The Best Go Kart Racing in Las Vegas

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Las Vegas is full of things to do. From casinos to shows, there is no shortage of entertainment. However, if you are looking for an unexpected adrenaline rush rather than the standard to-do list, go-kart racing is a great option. 

Though go-karts are a great way to entertain the kids, it isn’t exclusively for kids anymore. They have been taken to the next level to be faster and more fun for adults. There are more than a couple of options for go-karting in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at them and how to choose the right experience for you. 

Best Overall

Pole Position Raceway


Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas

Pole Position Raceway is located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip across the street from the Palms Casino and Resort. They offer a racing experience for all ages (as long as they meet the height requirement), with junior karts reaching 20 miles per hour and adult karts coming in at top speeds of 45 miles per hour. 

Pole Position Raceway has multiple racing formats. Their most popular format is the Arrive and Drive, in which customers can race individually or in small groups for 10-minute races. The Arrive and Drive format is split into adult and junior racing so that both ages can participate. The adult karts require a minimum height of 56 inches, while the junior karts have a minimum height limit of 48 inches. 

In addition to the Arrive and Drive, Pole Position Raceway offers group events and party packages. These packages come with reserved private racing times. You can choose between two, three, and four-race bundles and come with extras to make the experience extra special. 

Of course, if you have an even larger group like a corporate team building event, Pole Position Raceway has full facility rentals available where you can customize your racing and ride experiences. 

Best for Families

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix


Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is located on the Northwest side of town but is more than just go-karts. They also have amusement rides, arcade games, and food! However, their go-kart racing is a blast. There are four different formats for go-kart racing at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix. 

They have Euro High-Speed Karts, which run on the biggest track in Las Vegas and reach speeds of up to 47 miles per hour. For this one, you must be 14 years of age or older. The next step down is their Road Course go-karts. Riders must be 54 inches or ride with someone over the age of 14. 

The Sprint Kart Speedway is on a different track with precision karts that allow you to race side-by-side, battling to the finish line. Finally, Kiddie Karts are perfect for the younger ones, with karts designed just for them. 

Best for Adults

Vegas Superkarts


Vegas Superkarts

Vegas Superkarts is the brainchild of Exotics Racing, a supercar driving experience, which means that you know they will give you the time of your life. Vegas Superkarts is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, just 15 minutes north of the Las Vegas Strip. There are two different types of karts and two tracks with four configurations. 

The two karts to choose from are the adult karts, in which drivers must be over 55 inches tall and at least 14 years old. The second is the junior, which requires drivers to be at least 10 years old and 50 inches tall. 

The four-track configurations are named Lauda, Senna, Daytona, and Spa. Real race car drivers designed each of them to include 90-degree corners, hairpin turns, great straightaways, and more. They vary in length but are all loads of fun. 

In addition to their standard go-karting races in which anyone can participate, Vegas Superkarts also offers parties and groups, corporate events, and championship races throughout the year. 

Gene Woods Racing


Gene Woods Racing

Gene Woods Racing has two go-kart track locations in Las Vegas, each with a different racing experience. 

The first go-kart track is located on Fremont Street and was built specifically for drifting. Test your skills with instant feedback and scoring. The second track is at the Las Vegas Sports Center, which is near the Las Vegas Strip. It is a half-mile outdoor track where you’ll be able to race your high-performance go-karts side by side. 

Each location also hosts events like birthday parties and corporate events. 

What to Look For in Go Kart Racing

What to Look For in Go Kart Racing

There are a few options when it comes to go-kart racing experiences in Las Vegas. Here are some things to consider before choosing which is best for you. 


Depending on the racing experience you are looking for, you may want to choose karts that are super fast or just average. You’ll want to ensure that you pick an appropriate speed for the kids, but for the adults, it depends on how fast you really want to go. Vegas Superkarts is a good option for the fast and furious on adult’s day out, while Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is best for taking the whole family. 

Age and Height Requirements

Age and height requirements are something to consider especially if you are bringing the kids along. Each company varies in what they require, so make sure you choose an option that works for your situation. We don’t want anyone left out!


If you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip and don’t want to drive very far, Pole Position Raceway is your best option, but the Gene Woods drifting track may be better if you are staying downtown. Choose a location that is convenient for you. 

Go Kart Track


Every track drives differently. If you are trying to work on your turning skills, you’ll want a track designed for that. However, if you want to floor it down straightaways, then you’ll need a track with fewer turns. Consider the track options before making your go-kart facility choice.

Have Fun and Race Go Karts in Las Vegas

Have Fun and Race Go Karts in Las Vegas

There are plenty of ways to have fun in Las Vegas, but go-karts definitely top the list. They are great for the whole family, parties, or even just an adult’s day with friends. Add a go-kart race to your to-do list next time you are in Las Vegas. 


Where can you ride go-karts in Las Vegas?

You can ride go-karts in Las Vegas at Pole Position Raceway, Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix, Vegas Superkarts, and Gene Woods Racing.

How much does a good racing go-kart cost?

If you were to buy a good race kart, it would cost you between $3,000 and $5,000.

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