Nude Shows in Vegas

Vegas is often called “sin city” for a reason. There is no lack of adult entertainment. One of the things Las Vegas is famous for is the nude shows. Let’s take a look at some nude show options, including burlesque, showgirls, topless shows, and other sensual acts. 

Burlesque Shows in Las Vegas

Burlesque is typically defined as a variety show including an element of striptease. Though burlesque has been around for ages, there is always something new coming to the table. 

X Burlesque

X Burlesque

X Burlesque is located in the Flamingo and is a 21 and up topless burlesque show that brings adult fantasies to life. Led by a troupe of dancers, the show is interactive with the audience and provides a high-energy performance set to contemporary music. In the “Private Edition” of X Burlesque, each guest receives a VIP bottle of champagne, a limited edition poster, and a Q&A after the show. 

Zombie Burlesque

If you’re looking for a burlesque show that is different than anything you have ever seen, Zombie Burlesque is for you. Sexy zombies from the atomic era take the stage and perform a comedic musical burlesque show. This show is located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. I

t’s not recommended for those under 16. Zombie Burlesque has a VIP package available, including a VIP seat up close to the stage and a complimentary cocktail. 

Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls

Crazy Girls has become a permanent fixture on the Las Vegas Strip, despite controversy over the years of them always pushing the envelope. The show now resides in the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort, where it is still as scandalous as ever. 

Brand new routines include world-renowned choreography, pole dance numbers, burlesque classics, and over half a million dollars in over-the-top costumes. Crazy Girls is and always has been a must-see adult show. 

Best Showgirl Shows In Las Vegas 

When you think of Las Vegas, you probably think of the infamous showgirls, and with good reason! They are a staple of Las Vegas history, and though many of the original shows have taken their last bow, there are still places to get your fix. 

Vegas! The Show

Vegas! The Show

Vegas! The Show tells the story of how sin city began paying homage to the history of Las Vegas. Singers, dancers, and the classic Vegas showgirls with a live “big band” join the MC to take the audience through the decades of the performers that made Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. If you are looking for a traditional las vegas adult show, Vegas! The Show is our pick for the best showgirl show.  

Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers

Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers

Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers brings a cast of 66 singers and dancers with a full orchestra to the stage to perform Broadway’s hit numbers. The elaborate costumes, provocative numbers, and show-stopping acts make Seve Wynn’s Showstoppers a must-see adult show. The show is 18+ unless accompanied by an adult and is located in the Encore Theater at the Wynn. 

Best Topless Shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas adult shows have the privilege of liberty when it comes to the human form, but the best part is that they do it tastefully. 

X Country

X Country

X Country, a topless adult revue that has a selection of music from both traditional and contemporary country music artists. The X Country show is another lineup to X shows, including the above-mentioned X Burlesque and X Rocks below. If country and beautiful women are your thing, X Country is a great adult show on the strip. 


Fantasy Las Vegas Shows

Fantasy is located in an intimate theater at the Luxor. Fantasy has been tantalizing audiences for over two decades. A talented cast of sensual dancers and singer Jaime Lynch lead you through 15 routines that make Fantasy one of the most unforgettable shows on the strip. 


Absinthe Las Vegas Shows

Absinthe brings a blend of circus and burlesque that has been reimagined into an irresistible show on the strip. Absinthe has an excellent VIP package as well. The VIP package includes an elevated, private table that includes VIP service and a bottle of Dom Perignon. Absinthe is located at Caesar’s Palace and is 18+, but it is not a show to be missed. 


Sexxy las vegas Shows

Sexxy is a topless adult revue that is erotic and enticing, lead by Jennifer Romas. Located at the Westgate Cabaret, this sassy show has made itself a name on the Las Vegas strip.

Other Sensual Adult Shows

Though these shows have a bit more clothes, they are still as intriguingly sexy. 


Pinup Vegas Shows

Starring Playmate of the Year, Clair Sinclair, Pin Up at the Stratosphere brings the days of pin up life leading the audience through months of the calendar in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. A 6 piece band accompanies the dancers and puts a contemporary twist on classics. Pin Up is 18+ and is the perfect couples night out. 

Thunder From Down Under

Thunder From Down Under

Chiseled men and seductive dance routines are the backbone of Thunder From Down Under. This male strip show is a favorite of bachelorette parties and girls’ night out. It is 18+ and located in the Thunderland Showroom at the Excalibur. 


Chippendales las vegas Shows

Chippendales is a Las Vegas staple. This strip show is one of the best male adult shows in Las Vegas. Chippendales doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction. Those men speak for themselves! You can catch the view nightly at the Rio All-suites Hotel & Casino, but keep in mind it is 18+. Don’t forget to check out their extensive VIP options. 

Comparing Nude Shows

With so many options, sometimes we need a little help. Not to worry, we have the answers to guide you.

X Burlesque vs. X Rocks vs. X Country

X Burlesque vs. X Rocks vs. X Country

The X Brand really knows how to bring sexy to life. Their lineup of shows, X Burlesque, X Rocks, and X Country, are hits. Though you may want to see them all, choosing between the three can be difficult. The main difference between them is the music selection, costumes, and overall theme. 

X Burlesque is more traditional burlesque music paired with the feather boas and corsets, while X Country is filled with country themes from the music to the boots. X Rocks is edgy with rock ballads and leather everything. Making your decision comes down to your style and the experience that you want. There is no wrong choice because they all guarantee a great night. 

Traditional vs. Modern Topless Revues and Burlesque

Traditional vs. Modern Topless Revues and Burlesque

Topless revues and burlesque shows often fall into two categories– traditional and modern. Traditional shows are those that embody the history of adult shows in the classic presentation. Modern adult shows bring new themes and edgy performances. 

In the adult shows, we have reviewed above X Burlesque, Crazy Girls, Vegas! The Show and Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers are more traditional adult shows in Las Vegas. Zombie Burlesque, X Country, X Rocks, Absinthe and Pinups are modern takes on topless revues and burlesque. 

Now, don’t take traditional to mean boring because it certainly isn’t. Both modern and traditional adult shows in Las Vegas will have you on the edge of your seat on a crazy night out.

VIP or General Admission

Vegas is all about the glitzy and glamorous lifestyle, and just like any strip club or nightclub, these shows offer VIP experiences. If you are out for your bachelorette party, a VIP night out might be a good option. However, each of them offers more affordable general admission prices as well. Each is equally as fun!

Bottom Line

Though all of these shows bring their own style, our overall winner for the best nude show in Vegas is Fantasy. After all, it has been loved for more than twenty years. 

Though if that isn’t your style, our pick for the best alternative nude show is Absinthe for its blend of circus and burlesque. Circus acts are always mesmerizing, but adding the sex appeal brings it to another level. 

If you’re going to Vegas for the showgirls, our nomination for best showgirl show in Vegas! The Show for its ode to the history of Las Vegas. 

No matter which you choose, nude shows are a must-see on your next trip to Las Vegas.

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  1. Notice there are only girls featured in any of these shows and while I love and prefer beautiful girls, they do get boring after a bit. Whatever happened to those ultra-sexy male/female adagios we used to see in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s? Vegas Shows were far more open minded, exciting, erotic and sensual when the Mob ran things and brought in the French to put together breathtaking Cabaret Shows and then of course, there were the Showgirls!

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