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Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Harrah’s Las Vegas is a Caesars Entertainment property located on the Las Vegas Strip. Its great location makes it a prime destination for those looking for hotels in Vegas and also for those wanting a good place to park while exploring the Strip. Here are all the details about Harrah’s Las Vegas parking. 

Free Parking?

Harrah’s Las Vegas doesn’t offer completely free parking, but like many hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard, they do offer a grace period at the beginning of your stay in their parking garage before you have to pay the normal parking fees. 

At Harrah’s, the first hour that you’re parked is free. Regular self-parking rates apply after that hour. It’s important to note that Harrah’s Las Vegas does not offer a grace period on its free parking policy. 

If you’re there for one hour and one minute, you’ll have to pay the flat rate for 1-3 hours of parking, which is currently $15. If you’re a first-time visitor, an hour can sound like a lot of time, but a “quick in and out” of somewhere is nearly impossible in Las Vegas. 

Self Parking 

Self-parking in Harrah’s parking garage is about as simple as can be. Like most other parking structures in Las Vegas, you’ll collect a ticket when you enter the parking garage. Make sure to keep this ticket on you and not lose it because you’ll need it when you exit the parking garage.

Registered hotel guests can present their self-park ticket when they check in and choose to have their parking added to their room bill. This is a great option if you don’t want to worry about paying separate parking fees each day of your stay. 

Hotel guests who opt to have their self-parking rates added to their room bill can use their room key to access parking at any Caesars Entertainment property in Las Vegas. 

Valet Parking

Harrah’s Las Vegas offers valet parking services for both those staying at the hotel and non-hotel guests. 

The valet parking fee is the same whether you’re a registered hotel guest or not and is charged as a flat rate fee that covers up to 24 hours in the valet parking garage. If you stay longer than 24 hours, you will be charged the full rate for an additional day. 

Registered hotel guests at Harrah’s Las Vegas have in-and-out privileges for the hotel’s valet service. This means if you pay for the entire day, you’re able to access valet parking even if you leave and come back without paying an extra fee. 

Visitors who use the valet parking services and then leave will be required to pay additional parking fees if they wish to re-enter. 

Caesars Rewards card members that are Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars status receive the benefit of complimentary valet parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas and other Caesars properties in the city. 

It’s customary to tip the valet staff, but the amount is left up to your discretion. Hotel guests can choose to charge their valet parking fees to their rooms. However, the valet tip cannot be charged to your room, and cash is the only form of payment that’s currently accepted if you want to tip your valet. 

Oversized Parking

Oversized Parking

The clearance to enter Harrah’s parking garage is 6ft 11inches. Vehicles that are taller than this will not be able to use the parking garage. Currently, Harrah’s Las Vegas doesn’t have oversized onsite parking for RVs and vehicles towing trailers. 

If you need oversized parking, Caesars entertainment suggests using the flat lot (self-parking) at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Current pricing for parking at a Caesars Las Vegas property apply, and there are no RV hook-up features in the parking lot. 

Parking Fees

Self Parking Fees

Parking Time

Price (Mon – Thu)

First Hour


1 – 3 Hours


3 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Many hotels on Las Vegas Blvd offer a short grace period of free parking in the self-park garages. Harrah’s Las Vegas is no exception, granting an hour to both visitors and guests. Contrary to what some believe, the resort fee you pay when booking a room does not cover completely free parking during your stay. 

Self-parking fees at Harrah’s are charged for 1-3 hours or 3-24 hours. During the week, this fee is $15 for 1-3 hours and $18 for up to 24 hours. After the first 24 hours, you’ll be charged a flat rate of $18 per additional day. 

Parking Time

Price (Fri – Sun)

First Hour


1 – 24 Hours


Each Additional Day


Flamingo Hotel Guests


The pricing structure is different on weekends, where you’re granted free parking for an hour, then it’s a flat rate of $23 for one – twenty-four hours. Each additional day will be charged at a flat rate of $23, regardless if you’re there an entire day or just a couple of hours. 

If you lose your parking ticket or need assistance, there’s a call button located at the exit that will put you in touch with Harrah’s Las Vegas parking attendant. 

