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Last Updated on October 21, 2022

Mandalay Bay weddings have been voted among the best by Las Vegas Bride Magazine, along with local brides and have won numerous accolades and five-star awards. Considered one of the best wedding destinations in Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay has you covered, from planning and bridal showers to every detail of the big day, including the reception. There’s a reason that Mandalay Bay weddings have won five-star awards, and it all starts with them being a one-stop-shop for your perfect wedding day. 

Mandalay Bay is a part of MGM Resorts and is located right on the Strip in Las Vegas. Whether your dream wedding is a simple ceremony, a romantic ceremony surrounded by floor to ceiling windows with a view of the city, a ceremony on an outdoor patio, or a romantic ceremony at Mandalay Beach, there’s nothing that this elegant and iconic Las Vegas hotel can’t accomplish for your wedding day. 

If Mandalay Bay weddings are on your list of possibilities, here are all the details you need to get started planning one of the best and most exciting days of your life. Here are all the details you need to know about Mandalay Bay Weddings. 

Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel

You’ve made a wonderful decision in choosing Mandalay Bay for your wedding. Now, the next step is selecting the location of the ceremony on your special day. Mandalay Bay weddings offer a traditional-style wedding chapel, along with several other venues for a perfect wedding. Choosing the location is step one. After you decide on the perfect spot, then it comes time to select the package to make your wedding dreams come true. 

The Wedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay offers several unique ceremony locations for your Las Vegas wedding. Still, they know some of you are looking for a more traditional wedding ceremony, and for you, they make your Las Vegas wedding desires come true with the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel

Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel offers a serene environment for your intimate Las Vegas wedding. The decor is modern and sleek while maintaining a warm ambiance that’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast. This chapel has received multiple Best Wedding Chapel awards and is perfect for more traditional wedding ceremonies. There are actually three different chapels, each similarly designed, but one is a bit larger to accommodate more guests. The chapels at Mandalay Bay are referred to as the gold, silver, and platinum chapel. 

The Wedding Chapel at Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel (gold or silver) accommodates up to 50 guests, but upgrades for wedding parties up to 100 guests are available with the platinum chapel. These chapels include the use of two dressing rooms to prepare for your ceremony. 

Prices for the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel start at $500 but vary depending on the wedding package you choose. Generally, you don’t choose which chapel you use, but rather the chapel depends on what time your wedding is, along with the size of your wedding party and the number of guests. Chapel viewings are available by scheduled appointments. 

Valley Of The Falls Wedding

Valley Of The Falls Wedding

Another option for a more traditional-style wedding chapel at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas is the Valley of the Falls Wedding venue. Think of this wedding venue as a beautiful tropical oasis for your wedding day. The Valley of the Falls chapel is an open-air location with a lush tropical feel that can be beautifully decorated by Mandalay Bay‘s amazing team. The Valley of the Falls wedding venue is suited to host up to 50 guests for your wedding. Prices for the Valley of the Falls wedding venue start at around $2250.

If you’re thinking of more unique ceremony locations for your special day, Mandalay Bay Weddings has several themed locations that make for a beautiful yet out-of-the-ordinary ceremony. 

Mandalay Bay Seascape Wedding

Mandalay Bay Seascape Wedding

There are two wedding venues connected to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. The first is Seascape, which is a beautiful ceremony venue that is situated on the other side of the aquarium tank, with expansive windows offering a view into the tank. Say your vows as beautiful aquatic life swims and floats gracefully in the background. 

Seascape is an elegant wedding venue that seats up to 50, with free admission to the 1.3 million gallon Shark Reef Aquarium for all of your wedding guests. Packages for getting married at the Seascape venue start at $2500. 

Mandalay Bay Beach Wedding 

Mandalay Bay Beach Wedding 

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding on a tropical beach? Las Vegas might not be the tropics, but a wedding at Mandalay Beach is the next best thing. With Mandalay Bay Beach as the backdrop for your ceremony, you have a gorgeous view of the Mandalay Bay private lagoon in the background. It’s hard to argue that there’s a wedding venue more romantic in Las Vegas. 

Mandalay Beach wedding ceremonies include the use of two dressing rooms, professional lighting to enhance the ambiance of your wedding ceremony, and seating for up to 50 guests. Prices for Mandalay Bay Beach weddings begin at $2000. 

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium Wedding 

Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium Wedding 

The Shark Reef Ceremony at Mandalay Bay is perfect for a memorable experience to share with an intimate group of the favorite people in your life. At this Shark Reef venue, the aisle is surrounded by the massive aquarium, with gorgeous sea life swimming through. 

