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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Las Vegas is known for its extravagant restaurants, events, shows, and hotels. It seems that everything in Las Vegas is next level. I Love Sugar is a candy store that matches the over-the-top energy in Las Vegas. 

I Love Sugar gives you an incredible experience from the minute you walk in the door. There are two stories and over 14,000 square feet of fun and sweets. They have things both the kids and the adults will love. Here’s what I Love Sugar has to offer during your next visit. 

Candy Store (First Floor)

The first floor is a candy store, but this one takes the top prize as far as candy stores go. You’ll find a wider variety than you can imagine, attention to detail, and state-of-the-art design. In addition to the large candy-inspired sculptures and the gummy bear chandelier, two big things you’ll notice right away are the giant gummy bears and the walls of candy.

Giant Gummy Bears

Other candy stores may have a good selection of gummy bears, but do they have a giant gummy bear? I Love Sugar has become iconic for their giant gummy bears in all sorts of flavors. 

The giant gummy bears are the world’s largest, standing at 10 inches tall and weighing 5 pounds. They have also taken it one step further with other fun giant gummy shapes like pizza, pickle, cupcake, donut, and burger. These are a hit all year, from Christmas to summer.

Giant Gummy Bears

Wall of Candy

Wall of Candy

You’ll also see their big rainbow wall of by-the-pound candy. It is enormous with every type of candy you could imagine. The rest of their walls are lined with candy as well, all contributing to the gorgeous design. Most of the candy on the wall is gummy or fruity base. The chocolates are organized similarly in another section. 

Any chocolate you are looking for is on the second floor, including a chocolate fountain! You’ll also find a huge selection of fudge by the pound and a variety of chocolate-covered foods to choose from. 

Whether you like peach rings, Swedish Fish, PEZ, or Nerds, everything is in its own spot so that you can easily find what you are looking for. No matter what your age, you’ll definitely feel like a kid in this champion of candy emporiums. 

I Love Sugar Martini Bar

I Love Sugar Martini Bar

On the second floor of I Love Sugar is a candy-infused martini bar where you’ll find martinis unlike anywhere else in Las Vegas. This is where the excitement for the adults begins. If you want to satisfy a large sweet tooth while partaking in an adult drink, the I Love Sugar Martini Bar is the place to be. 

They concoct giant sweet drinks with candy, dry ice, and other fun additions that are not only tasty but are also Instagram-worthy! The staff is positive and is exciting to watch as they mix and build your drinks. 

On the menu, there are two main sizes of martinis. One meant to share between 2-3 people, which are the most popularly ordered, and a single-person size for those who want to try multiple flavors. 

The martini bar also offers more than just martinis. They have candy cocktails with other alcohol than just vodka, Drunken’ Bears, Sugar Shots, and beer, wine, and soda. Sugar and booze all in one. What could be better?

Hours and Location

Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings at I Love Sugar in Las Vegas

I Love Sugar is located on the Las Vegas Strip at the LINQ Promenade, which is a part of the LINQ hotel property. It is open Sunday-Thursday from 9 am to midnight. On Friday and Saturdays, they close later at 1 am. 


Where is the closest parking?

The closest parking to I Love Sugar is the Self Parking Garage for the LINQ Promenade located at 161 Krueger Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings at I Love Sugar in Las Vegas

No matter your sweet of choice, I Love Sugar has more than enough to go around. This sugar wonderland is a must-do on your next trip to Las Vegas. Don’t forget to take a picture or two for Facebook or Instagram before you leave!

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