Valet Parking Fee 

Day of the Week


Mon - Wed


Thurs - Sun


Valet parking is a service offered at practically every hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. Harrah’s Las Vegas offers its service to both guests and visitors to the hotel. 

Valet parking rates at Harrah’s Las Vegas are charged as a flat rate fee per day. During the week, this fee is $36. From Fri – Sun, it costs $40 per day to keep your car in Harrah’s valet area. 

Caesars Rewards members may be eligible to have their valet parking rates waived based on their membership status.

Harrah’s Las Vegas Parking Discounts 

Harrah's Las Vegas Parking Discounts 


Hotel guests pay the same rate for self-parking as visitors when parking at the hotel Monday-Thursday. This includes an hour of free parking at the beginning of your stay. Guests of the hotel do receive a small discount for self-parking on the weekends. 

Typical parking rates are $18 for a full day on Mon – Thur and $23 Fri – Sun. Those staying at Harrah’s Las Vegas only have to pay the weekday rate of $18 for a full day during the weekend. This includes unlimited in and out privileges. 

Guests of Harrah’s Las Vegas are also able to have in and out privileges for a single valet parking fee each day. 

Caesars Rewards Members 

Caesars Rewards members can receive discounts on their parking fees at Harrah’s Las Vegas when they present their Caesars Reward Card in order to receive parking benefits. If you don’t have your Caesars Reward card, you can go to guest services at Harrah’s and ask for a replacement card. 

Both valet parking and self-parking in Harrah’s parking garages are free for Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars status Caesars Rewards members. 

Caesars Rewards members are not permitted to share their cards to allow others to benefit from the complimentary self-parking and valet services. The one exception is for guests who have reached Seven Stars status and are eligible for a companion card that allows them to share benefits, including free parking, with one other person. 

Currently, Gold-level Caesars Rewards members are not eligible for free self-parking and are also required to pay the valet fee should they choose to use valet parking services.

Nevada Residents

Nevada residents who park at Harrah’s Las Vegas receive the first three hours in the self-parking garage for free. Any amount of time after three hours is charged the normal hotel parking rates. 

The discount for local residents does not apply to valet parking services and is not available during special events. 

In-state, residents must show a valid Nevada photo ID or driver’s license to receive the discount. 

Parking Garage Location 

Harrah’s Las Vegas is located at 3475 S Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Getting to Harrah’s parking from Las Vegas Blvd is a breeze, as you just have to turn right after passing the LINQ if you’re northbound on the Strip. Signs will point the way to Harrah’s parking from there. 

The back way into the Harrah’s Las Vegas parking structure is to take East Flamingo Road until you come to LINQ Lane (the first left after Las Vegas Blvd). You’ll want to be prepared to get into the left lane when you notice signs pointing the way to Harrah’s parking. 

Map to Harrahs Parking


Does Harrah’s Las Vegas have free parking?

Harrah’s Las Vegas offers free self-parking for the first hour of your stay. Nevada locals can self-park for free for the first three hours of their stay with a valid photo ID that shows a Nevada address. 

Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars Caesars Rewards members receive free self-parking and free valet parking in Harrah’s parking garage. 

How much is parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas?

Self-parking at Harrah’s Las Vegas is free for the first hour, $15 for one to three hours, and a flat rate of $18 for any amount of time over three hours, up to 24 hours. After 24 hours, a flat rate fee of $18 per day applies. These prices are for Monday thru Friday, with weekend parking costing a bit more. 

Which tower at Harrah’s Las Vegas is closest to the parking structure?

The Valley Tower rooms are logistically the closest to the parking garage, but you’re not going to notice a significant difference from other rooms based on how convenient it is to get around the hotel. 

Harrah’s on Las Vegas Blvd is a great hotel with a great location on the Strip. They only offer very short-term free parking, but their regular parking rates are comparable to the other hotels on Las Vegas Blvd. If you have more questions about Harrah’s Las Vegas parking garage and you’re of legal casino gambling age, Harrah’s invites you to check out their website, make reservations, and plan your trip. They also have resources available for anyone with a gambling problem. 

After you make your reservations, check back with Las Vegas Food & Fun to plan the ultimate Sin City vacation. 

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