While the Shark Reef Aquarium is open to the public, the area is reserved for private wedding ceremonies, so you’ll have the space to yourself for the big day. The Shark Reef venue accommodates a maximum of ten guests due to limited space. Packages for the Shark Reef venue start at $1000.

Mandalay Bay Rivea Wedding Ceremony at the Delano

For Mandalay Bay weddings with a view, Rivea is the perfect location for your wedding. Rivea is found on the way up high, on the 64th floor of the Delano Las Vegas. The Delano is an all-suite resort that’s located not more than a few steps from Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Both resorts are MGM Resorts properties, so they’re essentially sister resorts located very close to each other on the Las Vegas Strip. 

From the 64th floor of the Delano, you’ll have unparalleled views of Las Vegas in the background as you say “I Do.” This wedding chapel location can accommodate up to 40 guests for your special day, with prices starting at $1500. 

Mandalay Bay Swan Court Wedding

Mandalay Bay Swan Court Wedding

One of the lesser-known but ultra-romantic wedding locations at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas is the Swan Court, located at the beautiful restaurant Aureole. Swan Court is like a secret paradise that’s typically reserved for private dining. With the romantic, serene setting, and gorgeous swans floating on the water, there’s really no place else like this on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Contact wedding services at Mandalay Bay directly for more information about choosing a Swan Court wedding for your perfect day. 

Mandalay Bay Wedding Packages

Mandalay Bay weddings offer six unique packages for your big day, plus a package for lovebirds who want to keep things simple and elope. For each of the packages for weddings by Mandalay Bay, prices include the location fee for the Mandalay Bay Chapel. Additional fees may apply if you choose one of the other venues for your wedding ceremony. Wedding Services at Mandalay Bay are happy to discuss the package options and go over the final pricing with you. 

Mandalay Bay Exquisite Wedding Package

Mandalay Bay Exquisite Wedding Package

There’s nothing ordinary about Mandalay Bay weddings, which explains why even their “base” wedding package is labeled as Exquisite. Of all the wedding packages that Mandalay Bay offers, this is the one that’s perfect when you’re looking for a simple, elegant ceremony that celebrates the occasion without going over the top. 

The Mandalay Bay Weddings Exquisite package includes the assistance of professional wedding coordinators, the minister to perform your ceremony, a pianist to provide a total of four songs during your ceremony, a petite floral arrangement, and a thirty-minute photography session that includes six 4×6 photographs. Mandalay Bay Weddings also offers transportation to and from the official office to get your marriage license before the wedding. 

Mandalay Bay Radiance Wedding Package 

Mandalay Bay Radiance Wedding Package 

Radiance is the next step up in wedding packages from Mandalay Bay. This package includes all the features of the Exquisite package, including the fee for the wedding chapel, a personal wedding coordinator, minister, pianist to play four songs, petit floral arrangement, and photography. This package also offers a few more perks to fulfill your Las Vegas wedding desires. 

For starters, the happy couple gets 45 minutes with Mandalay Bay Weddings photographers instead of the 30 minutes that are offered with the Exquisite package. Those extra 15 minutes mean more opportunities to capture the special moments of your perfect day. Couples also receive a total of twelve 4×6 wedding photographs. 

Couples who choose this package also are invited to spend the night in the Mandalay Bay Resort King room with a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip, plus priority check-in service. There’s no better way to start your honeymoon than spending the night at the best wedding resort in Las Vegas. 

The Radiance package by Mandalay Bay Weddings also includes a food and beverage room credit in the amount of $50, a bottle of champagne, special champagne flutes, and a logo tote bag to haul around all of your wedding day loot. 

Mandalay Bay Elegance Wedding Package 

Mandalay Bay Elegance Wedding Package 

Mandalay Bay Weddings Elegance package is their mid-range price option, offering all of the benefits of the Exquisite and Radiant wedding packages, but with a few more perks to make your wedding day extra special. 

Professional wedding planners will help you plan and execute your perfect wedding day. The Elegance package also includes medium floral, one full hour of photography with twenty 4×6 prints, and an additional four 8×10 prints. Seating music is provided to enhance the ambiance, and video recording is included with the webcasting of your wedding ceremony being available for 30 days. 

Couples who choose this wedding package will enjoy a one-night stay in the Mandalay Bay Elite Suite with priority hotel check-in services, plus a $100 food and beverage credit. 

