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Last Updated on October 22, 2022

Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is a globally recognized dance festival that features some of the best electric dance music (EDM) artists in the world. It started from humble beginnings as a warehouse event in 1997. Today, it is one of the biggest brands out there. The Electric Daisy Carnival takes place annually in Las Vegas and hosts millions of fans from around the world.

About the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 

This massive three-day Music and Arts Festival is held every May at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Attendees start planning their excursion to the Electric DaisyCcarnival weekend as soon as the date and tickets are available. The festival goes from dusk till dawn all three days, which is 7 pm in the evening until 5-30 am the following day. Plan on the party going strong and lots of dancing all night long. 

Electric Daisy Carnival Stage Lineup

Electric Daisy Carnival Stage Lineup

The talent lineup in this festival is out of the question in terms of quality. The stage setup and production for this event is an impeccable display of futuristic phenomena. In terms of music, the festival enables you to vibe to new inspiring music, from EDM, techno, and house to hip hop, progressive, and other beat-dropping tunes. 

The lineup of artists changes each year, with past EDM artists including John Summit, Blossom, Z-Trip, Said The Sky, AC Slater, Flosstradamus, Zedd, and Diplo B2B. The music is one of EDC’s main attractions, and honestly, the lineup on multiple stages each year in Las Vegas leaves other EDM festivals unable to compare.

More than Just a Music Festival In Las Vegas 

More than Just a Music Festival In Las Vegas 

People wait eagerly for EDC Las Vegas because it is not only a music festival but also an art festival infusion. At this festival, it feels like your soul has transcended into a beautiful artsy realm. It offers an overstimulation of designs, lights, sculptures, and performances. 

They also have interactive art, allowing you to experience it by either sitting under it or walking through it. The organizer’s commitment and dedication towards creating an aesthetic and interactive environment are at full display. All of the performers at EDC Las Vegas are found everywhere across the venue. 

In addition to enjoying all the music, stages, art cars, art installations, performers, there are even more activities to indulge in at EDC Vegas. Every year, you can expect EDC to add much more things to do at the venue. The carnival rides, for instance, are always a big attraction at EDC Vegas. 

They also host a big Electric Parade that goes down at the Rainbow Road. Here, they gather all the performers and art cars to make for an incredibly fun time. The crowd at EDC Vegas is also incredibly amazing, and it is one of the many reasons why people love this festival. Everyone at the venue shares good energy and positive vibes. 

Kinetic Field 

Kinetic Field 

Kinetic Field at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a surreal gathering of community in Vegas. Gather with headliners, ravers, and other festival attendees from around the world to experience what’s called kinetic zen, all under the Electric Sky. During this event, everyone says farewell to the headliners as a sense of home and a feeling of connection to every person around you fills the air. There are several stages and venues, but Kinetic Field is among our favorite experiences. 

Camping At the Festival Grounds 

Camping At the Festival Grounds 

There’s no shortage of hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, but many festival-goers prefer to stay as close as possible to all the actions, fireworks, events, and other stuff going on. For those that want to skip the hotels in the city, you can also camp with your friends at the festival grounds

There are a few different camping sites with ShiftPod2 sites available. The ShiftPod is great because it offers a private place to hang with your friends, a place to return to after enjoying some of the events, and a spot that’s not only protected from the elements but is also a comfortable place to lay your head. 

If you are camping at this festival, the event is more like an all-day and all-night event from dusk till dawn because the party never stops. You will find pool parties, along with other activities in the daytime. Camping on site is an excellent way of immersing in the culture and life at EDC. 

Food and Drinks 

food and drinks

You’ll want to refuel and stay hydrated, so EDC Las Vegas offers a good selection of food and drinks. Not only is the venue huge, but at almost every corner, you will find a wide variety of food options. This allows users to enjoy different foods throughout the festival. 

You will find the classics such as hamburgers, chicken strips, fries, and smoothies, along with food trucks that offer foods from different cuisines. You have Asian, Mexican, Thai food, Bakery food, and so much to choose from. You will also find unconventional snacks, like alcoholic baked goods. 



Across the festival, you will also find merch designs that are attractive, creative, and high quality. You will find amazing designs for accessories, clothes, flags, pins, and more. None of the items look the same, and thus the range in selection is incredibly varied and different. You will notice plenty of clothes consisting of reflective material and other ideal attire during performances. 



The restrooms for general admissions at EDC Las Vegas are the common portable toilets. If you get the GA+ or VIP admissions, then you will have access to restroom trailers that are fully equipped. These spaces have air-conditioned rest stops and amenities such as hand sanitizers and hand soaps. 

If you wonder whether paying extra for VIP is worth it, then it is worth noting that people have mixed reviews about this topic. The general consensus would be that people who have extra concerns pertaining to hygiene will have found the VIP bathrooms as the better option. 

Venue Location & Dates 

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has been the flagship location for this festival and will continue to be so in the near future. Refer to the official website for directions and current dates. The first day of the festival is typically on a Friday in May and continues for two days. When making your way to the venue, make sure to leave early, depending on the traffic. The opening ceremony starts at 5 pm, and the entire grounds will be open to the public at 7 pm.

Tickets and Pricing

There are three levels of EDC passes available for purchase. Prices may change from year to year but the general admission ticket runs just under $340, with the GA Experience Pass costing nearly $200 more. The most expensive past is the VIP Enhanced Experience Pass which costs some money but it includes all the bells and whistles. Purchase of any Pass requires a $30 deposit. 


Where is the Electric Daisy Carnival?

The Electric Daisy Carnival is located in Las Vegas Nevada. It’s held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which offers expansive grounds for all types of festivals. 

Is Electric Daisy Carnival Safe?

The EDC is one of the most popular events in Las Vegas. There is ample security on the grounds and they do a reasonable search of each person’s belongings at entry. They do have some very strict rules about what can and can’t be brought into the grounds to protect the safety of all attendees.

Get Set for An Adventure of Sound & Light at EDC Las Vegas 

EDC is one of the most popular music festivals in Las Vegas, but it’s also so much more. In a city that never sleeps, EDC brings unstoppable energy, cool vibes, and the magic of sound to Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t miss this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival. Check the website and get your tickets early. You’ll be glad you did!  

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