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Last Updated on September 27, 2022

The bright neon signs are one of the most iconic, recognizable features of Las Vegas. Have you ever wondered what they look like up close, right at eye-level? The Neon Museum Boneyard offers an eclectic, spectacular collection of these iconic signs. You can tour these collections in person or virtually. Here are all the details you need to know.

The Boneyard Tours

The Neon Museum offers two different ways to experience their iconic collection of neon signs – in-person or virtual. 

In-Person Tours

An in-person tour is a great way to get an up-close and personal look at the iconic neon signs that tell a visual history of one of America’s most famous playgrounds. There are two different areas to explore, The Boneyard and The Boneyard North.

Each outdoor area features a unique collection of neon signs, many of which have been donated by private sector collectors that want to help preserve this part of the history of Las Vegas. Many of the signs have undergone an extensive restoration process and are lit up for your viewing pleasure. The Boneyard North collection has more signs needing restoration, so fewer are lit in this exhibit.

You can choose to be your own tour guide for your in-person tour. This hour-long excursion is the most economical in-person tour option. You can wander at your leisure and spend extra time on the pieces that capture your attention in the main Boneyard.

If you’re more interested in the history behind each of the signs, you can also purchase tickets for a 45 minute, in-person guided tour of the main Boneyard. The tour guides are well informed and make the tour a lot of fun! We don’t typically enjoy museums, but this one was not to be missed and the guided tour is worth the extra money. This is a great educational experience and ideal for both pop culture and history buffs.

Virtual 360 Tour

Not everyone is able to attend, especially during Covid, the Neon Museum exhibits in person. Whether you’d love to see the collection but have no plans of visiting Vegas in the near future, or the current Covid-19 situation has you looking for ways to have fun virtually, the Neon Museum comes through with their virtual 360 tours. 

For a low entrance fee, you’re granted access to freely roam the Neon Museum collection all from the comfort of home. The 360 virtual tour allows you to view the details of each sign and offers historical information about each sign, as well as additional content from the museum’s archival collections.

Covid-19 Precautions

The Neon Museum considers the health, wellbeing, and safety of both their guests and staff to be priority one. Given the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, local and state regulations are subject to change. The Neon Museum adheres to any current public health and safety mandates issued by the state of Nevada.

Currently, the Neon Museum has implemented Covid-19 safety protocols that include the following (these are subject to change, so please contact the museum directly if you have questions or concerns):

  • Masks are required by all guests, even in outdoor areas, except for those who fall into specific exemption categories.
  • Guests who are exempt from wearing a mask at the museum include children who are 9 years of age or younger, and those who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition (read more about Nevada’s mask exceptions here)
  • All staff at the Neon Museum are required to wear protective masks and gloves
  • The number of guests allowed to visit the museum at the same time is limited to provide room for appropriate social distancing.
  • Guests and employees are screened with non-touch digital thermometers.
  • Protective equipment has been installed at the front desk of the museum.
  • All high touch surfaces are disinfected at least once every hour.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for the Neon Museum vary depending on the experience and type of tour you choose. Guests who are members of the Neon Museum enjoy complimentary admission for all tours. Children aged 6 and under are also free. 

  • Virtual 360 Tour prices are $10
  • General Admission – 1 hour, self-led tour of the main Boneyard is $20 for the general public/$16 for locals with identification. 
  • Guided Tours – 45 minute guided tour of the main Boneyard is $28 for the general public/$24 for locals with identification 
  • Combination tickets that include a guided tour of The Boneyard, along with access to other Neon Museum features, such as their Brilliant! program, start at $45.


The Boneyard collection at the Neon Museum is open from 2 pm-10 pm on most days. Because the collection is located outside, inclimate weather can affect hours, especially in the case of high winds or heavy rain. If a scheduled tour is canceled due to weather, the Neon Museum will do its best to work with guests and schedule another tour time.

Tickets to the Neon Museum are limited, even more so now with social distancing considerations in place. It’s recommended that you schedule in advance if possible. Tour times are often listed for purchase a month or so in advance.

Neon Museum FAQs

Is the Neon Museum worth it?

There is no shortage of things to do and see while in Las Vegas. Choosing how to spend your time can be a challenge, especially if your time there is short. Is a trip to the Boneyard at the Neon Museum worthy of being on your “must-see” list?
Almost everyone that has been to the Neon Museum says yes. It only takes an hour of your time to get an up-close look at the neon signs that have put Vegas on the map. Plus, a trip to the Neon Museum is one of the more economical sightseeing adventures in Las Vegas, and it’s family-friendly, too!

How much does it cost to go to the Neon Museum?

The cost of your trip to the Neon Museum is dependent upon what type of experience you’re looking for. Self-guided exploration through the exhibit costs less than the museum’s guided tours, but the tour guides make the museum so much more fun. Ticket prices range from $20-$45 depending on the package/experience you choose. Children 6 and under are always free.
You can have unlimited complimentary access to the Neon Museum by purchasing one of their memberships. Standard memberships range from $75-$500 per year. Philanthropic membership options are also available.

Is the Neon Museum lit up at night?

The Neon Museum Boneyard is a collection of the iconic, neon signs of Las Vegas from years gone by. Not all of the signs are in working order when they are acquired by the museum, requiring an extensive restoration process. Because of this, not all the signs are lit up at night, but many of them are, and it still offers a spectacular nighttime view.

Is the Neon Museum outside?

Yes, the collections of the Neon Museum are located outside in the Boneyard and the Boneyard North exhibits. The Neon Museum does have an indoor visitor center, but the main collections remain outside.

What is the best time of day for a tour?

Those who have visited the museum offer different perspectives on this. Some say that a nighttime visit is a must so that you can see the restored signs in all their glowing, neon glory. Others prefer to visit during the daytime when you can better see the detail on all the signs, including the ones that haven’t yet been completely restored.
The answer here really depends on what you want from the experience. Are you looking for an up-close and personal look at the spectacular bright lights that have made Vegas famous? Then a nighttime visit is for you. Are you interested more in the detail and appreciating the uniqueness and history of each sign? Aim for daytime when you can get the best look.
Some suggest booking your visit right around dusk when there is still enough natural light to catch all the fine details while also being able to appreciate the neon glow against the backdrop of the darkening sky. For safety reasons, daytime tours are recommended for guests under the age of 12.

Bottom Line

A visit to the Neon Museum is a way to experience a little bit of what has made Las Vegas one of the most famous cities in the United States. Explore a little bit of history and find yourself in awe of each detail that has gone into these iconic signs. Can’t attend in person? Purchase your tickets for a virtual tour today.

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