Mandalay Bay Premium Wedding Package

Mandalay Bay Weddings offers their Premium wedding package for couples who are seeking a more elevated experience for their special day. After you’ve chosen the perfect setting for your wedding, your personal wedding planner will help take care of all the details. This includes the pianist who will play four songs at your ceremony and the seating music. Also, coordinating the minister to perform your ceremony and any decor and practical details, including everything from the perfect aisle runner to arranging seating for your friends and family members. 

The Premium package also includes two full hours of professional photography for the couple and the wedding party, including twenty 5×7 photos and four 8×10 photos. Weddings by Mandalay Bay also offers a video recording of your ceremony with this package so that you’ll always be able to look back and remember your wedding day. 

For the newlyweds, Mandalay Bay Weddings offers two nights in their Executive King Suite, complete with breakfast in bed for two and a chocolate amenity. Of course, this package also includes the pre-wedding appointment with a wedding planner, plus a bottle of champagne, special champagne flutes, and the Mandalay Bay logo tote bag. 

Mandalay Bay Luxury Wedding Package

Mandalay Bay Luxury Wedding Package

For couples that want to experience a life of luxury for their wedding day, Mandalay Bay Weddings offers this beautiful package that includes everything you need for a beautiful, memorable wedding ceremony. This package includes the basics, such as professional wedding planners, a pianist for the ceremony plus seating music, a minister, a video recording of your wedding ceremony, and three hours of photography with a deluxe photo package plus a custom layout wedding album. 

With the Luxury package, Weddings by Mandalay Bay also include a large floral for the bride, plus petite florals for the honor attendants of your wedding party. Couples can also choose the option of lighting a unity candle as part of their special ceremony. 

Premium champagne and chocolate amenities are included in the Luxury package, along with two nights in the Sky View Suite, plus dinner for two at one of Mandalay Bay‘s best restaurants, including Aureole, Libertine Social, or STRIPSTEAK. During their stay in the Sky View Suite, couples can pamper themselves with a generous spa or salon credit and then have some playful fun with two tickets to the Shark Reef Aquarium. All of these extras are just part of the reason why Mandalay Bay is known as the best wedding resort. 

Mandalay Bay Opulence Wedding Package 

Mandalay Bay Opulence Wedding Package 

If you’re of the mind that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your wedding day, Mandalay Bay Weddings offers their top-tier Opulence wedding package that includes everything you can possibly imagine to create an extra special wedding day. 

Your personal wedding planner will help coordinate details for your big day. Like the other wedding package options, this one includes a pianist, seating music, and a minister to perform your ceremony. Couples also have the option of lighting a unity candle with the Opulence package. 

Weddings by Mandalay Bay provides photography services for four hours, with a photo package that includes both black and white prints, plus a custom wedding album. Video recording of your ceremony with thirty days of webcasting is also included.

The Opulence package also comes with premium florals, including a large floral, plus petite florals for the honor attendants, two boutonnieres, and two wrist corsages. Premium champagne and chocolate are also provided. 

After the ceremony, the newlyweds are invited to stay in one of Mandalay Bay‘s Sky View Suites, plus receive breakfast and mimosas in bed – for two, of course! Dinner for two at one of several top Mandalay Bay restaurants is also included, plus an extra generous spa or salon credit and tickets for two to see Michael Jackson ONE (available shows may change depending on when you plan your wedding). Departure transportation for the newlywed couple is also included upon checkout. 

While this all sounds lovely, Mandalay Bay Weddings didn’t forget about the technical details. The Opulence package also includes 50 wedding favors and thank you notes. Rehearsal services are also included so that you know everything will go perfectly on your wedding day. 

Mandalay Bay Weddings Elope Special 

Mandalay Bay Weddings Elope Special 

Finally, Mandalay Bay Weddings knows that sometimes, a small and intimate ceremony is all a couple desires. Elopements should be just as special as larger, planned weddings, so Mandalay Bay does everything they can to make the special couple feel valued and for your elopement ceremony to be a beautiful and special experience. 

Weddings by Mandalay Bay offers a special Elopement package that keeps things simple but also doesn’t hold back on making sure the happy couple gets everything they desire. The Elopement special includes a wedding service in Mandalay Bay‘s best wedding chapel, plus a wedding coordinator who will work with you to create a beautiful elopement wedding. A minister and a pianist are included in this package, as well as 15 minutes with a professional wedding photographer. 

