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Last Updated on November 5, 2020


Covid-19 Update

During the Phase 2 Reopening plan, Puppetry of the Penis Show remains temporarily closed. We will update this page when Puppetry of the Penis Show has a planned reopening date.

After being performed at its birthplace, Australia, Puppetry of the Penis has traveled far and wide through most of the Western world as of today. This vastly popular show has been seen by millions of people in 35 countries and in 5 different languages! It is now showing in Vegas and here is everything you need to know.

What is Puppetry of the Penis?

In case you are unacquainted, Puppetry of the Penis is a live Las Vegas performance show that features two men wearing capes and manipulating their genitalia into different shapes – kind of like an adult variation of balloon art – that they pair with comedy commentary that most find absolutely hilarious.

History of the Show

A young man in Australia created a calendar that featured close-up shots of his genitalia arranged in various formations; ‘dick tricks’ he called them. Simon Morley and his brother had produced these ‘installations’ over several years of sibling rivalry, but they soon realized that no one was particularly excited about these calendars.

To make these calendars marketable, they decided to perform a live show that would improve the sales of their calendars. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine how it would blow up!

From there, Puppetry of the Penis became an international sensation. It has been performed in most of the Western world, including the UK, Europe, Canada, the US, and Argentina. Because of its success, the original performers, Simon Morley and David Friend, have even hired and trained other performers.

In a phone interview with a magazine, Morley states that it is a party trick that most men do; he just put on a cape and charged other people to see it. The added theatrics and drama will make for an interesting night, to say the least.

What to Expect

The name of the show pretty much reveals what you are going to see there: two men standing on stage and making what they call ‘origami art’ with their genitalia. There is a comedy commentary that goes along with every ‘trick,’ be it the Wind Up, the Atomic Mushroom, the fairly simple Wristwatch, the Snail, or their famous Puppetry of the Penis hamburger.

These are not the only performances you will see. We don’t want to spoil much, but the Flying Squirrel, Windsurfer, and the Loch Ness Monster count as some of their tame routines.

You might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but the performers do a great job of coming across as silly and fun instead of weird or creepy. The comedy script that accompanies the show will have you in splits! If you have a flexible sense of humor, that is.

In an interview, Morley speaks of his motivations for continuing to perform the show: “We’re about celebrating the penis and liberating the male genitalia. Women and men have been told for a long time now, ‘You can’t laugh at a man’s genitals. You’ll hurt his feelings.’ We say, ‘Not true!’ We make them three stories high on a big screen and say, ‘Have a good, old-fashioned belly laugh.’

Well, the show kind of got banned in a small New Zealand city but when a conservative citizen’s group filed a complaint for illegality in Chicago, the police refused to bar it. The liberation is well underway!

Who Will Enjoy It?

If you enjoy experiencing new things and your friends describe your sense of humor as a bit vulgar, join the party at Puppetry of the Penis! Although, it would not be a good idea to whip it out while you are in the audience – Simon Morley reveals he has had several audience members do that.


Even though the show was originally performed by Simon Morley and his partner David Friend, new performers have been recruited and trained by them during the long and popular tenure of the show. One of the more admired performers is Daniel Lewry who sometimes joins Simon for shows.


The show is currently live in Las Vegas. It is performed at 8pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, so you can book your ticket for when you are in town!


erotic heritage museum
Erotic Heritage Museum

Puppetry of the Penis is showing at the Jewel Box Theatre inside the Erotic Heritage Museum, which is a dedicated 24,000 square foot space dedicated to the history of erotica.

The Jewel Box inside the Erotic Heritage Museum
3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109


The theatre is quite small, so it should not matter where you find a seat. The show is clearly visible from all seats in the theater so just sit back and enjoy the show!

Jewel Box Theater Seating

Price and Tickets

General Admission $28.74
Reserved Seating $36.49
Preferred Seating $40.49
VIP Seating$59.99


What age group is it appropriate for?

Since there is full-frontal nudity in the show, it is not appropriate for people younger than 18 years of age. In fact, the show has an age restriction of 18+.

Are drinks served during the show?

Drink specials are available with ticket purchases.

Are the VIP seats worth it?

Since the theater is quite small, you can still see everything from the back. This time, every ticket has good visibility.

What is the show duration?

The show is 90 minutes long.


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