpassed quality and luxury, with the LXR brand having a reputation of excellence and a presence around the globe. 

Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels feature 230 lavish rooms and suites. While Crockfords is one of the “smallest” hotels at Resorts World Las Vegas, they don’t hold anything back when it comes to comfort and amenities for their guests. Plus, Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels offers accommodations that are more spacious than the others at Resorts World. 

Crockfords Las Vegas Rooms & Suites

Superior Room

The Superior Room at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels is their version of the standard Las Vegas hotel room. The Superior Room offers 550 sq ft of space to relax and recharge in complete comfort. 

The Superior Room is available in several different styles. This includes a City View option, designed with two queen bed configurations, plus an expansive view of the Las Vegas Valley and mountains in the background. Additionally, there’s the standard Superior Room and a Strip View Superior Room option that offer a single king bed instead. The king room can accommodate two guests, while the queen room can sleep up to four. 

The Superior Room offers amenities that include air conditioning, room lighting controls, a spa-style bathroom with double vanity, plush bedding, contemporary furnishings, and additional luxury perks that let you know you’re staying in an LXR hotel. 

One Bedroom Superior Suite

The One Bedroom Superior Suite is the next step up at Crockfords Las Vegas Luxury Hotels & Resorts. This luxury suite offers 1,100 sq ft of space, with decor and amenities that have been purposefully curated to provide a feeling of contemporary and serene comfort. 

With clean lines, curated art, and modern furnishings, this one-bedroom suite is ideal for couples and business travelers who desire their own space. The suite features a spacious combined living and entertainment space, with lounge seating and a small wet bar. The master bedroom features an en-suite bathroom, offering a deep soaking tub, a walk-in rain shower, and spa-style amenities. A luxurious king bed awaits you after a long day, and automated lighting controls allow you to set the mood and tone during your stay. 

The One Bedroom Superior Suite is available with a city view option, offering a view of the surrounding desert landscape, and a Las Vegas Strip View option, with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

One Bedroom Entertainment Suite

For those who like to do a little entertaining during their stay in Sin City, Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels offers their line of Entertainment Suites. The One Bedroom Entertainment Suite is the smallest. However, with a floor plan that measures 1,600 sq ft., it’s still plenty spacious enough to entertain guests or host a Las Vegas-style bachelor or bachelorette party. 

Located on the upper floors of Resorts World, this Suite offers floor-to-ceiling windows with your choice of views – either the Las Vegas Valley and city view or a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip. 

The one-bedroom suite features a spacious living area and entertaining space that’s perfect for more intimate gatherings. A wet bar, formal dining room area, and 65-inch television are ideal amenities for entertaining in style. 

The separate sleeping area offers a king bed, a spacious seating area, and a gorgeous spa-style bathroom, complete with a private deep soaking bathtub. 

CW Two Bedroom Entertainment Suite

If a one-bedroom suite isn’t large enough for your entertaining purposes, then perhaps the Two Bedroom Entertainment Suite is calling your name. With 2,000 sq ft, this suite offers two master bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. The lavish bathrooms feature walk-in rain showers, a private soaking tub, and a modern double vanity. 

Outside of the master bedroom, you’ll find a large, open living room complete with a 75-inch television with touchscreen controls and a state-of-the-art sound system that’s designed to deliver impeccable sound throughout the suite. 

For guest comfort, there’s a private powder room, plus a dining area, kitchen, bar, and pantry. Basically, every detail to make entertaining a breeze has been taken care of by Crockford Las Vegas LXR Hotels. 

The view from this two-bedroom suite is the iconic Las Vegas Strip through large floor-to-ceiling windows. This is the perfect location for nighttime entertaining, with the lights of the Las Vegas skyline in the background. 

Three Bedroom Entertainment Suite

Next up in the line of luxury suites at Crockfords Las Vegas is the Three Bedroom Entertainment Suite. This three-bedroom suite is large, measuring a very spacious 3,000 sq ft. Throughout Las Vegas, there are premium suites available at twice this size, but this Suite offers a high level of luxury at a rate that’s more than competitive with other high-end luxury hotels. 

For starters, the Entertainment Rooms are located on the top two floors of Resorts World Las Vegas. The sweeping views of the Las Vegas Strip are nothing short of breathtaking, no matter how many times you’ve seen it before. 

When you enter this luxury suite, a grand foyer greets you. Soon, you’re led into a spacious living area that includes a formal dining table, a bar with counter seating, and a state-of-the-art entertainment system that includes a 75-inch television. There are automated lighting and climate controls, so you can adjust the air conditioning to suit the needs of you and your guests. 

There are three bedrooms, the first of which is the large master suite. The master suite features a luxurious lounge seating area, a walk-in closet, 65-inch television, and a full en-suite bathroom. The second sleeping room is also located off the main room and offers a king bed and private bathroom, just like the master suite. The most removed of the three sleeping rooms is located off the entryway and is the one two-queen room in the suite. It’s a bit smaller, but also quieter and more private. 

Four-Bedroom Presidential Suite

Imagine the view of the Las Vegas Strip from sixty-six stories up in the air. This is the view that awaits you from the Four Bedroom Presidential Suite at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels. The Presidential Suite invites you with 4,500 sq ft of space and four sleeping rooms, each offering a private respite of luxury. 

Even though this entire suite is amazing, we can’t help but think that it’s the master bedroom that Hilton LXR Hotels really outdid themselves on here. The master sleeping area is so large that it makes up an entire third of this very generously spacious Las Vegas suite. 

