Mandalay Bay Pool

Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Owned by MGM Resorts, Mandalay Bay is known for having one of the most impressive pools in all of Las Vegas. That’s because it’s so much more than just a pool! The Mandalay Bay pool complex  is filled with 2,700 tons of real sand, and includes four pools, exclusive adults-only pool areas, a massive million gallon wave pool, an incredible lazy river, and some of the best cabanas money can buy. This world-famous playground on the beach is fun for all ages!

Mandalay Bay Pool Parties & Concerts

Mandalay Bay has an entire venue outside the pool complex called Daylight Beach Club. Daylight Beach Club is exactly what it sounds like – a club on a beach! With the main pool, two additional private pools for cabana guests, and a beachy cocktail menu, it’s no wonder Daylight Beach Club is a fan favorite among Mandalay Bay Resort guests.

Mandalay Bay Pool Parties & Concerts

The beach club is the hub of entertainment, pool parties, and live concerts at Mandalay Bay Beach. This club is only open to guests who are 21 or older. The Mandalay Bay Beach Club features twenty-three private cabanas, 25 banquettes, and 30 VIP day beds that provide access to private bathrooms, servers, and personal safes that are available to rent. 

Entrance to the Beach Club starts at around $30 for men and $20 for women. The hours of operation depend on what events are happening. Sometimes the fun keeps going until 2 in the morning! Daylight Beach Club truly is one of the best pools in all of Mandalay Beach. 

Mandalay Bay Wave Pool

mandalay bay wave pool

One of the most impressive features at Mandalay Bay Beach is the massive 1.6 million gallon wave pool! This unique Mandalay Bay pool area isn’t for everyone, as it isn’t one of your typical swimming pools. The wave pool has waves reaching up to 6 feet high. Guests must be 48” to enter. Inner tubes are not allowed in the wave pool. 

Relax and ride tides as you enjoy the atmosphere of a sandy beach filled with palm trees. If you’re coming to Mandalay Beach in Las Vegas, you’ve got to try out the wave pool at least once!

Mandalay Bay Lazy River

mandalay bay lazy river

The Mandalay Bay lazy river is quite impressive, stretching more than a quarter-mile! Ride down the lazy river to experience the height of aquatic relaxation in Las Vegas.

Guests can bring their inner tubes or purchase one at the pool complex. Tubes that are brought by guests have to be less than 48” and provide an unobstructed path to swim through for safety reasons. Inner tubes are only allowed in the lazy river.

Cabanas can be purchased that sit around the lazy river. These cabanas hold up to 6 people and boast a family-friendly environment. Each lazy river cabana includes a 42” LCD TV, a refrigerator stocked with drinks, a dining table, a ceiling fan, and plenty of seating.

Mandalay Bay Pool Passes

Guests who are staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel have free access to the impressive 11 acres of Mandalay Bay beach. Non-guests can purchase pool passes to use the pool Monday-Thursday. 

Adult passes start at around $20, while a kids pass for children aged 4-16 costs less. Pool passes for Moorea Beach Club and Daylight Beach Club vary in price and availability for non-guests.

Mandalay Bay Moorea Beach Club

Mandalay Bay Moorea Beach Club

Moorea Beach Club is a private, adult-only area located in an area of Mandalay Bay Beach that’s separated from the rest with thick, frosted glass. With three pools, sunbeds, poolside massage services, and an incredible atmosphere, it’s easy to lose track of time at the Moorea Beach Club.

The Moorea Beach Club offers a more relaxed European atmosphere that has a top-optional policy. Guests at Moorea Beach Club can reserve one of five villas for the ultimate day of relaxation. Villas are located on the 3rd level of the nearby beachside casino. Nothing says Las Vegas quite like a beachside casino and topless swimming!

Hours for Mandalay Beach Las Vegas

The winter pools are open daily from 9 AM to 4 PM. Winter hours run from October to March. In the summer, the pools, lazy river, beach, and 1.6 million gallon wave pool are open from 9 AM to 6 PM daily.

Book Your Trip to Mandalay Bay Beach 

If you’re ready to relax in a beach chair, sunbathe on one of many chaise lounges, enjoy one of the personalized villas, or just relax at a beach bar, Mandalay Bay Beach is the place to be.

Normal hours resume at the end of March, so what are you waiting for? Book your Las Vegas trip to Mandalay Bay Beach now to beat the summer crowds!


How Much Does It Cost To Go To Mandalay Bay Pool?

Admissions to the entire pool area are free for all Mandalay Bay Hotel guests.

Is Mandalay Bay Pool Open To the Public?

Yes, the Mandalay Bay Pool is open to the public for a fee Monday-Thursday.

Is The Mandalay Bay Pool Heated?

Two of the pools at Mandalay Bay Beach are heated.

What Time Does Mandalay Bay Pool Close?

The pool closes at 4 PM in the winter and 6 PM in the summer.

What Time Does Mandalay Bay Pool Open?

The pool opens at 9 AM year-round.

When Is Mandalay Bay Pool Closed For The Season?

October – March is considered the off-season for the Mandalay Bay pool. There are still limited winter pools open during those months.

How Deep Is The Wave Pool At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas?

Waves can reach up to 6 feet high in the wave pool. Guests must be at least 48” tall to enter. 

How Much Does Mandalay Bay Pool Cost For Non Guest?

Non-guests can go to the pool for $20 Monday-Thursday. Non-guest kids aged 4-16 can go to the pool for $10, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

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