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Are you looking to chill out with friends in Las Vegas? Ice Bar Las Vegas is a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This bar is made entirely from ice, from the walls to the tables, chairs, and even the glasses that you drink out of. Minus5 Ice Bar is a winter wonderland filled with amazing interactive ice sculptures and is hands down the coolest place in Las Vegas to create fun and amazing memories. 

Are you ready to explore one of the coolest bars in Las Las Vegas? Here are all the details you need to know for planning your visit. 

About Minus5 Ice Bar

Minus5 Ice Bar is the largest permanent ice bar in the world. Each location is built from 90 tons of ice that have been sculpted into one of the hottest cold venues in Las Vegas. The Minus5 Ice Bar is a completely unique and refreshing experience, especially if you’ve just spent the afternoon in the blazing Las Vegas sun. 

You can chill out (pun intended) at the Ice Bar Las Vegas, where you’ll be surrounded by ice sculptures and frozen drinks. With several locations on the Las Vegas Strip, this bar is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.

The Ice Bar Las Vegas features an indoor bar that’s made entirely of ice. The bar is temperature controlled to maintain its temperature so guests can enjoy drinks comfortably. While it’s chilly enough inside to wear a warm parka, you will not be sitting there shivering during your stay. The bartenders wear gloves to keep their hands warm and prevent them from dropping any glasses or bottles.

Staying Warm at the Ice Bar 

Staying Warm at the Ice Bar 

You’ll need to make sure that you dress nice and warm while making amazing memories at Minus5 Ice bar. Keep in mind that the temps are in the range of freezing – they have to ensure all that ice doesn’t melt! However, the climate and atmosphere are not the same as being out in a winterly blizzard. A warm parka or thick sweater is enough to keep you toasty, but if you come dressed in your best party wear, they will offer you a faux fur coat or other covering to keep you warm. 

While the bartenders do wear gloves, you can decide if you want to based on if your hands and fingers are prone to becoming cold easily. However, the Ice Bar will provide gloves if you prefer to wear them. After all, even the drinking glasses are made of ice! 

When dressing for your visit to the Ice Bar, keep in mind that even the walls and floors are made of ice. The floors are super slippery, but spikey heels and open-toe shoes or flip-flips probably aren’t the best idea.

Minus5 Ice Bar Attractions 

The Ice Bar Las Vegas offers several attractions, making it a unique experience for guests. One of these attractions is the ice sculptures inside the bar itself. There are several sculptures throughout the bar that were hand-carved out of blocks of ice. These include polar bears, penguins, icebergs, and more. There are also many glass sculptures and paintings, all of which were created by local artists and pure Las Vegas talent. 

At night, the Ice Bar transforms into an even cooler place to be because it has a special lighting display that makes it look even more beautiful than during the day. You can also hear music playing throughout the entire bar area at night, which adds to the overall experience of being there.

Ice Bar Menu

The coolest experience in Las Vegas isn’t just about the ice – it’s also about the drinks. Minus5 offers a menu full of specialty cocktails that include delicious sips like the Icy Mudslide, Frosted Berries (strawberry vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice), and the Icy Banana. If you don’t see what you like on the cocktail menu, just warm up to the bartender and ask them to make something special for you. 

There are also jello shots, shot “skies” where several in your party can down a shot at the same time with glasses placed along one long ski, birthday shots, and more. There are even non-alcoholic drinks for those who would prefer to go sans booze. The mocktails are also great for any kids that might be in your group. Yes, even though this is technically a bar, children over the age of four are allowed as long as they’re accompanied by an adult who is at least 21 years or older. 

Warming Up at the Lounge After the Ice Experience  

When you’re done exploring the amazing interactive ice sculptures and sipping your cocktails from a frozen glass, you can wander over and visit the Lounge to warm up. The Lounge has a definite ski lodge feel to it, with a toasty fireplace to sit next to, pool tables, televisions to watch the hottest games, and there are even seats that aren’t made of ice! 

Minus5 Entry Packages 


Package Details

Price (Per Person)


Entry to ice attraction, gloves & use of freshly dry cleaned parka



(Most Popular) Entry to ice attraction, gloves, 2 ice cocktails & use of freshly dry cleaned parka



(Best Value) Entry, gloves, use of freshly dry cleaned faux fur coat, 2 ice cocktails, souvenir gift & 1 digital photo



(Ages 4- 15) Entry to ice attraction, gloves & use of freshly dry cleaned parka



(Ages 4-15) Entry to ice attraction, gloves, use of freshly dry cleaned parka, souvenir gift & 1 ice mocktail (non-alcoholic)


Minus5 offers several entry packages for those who want to enjoy the ultimate ice experience. Prices for the packages start at $24 and include the entry fee, gloves, and a freshly cleaned parka or faux fur coat. 

You can upgrade the package to also include two drinks or two drinks and the addition of a souvenir and a digital photo. Kid’s Experience Packages are also available and start right around $13 for children aged 4-15. 

Prices for the ice experience are subject to change. Currently, pricing is the same at all three Las Vegas locations, including Mandalay Bay, the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, and the LINQ Promenade

Private Events 

Minus5 Ice Bar offers party packages for those who are looking for the absolute coolest experience for their next event. Minus5 is ready to host your bachelorette, birthday, or any other fun celebration. Guests can enjoy the full ice experience while exploring a winter wonderland crafted from more than 90 tons of ice. There’s no way that you won’t create some fun and amazing memories! 

Drink packages can be purchased for each person, and food and entertainment options are also available. DJs, live music, and other types of performers, such as comedians, can be booked for your event. For a truly unique and memorable experience with your friends, you’ll want to reserve Minus5 for your next private event. More details are available on their website. 


Minus5 Ice Bar has three separate locations in Las Vegas. You can find them located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, inside the Shoppes at Mandalay Place. Their second location is at the Venetian Resort on Level 2 of the Grand Canal Shoppes. 

The third location is at the LINQ Promenade, where you can find it nestled between the IN-N-Out Burger and Brooklyn  Bowl. 


Enjoy a Cool Ice Experience in Hot Las Vegas 

If you’re in the mood for exploring a winter wonderland filled with amazing interactive sculptures and displays, Minus5 is the place to be in Las Vegas, NV. Enjoy some cocktails and sit on the ice while exploring one of the unique venues in Sin City. 

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