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Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is the ninth-largest hotel in Sin City and the oldest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel is owned by Caesars Entertainment facilities. The Flamingo has a 7-story parking garage with two levels reserved for valet services. The remaining five levels are open for self-parking for hotel guests and non-hotel guests just passing through.

If you’re visiting Flamingo Hotel & Casino during your Vegas trip, this guide has all the info you need, from valet to self-parking!

Self Parking 

Parking Garage 

When you arrive at the self-parking garage, you’ll receive a parking ticket. Keep this ticket with you. It is used to determine your parking fee based on how long you stay parked.

If you lose the ticket, you’ll have to pay a lost ticket fee that’s likely higher than what your rate would have been.

Flamingo self parking garage entrance

You’ll notice that most of the spots closest to the parking garage elevator are reserved for handicapped spaces, so expect a short walk from your car to the elevator.

The Flamingo garage isn’t the most luxurious spot on Las Vegas Blvd, but it’s nice enough and easy to navigate. Maximum clearance height is 6′ 6″.


The parking garage for both valet and self-parking is conveniently located directly behind the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. Access the parking garage by taking Flamingo Road, directly behind the hotel, to Linq Lane.

The first left off Linq Lane is an unnamed street with signs directing you to the parking garages.

Self Parking Fees

Parking Time

Price (Mon – Thu)

First Hour


1 – 3 Hours


3 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Self-parking rates change depending on how long you’re parked and what day of the week it is. There is a Monday – Thursday rate and a Friday – Sunday rate. 

Parking Time

Price (Fri – Sun)

First Hour


1 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Flamingo Hotel Guests


During the week, parking charges can be for 1-3 hours, 3-24 hours, and an additional 24 hours. On the weekends, rates are charged for 1-24 hours and each individual day.

This is because the demand becomes so much higher over the weekend. Parking rates will also increase during special events and holidays that bring more people to Las Vegas.

The first hour in a self-parking spot is always free. 

Flamingo Valet Parking

Flamingo Valet Parking

Drop Off

If you want to save yourself some time and energy, valet parking is a great choice. Access the valet drop-off area by taking Flamingo Road to Linq Lane. Instead of turning left, continue straight past the Las Vegas monorail tracks. Bright pink signs will point you toward the Flamingo valet. 

After handing over your keys, you’ll receive a ticket. This ticket gives the driver information to retrieve your car when you want to pick it up. Payment is not required at the time of drop off, but a small cash tip goes a long way!

Pick Up

When it’s time to pick up your car from valet parking, return to the same area you dropped it off at the valet booth. They’ll take your valet ticket, charge your valet parking fee, then fetch your vehicle from the parking garage. 

Valet Parking Fees

Parking Time


Monday – Wednesday


Thursday – Sunday


Valet parking rates at Flamingo are charged on a flat rate basis. Monday to Wednesday, the rate for valet parking services is $36, while it goes up to $40 from Thursday to Sunday. The valet parking fee remains the same regardless of how long you stay parked.

If you’re a hotel guest, you’ll receive unlimited in and out privileges. Non-hotel visitors do not have in-and-out privileges. If you park for $36 or $40 and only stay a few hours, you still have to pay the same rate.

Valet parking fees do not include a tip for the person parking your car. Carry a small amount of cash to tip the driver when you’re picking up and dropping off the car. While this isn’t required, you can view it as an insurance policy so the drivers will treat your car with care. It’s an unspoken rule when using a valet system; always remember to tip! 

Valet parking fees may be higher during special events and holidays.

Flamingo Parking Fees

How to Pay Your Parking Fees

Paying fees is easy if you’re a hotel guest. Simply hand your parking or valet ticket to the front desk at check-in. This allows them to bill all parking fees directly to your room bill instead of making multiple transactions.

Your room key becomes your parking ticket if you’re a hotel guest. Instead of using a ticket to get in and out of the garage, you just swipe the card instead.

Self-parking fees for non-hotel guests are paid when you exit using a self-pay kiosk. The kiosk will read your ticket to determine how long you’ve been parked, charge the appropriate rate, and you’re good to go!

Free Parking at Flamingo

Flamingo Las Vegas does not offer free parking for hotel guests, but there is a way you can secure free parking! The Caesars Rewards program offers rewards based on the money spent at Ceasar’s properties. That means money spent at Paris Las Vegas and Caesars Palace can turn into free parking at Flamingo!

You must reach Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars levels to get free parking perks.

Oversized Parking at Flamingo 

Oversized Parking

Flamingo does not offer an oversized parking area, but there is an oversized parking lot nearby at The LINQ. This is on an outdoor, flat lot with limited availability and parking staff is not always on site.


Does Flamingo hotel have free parking?

Flamingo Hotel & Casino does not have complimentary parking. Caesars Rewards members with a Platinum, Diamond, or Seven Stars level can park for free at this Caesars Entertainment Property and all other Caesars properties.

Does Flamingo Las Vegas have self-parking?

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel has five floors of its garage dedicated to self-parking spaces.

How much is parking at Flamingo Las Vegas?

Parking at Flamingo depends on how long you stay or if you self-park or valet park, and your Caesars Rewards card status (Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars status).
Parking rates are higher during holidays and special events, which brings a higher demand for spots.

Does Flamingo Las Vegas offer oversized parking?

No, Flamingo does not have oversized parking on site. Hotel guests at Flamingo who need an oversized space are directed to use the oversized outdoor lot at The LINQ.

Once you’ve found a spot to park at Flamingo, it’s time for the fun to begin! Find recommendations for the city’s best dining, entertainment, Las Vegas parking, and gambling with Vegas Food & Fun. Explore exclusive savings offers for some of the most popular spots in Vegas!

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