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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

The city of Las Vegas pretty much coined the novelty idea, and it has been a popular wedding ceremony ever since. There are a few options for drive-thru wedding chapels in Las Vegas. Each of them offers various wedding packages, so you are sure to find one that fits what you are looking for. 

Many couples choose to get married in Las Vegas. Some choose Las Vegas to elope; others choose the city because you can host creative and unique weddings or even over-the-top weddings. However, one of the most iconic weddings in Las Vegas is the world-famous drive-through wedding. 

Let’s look at drive-thru wedding venues in Las Vegas, including various packages, costs, and what to look for in a drive-thru wedding chapel

Drive-Through Chapels

Not every drive-through wedding chapel is a good option to host your wedding. A good wedding chapel must provide a beautiful wedding at an affordable price while offering enough services to please a wide variety of brides and grooms. 

Don’t worry. With these factors in mind, we have found the best options in Las Vegas. Here are the top drive-through wedding chapels that meet our tough standards.

World Famous Drive Thru Wedding – A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

Best Overall

a special memory wedding chapel

The World Famous Drive Thru Wedding package at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel is a popular Las Vegas drive-thru wedding choice. Get their standard package, including complimentary round-trip limousine transportation, a bouquet and matching boutonniere, and seven professional digital ceremony photos.

Similar to A Little White Wedding Chapel, the minister fee is not included in the original package pricing. Those looking for a little more in their drive-thru Las Vegas wedding can upgrade to the Super-Sized package, in which you’ll get more than double the features of the original package. 

Tunnel of Love – A Little White Chapel

Most Affordable

A Little White Chapel

The Tunnel of Love at A Little White Wedding Chapel is one of the most famous drive-thru wedding venues as it opened back on Valentine’s Day in 1991. The Tunnel of Love is an iconic place for a wedding, featuring a mural ceiling painted with cherubs and sparkling star lights. 

The base package includes a religious or civil ceremony, a witness, and the post-ceremony processing of the marriage license. From there, you can add on custom florals from their in-house floral department, wedding favors, photography, and more. It is important to note that the minister’s and marriage license fees are not included in any pricing, even with add ons. 

Drive-Up Weddings – Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Best Planning Services

Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers drive-up weddings in front of the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip. With this drive-up wedding, you’ll get your names on the marquee sign, and you can get married in any vehicle, including a taxi if you want. 

The base package includes a minister to perform the ceremony, the minister’s fee, a souvenir wedding scroll, a wedding coordinator, a photographer, four candid wedding ceremony pictures, and a witness. Optional upgrades include the use of their classic pink Cadillac or an Elvis impersonator. 

The Fast Lane

Vegas Weddings

the fast lane
Photo Credit:

The Fast Lane is a Vegas Weddings venue that offers weddings in a drive-thru tunnel. There are four packages you can choose from to get married in The Fast Lane, but the most basic package is called Fastest, which only includes a bride and groom-only ceremony in their own car along with two table quality Vegas Weddings poker chips. 

If you plan to have guests, photo opportunities, floral arrangements, or anything more than the basics, you’ll need to choose the Faster, Fast, or King’s Cadillac packages. 

Drive-Thru Wedding Costs

Drive-Thru Wedding Costs

Drive-thru weddings are often much more affordable than traditional weddings. Packages start at just $50, not including the marriage license or minister’s fee, and go up from there. You can get a more all-inclusive package with the essentials for around $199. 

One thing to note about drive-thru wedding costs is that there are additional fees for premium days like many other wedding chapels. Which days are considered premium days is dependent on the individual wedding chapel. It may include days like Valentine’s day, weekends, or other popular days to get married. 

What to Look For in a Drive-Through Wedding in Vegas

What to Look For in a Drive-Through Wedding in Vegas

Every drive-through wedding in Las Vegas offers a slightly different experience, so here are some things to look for to make the best decision for you. 


With some of the drive-through wedding options, you use your own car in the wedding ceremony. However, with others, they provide a car or have packages that include your choice of the car. 

If you don’t love how your car will look in photos, it might be worth choosing a drive-through wedding chapel with wedding packages that include a car. Otherwise, you will have to rent one separately or use your own car. Keep the car situation in mind when planning a drive-thru wedding because it will surely be in a lot of the photos. 


Photos are often a big part of any dream wedding to preserve the memories forever. When it comes to photography, some wedding packages come with a set amount of digital download photos, but others require you to purchase them separately. Additionally, you will have to look at how many poses or how much time you have for the photographer because every package will be different. 


Though Las Vegas drive-thru weddings can be more affordable than many traditional weddings, it still has to fit within your budget. With a lot of these wedding packages, you can often add on a lot of extras, which can drive up the price. Luckily, since the base packages are reasonable, you can design your drive-thru wedding to fit your budget, no matter what it might be. 


How much does it cost to get married in Vegas Drive-Thru?

It costs as low as $50 to get married in a Las Vegas Drive-Thru wedding chapel.

What is a drive-through wedding?

A drive-through wedding is where you have a quick wedding ceremony in a car, whether that be a convertible, a limousine, or your own car.

Have a Drive Through Las Vegas Wedding

If you are looking for something other than a traditional ceremony, have a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas. Pick a package that will give you the love ceremony of your dreams. Whether you arrive in a limo or simply in a taxi, drive-thru weddings are stunning in their simple creativity.

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