Mandalay Bay Wedding Cost

Wedding Ceremony at the Valley of the Falls

Mandalay Bay Weddings makes it possible to have a beautiful and memorable Las Vegas wedding, no matter what your budget. For elopements and simple ceremonies, weddings by Mandalay Bay are right in line with what you’re going to pay at most any chapel in Las Vegas for similar services and level of quality. 

Most wedding packages from Mandalay Bay include the fee for their chapel. You can also rent the chapel separately without adding on any of the enhancements included in the wedding packages. The base rental price for the chapel is around $500. 

The other chapels and venues at Mandalay Bay cost a bit more, with the price depending on the location. Just as with the chapel, couples can reserve these locations without purchasing any package enhancements. If you’d like one of the different venues for your wedding and include an enhancement package, Mandalay Bay Weddings and their wedding coordinators are happy to work with you to make sure your wedding is stress-free and the perfect day that you envision it being. 

Wedding Planning Services & Wedding Coordinators at Mandalay Bay 

Wedding Planning Services & Wedding Coordinators at Mandalay Bay 

One of the reasons that Mandalay Bay weddings are among the best in Las Vegas is their professional staff of wedding planners and the wide range of wedding services that are offered. All of the enhancement packages offered by Mandalay Bay Weddings include the services of your own wedding planner. 

Your wedding planner is there to take care of all of the details of the planning process and make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. From taking care of all the communications and everything down to the smallest detail, think of your wedding coordinator as your best friend leading up to the wedding. A wedding coordinator is available to assist you with the most elaborate weddings or the simplest elopements. 

Have you decided on a spur of the moment wedding and don’t even have a tux or wedding dress? Don’t worry! Wedding planners at Mandalay Bay can help you find where to buy or rent wedding attire for you and your wedding party – including the most fabulous wedding dress! 

Wedding Services at Mandalay Bay offer the full spectrum of everything you need for a picture-perfect, beautiful wedding day. Services offered include florals for everything from a wedding bouquet to centerpieces and greenery that will impress your guests. Additional wedding services offered at Mandalay Bay hotel include wedding cakes, catering, photography, webcasting, and dressing room services. 

Wedding Receptions

Maybe your idea of the perfect Las Vegas wedding is to ride into the sunset in a Pink Cadillac or sneak off to one of the hotel casinos or enjoy a quiet, intimate dinner with just the two of you. Arrangements can definitely be made if this is the experience you’re after, but Mandalay Bay Weddings offers wonderful reception packages for those that want to celebrate their new nuptials with their wedding party, friends, and family. 

Here is a brief guide to receptions offered by Mandalay Bay Weddings that will make your perfect day even more special. 

In Suite Receptions 

In Suite Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

An in-suite reception is the perfect intimate celebration of your new marriage. The happy couple and their guests can toast the special occasion with a bubbling glass of prosecco and then enjoy each other’s company while mingling and enjoying an Hors D’oeuvres station and antipasto display, an open bar for beer, wine, and soda, plus wedding cake – of course! Mandalay Bay caters all the delicious food for the occasion. 

In-suite receptions for Mandalay Bay weddings last approximately two hours and are designed to accommodate up to fifty guests. Additional bartender or server fees may apply, and there’s a minimum two-night stay in one of the larger suites at Mandalay Bay required to host the in-suite reception, with a discount applied by wedding services. 

Fleur Receptions 

Fleur Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

Fleur is a classic French bistro-style restaurant at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Brought to you by Master Chef Hubert Keller, Fleur is an elevated, almost exotic, dining experience that will add elements of romance and sensuality to your reception while also being an easy, laid-back environment to relax and celebrate your special day in. 

Fleur offers a two-hour plated dinner option for receptions at Mandalay Bay. The dinner includes a first course, a second course, and a wedding cake. An open bar for beer, wine, and soda are included, as is a sparkling champagne toast to celebrate the newlywed couple. 

Libertine Social Receptions

Libertine Social Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings

Libertine Social is arguably the hottest gastropub in Las Vegas. At the hands of James Beard Award-winning chef Shawn McClain, Libertine Social is a true feast for the senses. This is a great spot for wedding receptions when you want incredible food and a relaxed but trendy environment to enjoy it with your family and guests. 

There are two options for receptions at Libertine Social. You can choose between the Two Hour Plated Dinner option, or the Two-Hour Tray Passed Hors D’oeuvres. The dinner option includes a first course, second course, wedding cake, and a premium brands beverage package. Couples who choose the hors d’oeuvres option will be treated to a selection of Libertine Social’s best appetizer, plus wedding cake and the premium brands beverage package. These reception packages are designed to accommodate anywhere from 20-75 guests.  