The master sleeping room features a luxury king bed at the center of the space. The bed is positioned so that you’re greeted with a stunning panoramic Strip view, whether you’re calling it a night or waking up to take on the day. A plush lounging area in the master sleeping room offers a bit of serenity and quiet.

The living and entertaining area is designed with open-concept architecture and includes a separate formal dining room area and bar with seats. The incredible Strip view remains a constant throughout. With sophisticated modern design and decor but comfort and luxury, the Four Bedroom Presidential Suite is a definite foray into the Las Vegas good life.  

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite at the Crockfords Las Vegas property welcomes guests with 3,300 sq ft of space and four bedrooms, so there’s plenty of space for family, friends, or both. 

Located on the 65th floor of Resorts World Las Vegas, the Strip View from the panoramic windows is incredible. Aside from that, there’s an expansive great room for entertaining or just hanging out. Like the other suites at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels, the Penthouse Suite offers a separate dining area, a bar with counter seating, a private powder room for guests, and a media center. 

With the four bedrooms, there are two sleeping rooms that feature a single king bed, including the master sleeping area, and two rooms that each have two queen bed configurations.

Crockfords Villas & Palaces

Four-Bedroom Chairman’s Villa

The Four Bedroom Chairman Villa at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels can speak for itself as soon as you walk through the door. This luxury villa features four bedrooms (two king rooms and two double queen rooms), plus plenty of spaciousness for entertaining that offers lots of little nooks for mingling. 

The separate formal dining room offers a table large enough for a nice-sized dinner party, plus a kitchen and a fully stocked bar. A media and game room features a billiards table and that iconic Strip view. If you’re into karaoke, you can be the star of your own show in the karaoke room. 

The Chairman Villa offers exceptional privacy, including a private terrace to enjoy a drink. Guests of this luxury villa are also privy to private stairway access to the VIP Lounge located on the 66th floor. 

Three Bedroom Palace

The Three Bedroom Palace at Crockfords of Resorts World Las Vegas is one of the most private accommodations in the city. The Palaces at Crockfords are “tucked away” on the upper level, up where you get incredible views but are far removed from the noise and activity of the bustling resort below. 

The Three Bedroom offers a private pool. Although we’re fans of the options at the Resorts World pool complex, the option to take a little dip in private is one that’s hard to pass up. This type of seclusion and luxury does come with a hefty price tag, however, since the Palaces are among the most expensive accommodations at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels. 

Four Bedroom Palace

The ultimate accommodation at Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels is the Four Bedroom Palace which is reserved for the most discerning guests only. The Palace covers a massive 7,000 sq ft of space and can be considered a secluded oasis, with a private pool, private outdoor terrace, and private outdoor garden area.

In addition to all the luxury amenities that Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels is known for, the Palace also features a separate formal dining area, a fully stocked bar, a game room with billiards, a kitchen, and even its own karaoke room with wrap-around seating.

What Makes Crockfords Different From The Hilton And Conrad In the Resorts World?

Each hotel in Resorts World Las Vegas is different from the others. They’re all Hilton Brand hotels and share the same property amenities and property guest accommodations, but there are definitely details that set Crockfords apart from the Hilton Las Vegas and the Conrad. 

Crockfords vs. Conrad

Crockfords and the Conrad are both considered luxury hotels at Resorts World, but only Crockfords has the Las Vegas LXR Hotels distinction. Crockfords rooms and suites offer a higher level of luxury and amenities, not to mention they’re more secluded from the rest of the resort. 

Crockfords vs. Hilton

There isn’t much of a comparison to be had when looking at the Hilton vs. Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels. The Hilton at Resorts World offers a line of Deluxe Rooms that, while modern and nice, are small and rather standard. Plus, the Hilton isn’t considered a luxury hotel.

Luxury Amenities

Crockfords offers elevated amenities that neither Hilton nor Conrad compares to. As a guest of Crockfords, you’ll also have access to:

  • Theragun
  • Nespresso
  • Smart TV for streaming
  • separate water closet
  • wireless chargers
  • one-touch drapes and lights
  • 24-hr luxury Ambassador service
  • Priority access to resort venues

Crockfords luxury Ambassador service is designed to ensure each guest is taken care of 24/7. Whether it’s champagne at 2 am or priority reservations for the hottest restaurants, the dedicated team at Crockfords will make sure you have exactly what you need. Also, as a Crockfords guest, you can request priority seating and reservations at many of the Resorts World Las Vegas shows. Simply contact your guest Ambassador or guest services for more information.

Location & Map 

Resorts World Las Vegas is located at 3000 S Las Vegas Boulevard. Although Crockfords is in Resorts World, the hotel has its own address. The official address of Crockfords Las Vegas is 333 Resorts World Avenue, Las Vegas, NV. 


Is Crockfords a Hilton brand?

Crockfords belongs to Hiltons LXR Hotels, which is a collection of unique luxury hotels that have a presence around the world, 

Is Crockfords high-end?

Crockfords at Resorts World Las Vegas is considered a high-end, luxury hotel. Rooms at Crockfords begin in the $400-$500 range per night, which includes a single king bed and standard view. A room with a Strip View may cost a couple of hundred dollars more. Suites at Crockfords cost upwards of $1000 per night. 

When did Crockfords Las Vegas open?

Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels opened when Resorts World opened in 2021 on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Key Thoughts:

  • Crockfords Las Vegas LXR Hotels offers accessible rooms with a roll-in shower. 
  • Free self parking is no longer available at Resorts World Las Vegas 
  • Resorts World is close to the Las Vegas Convention Center 
  • Download the Hilton Honors App for Anytime Express check-in

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