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Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Do you have a love or curiosity for all things in the natural world, or maybe have a child that does? The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is one of those attractions in Vegas that continually fascinates visitors every day. For a small price of admission, here’s what you can expect from your trip to this treasured Las Vegas family-friendly destination. 

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is one of the most popular museums in Vegas. It’s the place where you can learn about dinosaurs, mummies, African safari, native geology, and more all in one spot. Since 1991, the museum has been dedicated to enriching the lives of locals and tourists to the area with exhibits that educate, fascinate, and entertain. 

Las Vegas Natural History Exhibits

Marine Life Gallery

Marine Life Gallery

The Marine Life Gallery is the perfect place for anyone with a fascination for all things aquatic. The museum features a 3,000-gallon tank that’s the home of real sharks and stingrays. Watch as they float gracefully through the water, along with many other captivating aquatic creatures. To add to the experience, realistic, lifesize replicas of marine animals, including sharks, hang from above and along the exhibit walls. 

Treasures of Egypt

Treasures of Egypt

The Treasures of Egypt is one of the most popular attractions at the Vegas Natural History Museum. Children and adults will enjoy exploring Ancient Egypt’s life through a tour of recreated artifacts and lifesize, realistic replicas,  including the entrance into the tomb of King Tut. 

The display highlights early 20th-century archaeological finds that have helped put together a more realistic picture of ancient Egypt for us in modern time. Treasures of Egypt include replicas of Egyptian chariots, the Golden Throne, and the Golden Shrine. Each of these replicas has been authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, an Egyptian government organization that serves to preserve Egypt’s accurate history.

Prehistoric Life Gallery

Prehistoric Life Gallery

The Engelstad Family Prehistoric Life Gallery is a dinosaur exhibit all ages will enjoy. One of the showstoppers of this exhibit is the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex, measuring an impressing 35 feet long. Being this close to replicas of our prehistoric friends provides an entirely new perspective of life on earth during the Age of Dinosaurs. 

Along with the T-Rex, you’ll see an ankylosaur, raptor, triceratops, and creatures that were native to the area that is now Nevada. One of them is the massive ichthyosaur, a marine reptile that would grow to be longer than 50ft. You’ll want toplan on spending lots of time exploring this favorite Las Vegas dinosaur museum. 

International Wildlife Gallery 

International Wildlife Gallery

There is so much wildlife in the world that most of us only get the chance to see on paper or screen. It’s difficult to imagine the true majesty of some of nature’s creatures without seeing them up-close. The Wildlife Gallery provides the opportunity to do just that, in a completely safe way. 

The exhibit showcases large and small mammals and how they have adapted throughout our history. You’ll find mounted animals that leave visitors, especially kids, with a sense of wonder once they witness what these creatures look like in real life. Mammal families on display include bears, deer, antelope, African wild cats, and more. 

Wild Nevada Gallery 

Wild Nevada Gallery

The Las Vegas Strip is the glittering, shimmering epicenter of Vegas life. What lies beyond the bright lights and action of Las Vegas, NV, is a natural world that’s home to many of the most scenic natural parks and lands in the United States. The Wild Nevada Gallery pays tribute to the natural beauty of the Mojave Desert and the natural areas of southern Nevada. 

Explore and learn about animals that are native to the region, along with desert plant life, in this popular interactive exhibit. 

Prehistoric Mammals Gallery 

Prehistoric Mammals Gallery

Dinosaurs aren’t the only prehistoric creatures that deserve our attention. There were many other types of animals that lived during the dinosaur age. The Prehistoric Mammals exhibit at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is where you can see and learn about the prehistoric mammals that shared a world with dinosaurs so long ago. 

This exhibit introduces visitors to the quirky and exciting lives of prehistoric mammals, including a giant ground sloth, that while quite a bit more massive than the sloths we know today, is thought to have been an herbivore with few natural predators during a considerable period of its evolution. 

Geology Gallery 

Geology Gallery

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum has welcomed a Geology Gallery to its mix of exhibits, where visitors can stop and explore displays of Nevada’s geological history, along with really interesting fluorescent minerals that will fascinate children and visitors of all ages. 

The exhibit goes into detail about Nevada’s geological history. You’ll be able to learn more about the importance of geology and the many minerals used in our daily lives.

Gary & Matthew Primm African Savanna Gallery 

Gary & Matthew Primm African Savanna Gallery

What could be more fun than joining along with an African safari without the travel or expense? This display features pieces that have been donated by the Gary and Matthew Primm Wildlife Collection and provide an interesting view into African wildlife and the relationships between predators and prey in the wild. 

Be on the lookout for indigenous species, like rhinoceros, crocodiles, lions, buffalo, and more, in a recreation of their natural Savanna habitat. 

Museum Hours

The Natural History Museum is open daily from 9 am – 4 pm. The only days the museum is completely closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, with special hours for certain holidays. Tours and private events can be scheduled during normal operating hours as availability permits. 

Natural History Museum Cost

Admission to the museum is $12 for adults and $10 for military, seniors, and students. The ticket price for children is $6, with little ones 2 years or younger being free. If you’re interested in scheduling a private event, like a birthday party, packages start at $300. Pricing varies for private tours. Parking at the museum is always free. 


The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is located in downtown LV at 900 Las Vegas Blvd N. If you’re near Fremont St, the museum is about 2 miles away. If you’re coming from the area of the Strip, where the major casino and resorts are located, the museum is about a 7-mile drive straight down Las Vegas Blvd. 


What should you not miss at the Natural History Museum?

Can we say all of it? Reviews of the Las Vegas Natural History Museum lean toward the dinosaur and prehistoric exhibits as the ones you really shouldn’t miss during your trip, especially the interactive dinosaur CSI experience. Some visitors have found the displays that are heavily loaded with taxidermy to be a bit outdated, but they’re still great and educational.

Is the Natural History Museum free?

There is a fee to enter the Natural History Museum. Still, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other popular attractions around Las Vegas, NV. Tickets for seniors, military, students, and children over the age of 2 can be purchased at discounted prices.

How long does it take to go around the Natural History Museum?

You can spend as long as you like exploring the Vegas Natural History Museum during your trip. Most visitors find that 1-2 hours is a reasonable amount of time to see everything and absorb all the fascinating facts and information from each of the displays.

Are Las Vegas museums open?

The Natural History Museum Las Vegas is currently open to the public and has normal hours of operation. Most other museums in Las Vegas are also open, although visitors are expected to respect current Covid measures, including masks for children 6 years or older and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Some tours and availability may be limited due to these measures.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something fun and educational to do that falls outside of the usual categories of sightseeing and casinos, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum belongs on your vacation bucket list. Find more information, along with photos, educational videos, and tips for your visit on the museum’s website.

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