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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Many people elope or choose to have a destination wedding in Las Vegas due to a large number of event spaces and over-the-top wedding package options. Las Vegas is truly a magical place to get married. They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and this includes your Clark County marriage record. 

Whether you get married by Elvis or with a view of the entire city at the top of the High Roller observation wheel,  you’ll have to get a Nevada marriage license which will be recorded in the Nevada marriage records. 

If you want to find your Las Vegas marriage or divorce records, here’s how to search them and request a copy of your documents. 

How To Search Las Vegas Marriage Records

Since the marriage records in Nevada are documented by the individual counties, the Clark County Clerk handles all of the marriage license and divorce records for Las Vegas. Therefore, they will be the starting point of your search. Here’s how!

Online Database

The Clark County Clerk’s Office offers an online resource database to search for vital records, including marriage certificates. The record search system is easy to use. Simply go to the homepage of the record search system and click on “Find My Marriage.” 

There you will find two ways to search for a marriage certificate. You can either search by first and last name and the marriage year if you know it, or you can search by certificate number. 

After entering the information and hitting the search button, a list of marriage certificates pulls up, and you can click on your certificate. It’s as easy as that with online services!

Marriage Records Office

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If you are looking for an in-person solution, the physical marriage records office is the Clark County Clerk’s Office. They handle any documentation surrounding marriage licenses or marriage certificates. 

Their main office is located on Lewis Avenue and does not handle any in-person services, but they have five other locations which split the jobs of marriage licensing, certificate filings and purchasing, and civil marriages. 

Check the Clark County office website for a list of locations, their services, and up-to-date hours. 

Requesting a Copy of Marriage Certificates

 Marriage Certificates

The online database allows you to look up your marriage certificate, but you can also order a copy of your marriage certificate through the database as well. Simply look up your marriage record, and you’ll find an ordering option. 

Follow the prompts, pay the small fee, and you’ll be able to get a copy of any marriage certificate. Social security numbers are redacted from any released certificates unless the couple themselves is ordering it.

In addition to ordering online, you can also request a copy of marriage certificates by mail. To request a copy by mail, you must provide the name of both parties and preferably the year and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the copy can be mailed back to you. 

You can find the proper address on the Clark County office official webpage, as it differs from the physical office locations. 


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Las Vegas marriage records.

How do I find marriage records in Las Vegas?

To find marriage records in Las Vegas, use the Clark County Clerk’s Office Record Search System.

How do I check my marital status?

To check marital status, search the county marriage records where the marriage was likely to occur.

Are Nevada divorce records public?

Yes, most of the divorce records in Nevada are public information and are available upon request.

Get Your Marriage Records in Las Vegas

Whether you eloped to Las Vegas or planned it all along, it is simple to get your Nevada marriage record. Utilize the online database, go in-person, or request it by mail, whichever is best for you. Get proof of your Las Vegas wedding utilizing the Clark County clerk’s office!

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  1. Hello I was wondering me and my husband are already merried but we want to renewal it because we didn’t have a good wedding and want to make a better one how can we do this ?

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