Excalibur Hotel Map

Last Updated on May 10, 2022

The Excalibur Hotel map shows both the Castle Walk and Casino levels. You can find several restaurants, a food court, four pools, a casino, and plenty of entertainment.

Excalibur Hotel Map

The casino level of Excalibur has two resort towers and two royal towers found in each corner of the map. This level has several bars, restaurants, and lounges (in purple). All casino games, poker room, and slots are found on the casino level. Restaurants (in green) sit between the casino and towers.

On the Castle Walk level you can find the food court, the buffet, and other restaurants also marked in green on the map. There are several retail shops and a gift shop to check out (in yellow) as well.

You can catch a show or do the Ultimate 4-D experience which can be found on the Fun Dungeon level (not pictured on map).

The Excalibur Hotel map should help guide you through your time at the Excalibur resort.

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