Aureole Receptions

Aureole Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

Aureole is one of the most exquisite restaurants at Mandalay Bay, and it makes a beautiful location for a wedding reception. Known for its incredible wine selection, Aureole is a favorite among guests in Las Vegas that love the combination of great wine and amazing food. Aureole offers American-style cuisine with bold, innovative flavors that tantalize the palate. 

Couples who choose Aureole for the wedding reception have the choice between a two-hour plated dinner option, a two-hour hors d’oeuvres option, or a two and a half hour hors d’oeuvres and plated dinner option. 

The two-hour plated dinner at Aureole includes a selection of appetizers, entrees, and cake. Beer, wine, and soda are also included. The tray passed hor d’oeuvres option includes an incredible selection of tasty nibbles, including everything from petite brie grilled cheese to tiramisu and decadent truffles. Cake and an open beer, wine, and soda bar are also included. 

The plated dinner and hor d’oeuvres option is the ultimate in deliciousness for your wedding reception. This package includes tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, entree, wedding cake, and the open beverage bar. Aureole receptions at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas can accommodate a range of 20 – 60 of your guests. 

STRIPSTEAK Receptions 

STRIPSTEAK Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

STRIPSTEAK is a modern steakhouse by highly acclaimed chef Michael Mina. Couples and their guests with a carnivore spirit and a love of bold, innovative flavors are going to mark the wedding reception at STRIPSTEAK as one of the most memorable in their lives. 

Reception options for Mandalay Bay weddings at STRIPSTEAK include a two-hour plated dinner with their most delectable menu favorites. Appetizers, carnivorous entrees, and wedding cake are included in the package. STRIPSTEAK also offers a premium beverage package that includes an open bar of premium spirits, beer, wine, and soda for your guests. STRIPSTEAK can accommodate a reception size of 20-50 guests. 

Rivea Receptions at Delano 

Rivea Receptions at Delano for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

Rivea is a beautiful location for receptions, with a lighter, airy feel and serene ambiance that’s a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of your lives together. With a fusion of French and Italian cuisine, Rivea offers exquisite culinary delights for you and your guests. Rivea is located at the MGM Resorts property of the Delano, which is a sister property to Mandalay Bay

Rivea offers two options for wedding receptions. You can either choose the two-hour hors d’oeuvres reception or the two-hour plated dinner option. The plated dinner includes appetizers, exquisite entree selections, wedding cake, and a premium beverage package. The Hors d’oeuvres package also includes the premium beverage package and features tray-passed nibbles that will appeal to all of your guests. Rivea can accommodate 20-50 wedding reception guests. 

Ballroom Receptions 

Ballroom Receptions for Mandalay Bay Weddings 

If a ballroom reception is more what you’re looking for, Mandalay Bay Weddings has you covered. Enjoy your reception in their beautiful ballroom, with award-winning catering by Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. The Ballroom Reception is more of a traditional post-wedding celebration and includes four hours to celebrate your new life with up to 50 guests. 

Mandalay Bay caters your celebration to include tray-passed appetizers, a salad station, pasta station, carving station, wedding cake, and premium brands bar service. With Mandalay Bay‘s award-winning catering, it’s a guarantee that the happy couple and their guests will enjoy an incredible celebratory feast. DJ service for four hours is included, so it’s everything you need, including a great location, for a perfect wedding reception. 


How much does it cost to get married at Mandalay Bay?

Mandalay Bay Weddings offers wedding ceremony packages that fit into most budgets. Prices for Mandalay Bay weddings range anywhere from about $500 to upwards of $10,000 for the ceremony and reception.

Can you get married at Mandalay Bay?

Mandalay Bay is one of the best hotels for weddings in Las Vegas. They offer several wedding venues, including an intimate chapel, along with wedding planning, reception services, honeymoon accommodations, and can even help you plan bridal showers.

What is the average cost of a Vegas wedding?

The average cost of weddings in Las Vegas can range anywhere from about $2000-$10,000, although there are plenty of options available that fall on both sides of that range. How much you end up spending on your Las Vegas wedding depends on factors such as the location you choose, whether you choose a freestanding chapel or hotel wedding, how many guests you plan on having to attend, and whether you’re having a formal reception after the ceremony.

Las Vegas Bride Magazine, local brides, and many happy couples can all attest to how wonderful Mandalay Bay weddings are. From beautiful venues and award-winning catering to treating you and your wedding party like VIP guests, Mandalay Bay will make your special deal even more magical and memorable.

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