Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas museums, you can find all kinds of unique attractions in addition to just your typical art museum. From cars to monsters and space, the themes of Las Vegas museums are diverse. Like many things in Sin City, there are even museums for mature audiences only, such as the Erotic Heritage Museum. 

The Erotic Heritage Museum is a must-see while in Las Vegas. Though you may have seen a snippet on the official Vegas travel site, take an in-depth look at what you can expect and everything you should know before you go!

Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum Details

The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum, more commonly referred to as just the Erotic Heritage Museum, began from an unlikely partnership between Reverend Ted McIllvenna and pornographer Harry Moheny. They set out to create a sex-positive space and have succeeded as it is now the largest sex museum in the world. 

Their brainchild has also expanded to conduct research, including the physical and social sciences, and work with scholars and higher education institutions to lead the charge on understanding sexual pleasures. 

Erotic Heritage Museum Description

The Erotic Heritage Museum has everything from fine art to things that have shaped the human experience around sex throughout history. It is 24,000 square feet and is interactive and a celebration of human desires. 

They have had tons of historical and contemporary erotic materials donated that give you the entire picture of the evolution of individual sexuality from the past and the present. Though individual sexuality belongs to the beholder, it helps us understand the diverse world of humankind, making this museum more than just a conversation starter. 


The Erotic Museum is always changing its permanent and featured exhibits, whether it be every five years like their centerpiece exhibit or each year for other rotating exhibits. 

Additionally, the museum also features new individual artists every month and season. Some of their new current exhibits include “3D Perceptions – The Art of Andrew Prince”, “Russell Richards — NSFWow,” and “A Celebration of the Garden of Earthly Delights.” 

There is not just one type of collection at this museum. You will find sculptures, paintings, artifacts, videos, and more to explore. 

Gift Shop

Erotic Heritage Museum Gift Shop

The on-site gift shop has some unique items, including erotic posters, sex museum-themed shirts, and even erotic trinkets. Many of the merch can also be bought on their website using the online payment system if you forget to stop in while you are there.

Erotic Heritage Museum Cost

The Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas tickets are under $20, making it an affordable thing to do in Sin City. However, keep in mind that admission to events, including the Puppetry of The Penis, is an additional charge. Since it is an adult museum, ensure that you are 18+ and bring a valid ID for general admission and all events.

Erotic Heritage Museum Events

In addition to the rotation of exhibits and displays, the Erotic Museum also hosts many events throughout the year. Some perform educational lectures that are interesting and informative, literary functions relating to physical health and human sexuality, and others are purely for fun. 

Previous events have included Pin Up Burlesque, Love and Sex in the Age of Robots with professors Neil McArthur and Markie Twist, and Senior Sexpo and Health Exhibition. 

Puppetry of The Penis


The museum also features a long-running show four nights a week called Puppetry of The Penis. It is a comedic show with penis puppets doing skits and “dick tricks” that has won awards all over the world and will have you laughing all night long. 

Erotic Heritage Museum Rentals

Looking for a unique venue for your next party, wedding, or production? There are five event spaces that can be rented at the Erotic Heritage Museum. 

They have a wedding chapel, two theaters, the museum lobby, and the LGTBQ gallery available for a variety of events. Though each space has a different occupancy, the museum can host any event for up to 200 people. 

Erotic Museum Hours and Location

You can find the Erotic Heritage Museum about a 10-minute drive west of the Las Vegas Strip at 3275 S. Sammy Davis Jr. Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89109. 

Currently, the Erotic Heritage Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily but by reservation only. Since operating hours are frequently changing in today’s climate, always check their official website or give them a call for the most up-to-date information.

Explore Erotic Imagination at the Harry Mohney Erotic Museum 

Visit the Harry Mohney Erotic Museum and discover the history and evolution of eroticism in all its natural aspects. Whether you are a history buff or just looking to find a unique activity in Las Vegas, the Erotic Museum does not disappoint.

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