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Last Updated on March 22, 2023

Car museums are well-loved by those of all ages. After all, between the engineering, creativity, and history of cars, how could you not love automobiles?  At car museums in Las Vegas, you’ll find cars that are rare, fast, historic, classic, and just downright cool. 

Las Vegas, NV, has plenty of options for fantastic car museums. Our criteria for a great car museum include featuring a wide variety of cars, offering reasonable pricing, and having something a little unique that sets them apart. 

Based on these factors, we have found the five best car museums in Las Vegas, including the Hollywood Cars Museum, which comes in at number one. 

Here’s everything you need to know about these five car museums and how to pick the best experience for the car lover in you. 

1. Hollywood Cars Museum

hollywood cars museum

The Hollywood Cars Museum in Las Vegas is a 30,000 square foot location featuring over 100 cars from classic film and TV. 

Some of the big attractions include a 40-foot pink hot tub convertible limo from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, several Fast and Furious cars, the Coffin Dragster from The Munsters, General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, Herbie the Love Bug, the Back to the Future Delorean, Pink Hudson Hornet from Porky’s and so many more. 

The Hollywood Car Museum is also now home to Liberace Garage, which hosts over-the-top cars like Liberace’s red, white, and blue bicentennial Rolls Royce and his crystal-covered Roadster. Liberace was a legendary pianist, singer, and entertainer in Las Vegas between the 1950s and 1970s and continues to be a big piece of Sin City history.

Find the Hollywood Cars Museum just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip with general admission starting at around $20. Kids under 16 get in free with an adult ticket. However, keep in mind that if you buy your tickets on-premises at the ticket counter, it is cash only, though there are ATMs available. 

2. Nostalgia Street Rods

Nostalgia Street Rods

Nostalgia Street Rods have over 150 scooters, street rods, hot rods, and memorabilia to view. 

They showcase the Goldstrom Family private collection of vehicles ranging from 1910 to 1984 alongside memorabilia and antiques such as signed sports memorabilia and signed artifacts from famous musicians.

Even if cars aren’t your thing, you’ll still find something to love at Nostalgia Street Rods. 

They offer guided tours that start at around $10 and a VIP experience private tour, which includes a one-on-one VIP tour and a free t-shirt. Nostalgia Street Rods is located on Cameron Street, a few blocks south of The Orleans Hotel & Casino. 

3. Carroll Shelby Museum

carroll shelby museum

The Carroll Shelby Museum, also called the Carroll Shelby Heritage Center, in Las Vegas tells the story of Carroll Shelby, a notable American automobile designer. 

It contains the rich history of his automotive designs, racing experiences, and entrepreneurship alongside over 30 Shelby vehicles. The museum is 15,000 square feet with walls lined with historical racing photos and a store with collectibles, gifts, performance parts, and apparel. 

The Carroll Shelby Museum offers free self-guided tours every day except Sunday and private Behind the Scenes tours for an additional fee. The VIP tours are guided and include signing the Carroll Shelby Signature Wall, a viewing of the Shelby American Modification Shop, and a merchandise gift bag. 

Find this gem at the passageway to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway near the South end of the Las Vegas Strip past the airport on Ensworth Street. 

4. Celebrity Cars

celebrity cars in las vegas

Though Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas is not technically a car museum, car lovers will love seeing their sales showroom. 

They have a wide selection of both new and classic cars, all of which are for sale, so it is interesting to see how much these beauties are worth. There are millions of dollars worth of exotic cars and motorcycles, all of which are worth seeing on your next trip. 

Celebrity Cars is open daily except for Sunday and is free to check out. 

5. Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum

don laughlins classic car museum

Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum features over 80 of the most distinctive cars in the world. The collection rotates, allowing you to see something new each time you visit. 

See antiques, classics, and unique vehicles, some of which are owned by Don Laughlin, a big name in the auto collector world, and also other private collections from around the globe. 

Admission is around $3 but is free with a King of Clubs Players’ Club Card. Don’t forget to view the first-floor showroom as well as the third-floor classic car showroom. 

Both showrooms are open seven days a week, located at Don’ Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino, a short drive south of Las Vegas. 

Best Las Vegas, NV Car Museum Guide

There are plenty of car museums around Las Vegas, NV, but here are a few considerations when deciding which to put on your to-do list. 


Location always plays a big factor while looking for things to do because of the logistics of getting around Las Vegas, especially if you do not already have a personal vehicle.

If you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip with no ride of your own, you may consider a car museum that is close enough to walk or is a quick Uber or Lyft away. However, if you have a ride, one that is a bit further could definitely be of interest. 


Each car enthusiast will always have their favorite category, whether it be a specific brand, time period, or style. Ensure that the car museum you attend will have the right car experience that you are looking for. 

If you want classic cars, you could go with Nostalgia Street Rods or Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum. Of course, others have a little bit of everything, like the Hollywood Car Museum. 


Car museums in Las Vegas vary a lot in price. When taking the whole family, an affordable option is more attractive than those that can get pricey with multiple tickets. 

Additionally, consider the kid’s pricing. For instance, at the Hollywood Car Museum, kids under 16 get in free! 


Some car museums in Las Vegas have guided tours, while others are self-guided, which means you are on your own. There are benefits to both, but ultimately, it depends on which experience you are looking for. The type of tour is definitely something to consider before taking your pick of car museums. 


Here are the most frequently asked questions about car museums in Las Vegas, NV. 

Where can I find cool cars in Las Vegas?

You can find cool cars in Las Vegas at the best classic car museums, like the Hollywood Cars Museum or Nostalgia Street Rods.

What happened to the car collection at Imperial Palace?

The car collection at Imperial Palace was sold off and closed down in 2017.

How long does it take to go to the Hollywood car museum?

It takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to go through the Hollywood Car Museum, depending on how involved you are in the history and specifications of each car.

Discover Cool Cars in Las Vegas

Add to your Las Vegas experience with car museums. See all of your favorites from history or the big screen, or find a new favorite creative hot rod. You’ll find every car from your dreams in Las Vegas, NV, at these five car museums.

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